AKAI Professional MPK 261
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Good controller, but lackluster quality control
Anonymous 06.12.2021
Some people warned about keybed quality control (either received broken product or keybed failing far too soon after buying). I still wanted to give it a try, because of the good features/layout, my former good experience with Akai, and especially because I like the feel of the pads on Akai products in general.

Sadly the product I got had a broken keybed on arrival that made proper playing impossible.
I have now read enough horror stories of dead keys and broken velocity detection after very limited time of use, while trying to troubleshoot my unit right out of the box for way too long. Such a trust I had in Akai, that I was confident about user error and not a dysfunctional unit, even when it was already obvious.

Knobs, sliders and pads felt solid. "Feel" of the keybed was good, better than excepted. Springs have quite a lot of resistance, so coming from very light touch keyboard or proper hammer-action piano might be weird for you, obviously. But any way, it felt solid and consistent on the keys that worked on my product.

If you don't mind possible warranty-return hassle and have the luck to get working and long lasting unit, it is still a very nice controller for the price.


AKAI Professional MPK 261