Adam A8H left


Active 3-Way Bass Reflex Nearfield Monitor

  • Left monitor
  • Drivers: 8" MLM woofer, 3.5" MLM midrange, rotatable X-ART tweeter + HPS waveguide
  • Amplifier power RMS: 250 W (woofer) + 70 W (midrange) 20 W (tweeter)
  • Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz, 3 kHz
  • Power rating: max. 500 W
  • Integrated AD-converter: 24-bit / 96 kHz
  • 4-Band equaliser with the parameters "Bass", "Desk", "Presence" and "Treble" to adapt to the room acoustics
  • Voicings function with preset sound profiles
  • Real-time control of DSP-based functions via Ethernet
  • A Control Remote software allows filter models to be loaded into the monitor's own DSP
  • Sonarworks integration (Sonarworks software and measurement microphone not included in the delivery)
  • AC input voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • 1 Line input: XLR balanced
  • 1 Line input: RCA
  • 1 Ethernet connection
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 274 x 382 x 329 mm
  • Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Delivery quantity: 1 piece
available since September 2022
Item number 540729
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Speaker size 1x 8", 1x 3,5"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 340 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Dimensions 274 x 382 x 329 mm
Weight 13.6 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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I am changing the review I originally posted.
Blast Furnace Productions 15.11.2022
We had to return the speaker cause there were some minor cosmetic defects on the outside of the cabinet, and that went very well, the people at Thomann are absolutely the best I have personally ever encountered at helping with this.

Also, initially we thought the "left" speaker had an "audible click" and "pop" sound (we even made a video of it during the return request)

well turns out the RME audio interface (which is what is installed in the PC) has a setting to increase the output level by +4 +13 +19 and +24 db in the RME Hammerfall DSP settings....

...well turns out that when the setting is set on anything above +4 ...somehow the system was able to pick up an "audible click" sound interference after bass samples were played back, no idea why, but for anyone out there with with an RME if you notice that "pop" sound coming out of the speaker (left OR right speaker) ..the problem is not the speakers but the setting inside the DSP settings.

The Adam Audio A8H studio monitors are the best I myself as an engineer have ever worked with, there is less of a need to run out to the car to check the mix, the difference in clarity and translation to other systems was very obvious (upgraded from Yamaha HS8 speakers) ...the guys at Thomann give amazing service and respond very quickly. Thomann has a customer for life, we're hooked now.


Very good monitors
Ondrej P 25.10.2022
These speakers are absolutly best in my room 4x5m very well treated. I tested Eve 208, 4070 (these are fantastic , probably best monitor, but its for large rooms), Neumann 310 (I had 300D 15 years ago and they are still same). ADAM A8H wins, they are absolutlely precis, clean open midrange, highs are little sharper than Eve but clean, low end detailed. Generaly this speakers are very fasr, they have fast bass response. I think ADAM did very good job here: I found monitors what are suitable for my room and have very good detailed sound .