64 Audio Duo

In-ear Monitor Headphones

  • With Apex Core, Tia, LID and Wave Sync technology
  • 1x Tia high frequency driver
  • 1x dynamic woofer driver
  • Open headphone experience with the intimacy of an in-ear monitor
  • Tia tube-less design reduces resonance for transparent and lifelike sound
  • Apex Core ventilation system with perforated grille provides less obstructed airflow
  • LID design for consistent, reliable sound regardless of audio source
  • Wave Sync System perfectly controls crossover coherence
  • Construction: Open
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 98dB/mW @1kHz
  • Impedance: 9 Ohm
  • Crossover: Integrated 2-way passive crossover
  • Isolation: -12dB by internal apex technology
  • 3.5 mm angled mini jack
  • Incl. premium leather case, TrueFidelity foam earpieces (S,M,L), SpinFit silicone earpieces (S,M,L), silicone earpieces (S,M,L) and black premium cable
Number of Ways 2
Custom Made No
Removable Cable Yes
Ambience Yes
Color Black
Bass Boost No
Midrange Boost No
HiFi Yes
Allround Yes
Application Allround
available since December 2021
Item number 533598
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number of Drivers 2
Impedance 9 Ohms
Sensitivity 95 dB
Usable with Otoplastic No
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Luxury-class in-ear monitor

With the Duo, the established US manufacturer 64 Audio presents a universal-fit two-way in-ear monitor with an open design for intense musical enjoyment. With a hybrid system comprising one dynamic driver for the bass and one balanced-armature driver for the treble range, complemented by the innovative tia system with its completely tubeless design, the LID (linear impedance design) system for a consistent sound, and the Apex Core and Wave Sync technologies, the Duo offers its users a balanced, wide sound stage with an extra dose of openness. A wide selection of foam and different silicone earpieces in three sizes each, a detachable cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector, and a high-quality leather case are also included in the scope of delivery.

With tia and Wave Sync

With the tia system, the Duo has a completely tubeless design, which means that instead of using tubes to guide the sound to the listener's ear and thus obstruct it, the dynamic 9 mm driver and the BA-tia driver send the sound unhindered into the so-called "tia bore". In this way, the system creates an organic listening experience by reducing distortions and resonances detrimental to the sound that would otherwise normally occur. With the Wave Sync system, the two drivers are also perfectly matched to each other. This is achieved by using a kind of all-pass filter, which takes over the function of a frequency crossover and at the same time corrects the time offset without having to change the driver distance.

Pure high-fidelity experience

Apex Core is a unique ventilation system that leaves the Duo's casing open to the outside. The perforated grille on the front panel allows airflow to spread more easily, resulting in improved playback and fatigue-free listening. The Duo thus delivers an extremely appealing sound that is more reminiscent of open over-ear headphones than in-ear monitors. With a compromise-based ambient noise reduction of -12 dB, the Duo is designed less for use in on-stage monitoring and recording room applications, and more as an ideal choice for all music lovers, hi-fi enthusiasts, and audiophile users who want to call an open-sounding high-fidelity in-ear monitor their own.

About 64 Audio

64 Audio is a US company from Vancouver, Washington, consisting of around 70 employees and founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, which has developed into a globally respected manufacturer of premium-quality in-ear monitoring systems. With future-oriented innovations such as tia, apex, and LID, the premium in-ear monitors included in the range outperform traditional technologies. In addition to the universal "off the shelf" in-ear monitors with foam and silicone ear tips in different sizes, 64 Audio also offers custom-made in-ear monitors, for which a new, digital process called 3D-Fit is used instead of the conventional moulding process. Many famous show stars already rely on the IEM systems from 64 Audio.

Music enjoyment wherever you are

Thanks to the Apex Core, the Duo combines an open headphone experience with the capabilities of an in-ear monitor system. No matter if you are at home and connected to your high-end audio system in the living room in order to pay full attention to your favourite artist’s record and immerse yourself completely in the music, or in public and connected to your smartphone in order to wind down at the end of the day by listening to your personal Spotify playlist while travelling home on the train or by bus: Thanks to the LID system, the Duo always delivers a high level of sound consistency completely independent of the playback device. In addition, the over-ear cable design, the ergonomically designed casing, and the large selection of earpieces ensure that the in-ears will fit securely with a high level of comfort.