Alpine MusicSafe Pro - Black Edition


Hearing Protectors

  • Black Edition
  • 2-Fold Lamella system
  • Medical thermoplastic material for perfect fit and highest comfort
  • Virtually invisible in the ear
  • No pressure on or in the ears
  • Adjustable length and diameter
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Black

With 3 interchangeable, music-optimised filters:

  • Gold-coloured filter: 21.4 dB (at 500 Hz)
  • Silver-coloured filter: 17.4 dB (at 500 Hz)
  • White filter: 10.7 dB (at 500 Hz)
Available since October 2014
Item number 351479
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Filter Yes
Colour Black
Custom Made No
In Ear Yes
for Children No
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698 Reviews

For the price, unbeatable
Edgar Blackdagger 01.12.2020
I've tried every Fender ear protection and it was always that dull, unpleasant sound and the earplugs were stiff and uncomfortable.
That's not the case with these Alpines.
I sing in a 6-piece symphonic metal band, play bass in an alt.metal trio and play guitar and sing in a surf-western band and they work really nice in every situation.
I use the grey "mode" and it reduces the sound a lot while retaining some comfy treble. The golden pieces reduce the sound a bit more but there's a low end buildup and the white pieces sound the most natural, but they are not enough for my sensitive recording engineer ears.
4 stars in "quality" because after a year of weekly use the silicon(?) pieces start to have visible wear on their soft edges.
They are very soft and comfy though.

All in all I think they are worth every cent, I have recommended them to friends and bandmates and until I get a fancy wireless monitoring system I'll probably be using these.
sound quality


A good choice
EBLX 04.04.2022
These are some great sounding earplugs. As a technician working in noisy environments and high volume concerts, these are an excellent investment for my ears. The best thing is that they alter the sound surprisingly little. The fact that you can change the filter is also a game-changer. A negative is that the clips attaching the string to the buds feel like they will come loose, worst case making you drop a bud.

Overall a great product, offered at an even greater price.
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Good value for money. Boa relação qualidade preço
Daniel_Carvalho 25.12.2018
Alpine Music Safe Pro are hearing protectors well known in the industry. Awarded the "Red Dot Design Award" 2015 for "design" of high quality and innovative capability.

Alpine Music Safe Pro:

- They offer three types of interchangeable filters, each filter in theory attenuates 5dB more than the next filter.
- Provide good quality hearing protection.
- They offer a carrying case and storage.
- The wire together ensures that the filters are not so easily lost.
- Rubbers are easy to clean.
- Discreet.

"They only carry a model of ear-larynx, which means they may or may not offer a perfect fit."
- Ear plugs can become slightly irritating when used for an extended period of time.
- The frequency response is not linear, nor is it the same for each of the filters.

Visão geral:
Alpine Music Safe Pro são protetores auditivos bem conhecidos na indústria. Premiado com o "Red Dot Design Award" 2015 por ?design" de alta qualidade e capacidade inovadora.

Alpine Music Safe Pro:

- Oferecem três tipos de filtros intermutáveis, cada filtro em teoria atenua 5dB a mais do que o próximo filtro.
- Oferecem proteção auditiva de boa qualidade.
- Oferecem um estojo para transporte e armazenamento.
- O fio junto garante que não se perca assim com tanta facilidade os filtros.
- As borrachas são fáceis de limpar.
- Discreto.

- Trazem apenas um modelo de borrachinhas para os ouvidos, o que significa que podem ou não oferecer um encaixe perfeito.
- Os tampões de ouvido podem tornar-se um pouco irritantes quando usados ??por um período de tempo prolongado.
- A resposta em frequência não é linear, nem é a mesma para cada um dos filtros.
sound quality


Ok with this purchase!
Fotis Romi 21.11.2017
I'm an amateur musician and play in a local orchestra. There is a large wind and brass section and I am concerned that my hearing may be damaged as I sit directly in front of them, so I bought these hoping to protect my hearing whilst playing. They are very good at cutting down the noise level but unfortunately, even with the smallest cones, they completely muffle my violin, filtering out all the resonance which helps me play in tune. It's like playing with a mute on.
If you're looking for a simple reduction in noise level, these are extremely effective.
With the little tool, it's easy to get them in the perfect position and they are really comfortable. It's just a pity they're not suitable for my purpose.
sound quality


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