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AKAI Professional MPC Live II


Groovebox / Sampler

  • Standalone-capable MPC
  • Built-in monitor speakers
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery for mobile use with up to 5 hours of operation
  • High resolution 7 "multi-touch display
  • 16 Touch sensitive RGB pads
  • Can be used as a user interface for MPC 2 software (PC and Mac)
  • 5 Knobs
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • SD card slot
  • 2.5" SATA connector for optional hard drive (SSD or HDD)
  • WiFi & Bluetooth enabled
  • MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing and MPC Transport
  • MPC 2 software including audio track recording, realtime time stretch and pitch shift
  • Optimised Q-Link operation and audio / MIDI drag and drop
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX and SND
  • Phono and line level inputs
  • 6 Audio outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo headphone output: 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 Audio inputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo RCA input
  • 2 x MIDI in / out
  • 8 x CV / gate outputs (4x 3.5mm TRS)
  • 2 x USB-A 3.0 connections for USB sticks or MIDI controllers
  • Ethernet link port
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 411.5 x 243.8 x 45.7 mm
  • Weight: 3.38 kg
  • Includes power supply (19 V DC) and MPC 2 software (online access required for registration and possible downloads)
  • Matching bag: Art.493541 (not included in delivery)
  • Matching case: Art.506942 (not included in delivery)
  • Matching soft case: Art.508177 (not included in delivery)
Available since June 2020
Item number 493555
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Polyphony 64
Internal Storage Yes
Storage Medium HD, SD Card
File Format WAV
Time Stretching Yes
Effects Yes
USB-port Yes
MIDI interface 2x In, 2x Out
Analogue Inputs 4
Analogue Outputs 6
Digital Outputs No
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Design Desktop
Pads 16
Fader(s) 0
Sampling Function 1
Control USB, MIDI
Number of analog outputs 6
Headphone Output 1
Extras None
Optional Expansions SSD / HDD
Special Features None
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41 Reviews

Great standalone center piece
Kuce 10.02.2022
If you don't want to work in front of a computer with mouse/keyboard, this is what you need. Not everyone has a powerful / decent modern computer to use DAWs. This can serve as a decent standalone machine to replace a DAWs. And you can always export the project into Ableton live if you need more refinement.

The speakers sound great, you can take it to anywhere from bed/sofa or even outdoor. The update made it possible to use class compliant audio interface to expand the audio in and out, so you can take a portable audio interface with you on the go too. You could build a mobile studio with all these features and maybe go to your friend place etc etc.

The plugins are great starting point if you don't have a lot of hardware or you don't have them near you. And the fact that you can create sample packs with this and take the sound with you as you go is crazily convenient. So you can make a draft, return home and plug in the actual hardware and record again. And this is only one of the many features/ workflows you can use with this machine.

If you use it in studio with lots of midi devices, you can make it the brain for midi too, no need to buy stuff like Bome box or MRCC. ( of cuz they are great if you need one in your setup ).

Last but not least, the constant update from Akai makes buying into the system a good investment. You can see how many great and killer features they have added through post-launch updates ( more plugins / class compliant audio interface )...

It is like a jack of all trades, especially you are into a more mobile / constantly changing setup person.


Stnerrot 17.03.2021
Спасибо Thomann! AKAI Professional MPC Live II это идеальный и продуманный до мелочей прибор для создания музыки! Очень качественно собран! Звук огонь! Akai это топ.....однозначно....лучше не бывает,хотя дело вкуса разумеется! Как профессиональный музыкант с опытом более 30 лет мне есть с чем сравнить, поэтому я в 100% Рекомендую AKAI Professional MPC Live II-всем творческим людям! Вы не пожалеете что приобрели такой крутой инструмент,он воплотит ваши музыкальные мысли в крутую реальность! Спасибо Thomann,моя мечта сбылась благодаря вам!
AKAI Professional MPC Live II -это бомба!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All-in-one portable wonder
The Red Bear 29.10.2022
I acquired the MPC Live II over a year and a half ago to be my all-in-one music box for studio, rehearsal and live use (In an alternative rock setting).

I previously used a Virus TI, OP1, OP-Z and iPad... it was a lot of weight to carry around and long setting up time!
Now the MPC replaces all this and with the built-in battery, it only takes a minute to plug the audio cable and controller keyboard and voila!

Here are my favorites features:
-Probably the best sampler on the market, with ease of sample editing, auto chop and a wonderful auto-sampler which allows use to easily capture any synth or sound modules as a multisample key group.
-An amazing array of plugin ranging from Drum synth, polyphonic VA, macro synth, E-piano, and some beautiful recreation of Odyssey, Mellotron and Solina. In addition to those free plugins, you have the option to acquire paid deep FM synth, Piano/Organ/Strings plugins, great sounding rompler and now a Mini D recreation (an MPC is the perfect GAS killer).
-A HUGE selection of effects that cover all your needs and be applied at any level of your sounds chain.
-Superb sequencer, and easy access to your favorites projects/setlists
-A wide array of connections, including a SATA port to have your samples library and project everywhere.
-And all this is in a sturdy box with quality speaker and 6h battery, allowing you to play everywhere with ease.

All this made the MPC the centerpiece of my studio and the perfect travel companion for composition abroad.
My workflow is to create songs ideas and structure on the MPC then transfer the project to the MPC software and Audio/Midi in Ableton.
However, with the plethora of effects and plugins, one could create mix and master a song totally in the box.
Then, I can bring our songs to live environment with the same instruments, launch recorded drums track if needed, easy access to live parameters with the Q-links and song transition with the XY-Fx.

You will need to invest some time to get into the MPC workflow and the few quirk and limitation. However it is more than worth it and I cannot imagine my music life without it.
Also, the new MPC keys 61, the MPC X and MPC one share the same processor as the MPC live 2 thus we can expect long support from AKAI (there have been multiples useful updates in the last year).


It's an MPC Live with speakers. It's greqt
Max Tau 28.06.2020
The original MPC Live was good: the pads are sensitive, the vintage sound emulation is fun, there are enough ins and outs to work with. And the software — it's not perfect, but you can get used to it.

I used the original MPC Live to make tracks on vacation, and it was a breeze. You get in the chair, you look out at the sea and enjoy making music.

The MPC Live II is basically the same, only now you have speakers. The speakers are obviously not monitor studio quality, but they are good enough to arrange, listen and chill.

With the speakers, this machine is perfect for travelling and making music on the go.

For the studio, I'd suggest MPC X or just go with Ableton.


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