Behringer X32 Rack


19" Rack Mixer

  • 32 Channels
  • 16 XLR Mic/Line inputs
  • 8 Stereo FX returns
  • 25 Buses
  • 6 Matrix buses with insert
  • 6 Mute groups
  • 8 DCA groups
  • 8 XLR outputs
  • 6 AUX inputs via 6.3 mm jack (optional: 2 via RCA)
  • 6 AUX outputs via 6.3 mm jack (optional: 2 via RCA)
  • Adjustable headphone jack
  • 32 x 32 USB audio interface
  • Talkback microphone input (XLR)
  • 4-Band fully parametric EQ on each channel
  • Adjustable delays on all channels
  • Virtual effects rack with 8 FX slots
  • Built-in stereo USB recorder
  • Remote control via Ethernet
  • 5" TFT display
  • Compatible with the Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system
  • Format: 19" / 3U
  • Dimensions: 132 x 483 x 287 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Optional expansion cards are available separately (not included, must be purchased separately)
available since September 2013
Item number 310536
sales unit 1 piece(s)
User Interface Physical/remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 32
Mic Preamp 16
Physical outputs 14
Digital stagebox connection AES50
Hotspot No
Multitrack Record Yes
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD stereo
19" Rackmount Yes
DSP Output Channels 24
Busses 16
Mono-Line Input 6
Stereo-Line Input 0
Ethernet Ethernet
Soundcard interface USB-B
Recorder Format WAV
FX Processor 8
31 Band EQ 8
Delay Input 1
Delay Output 1
Matrix 6
DCA/VCA Gruppen 8
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system Optional
Expansion Card slots 1
Digital ADAT Optional
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI Optional
Digital Dante Optional
110V capable 1
Case No
Height 132 mm
Width 483 mm
Depth 287 mm
Weight 6,5 kg
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A powerhouse mixer for live and studio racks

The Behringer X32 instantly became a milestone among mid-priced digital mixing consoles when it first appeared, and it has lost none of its appeal since then. Its clear workflow and interactive user interface together with the sheer wealth of features on offer made a lasting impact on the market and delighted countless users along the way. The 3 HU “Rack” version of the mixer essentially provides the same connectivity as the X32 Producer, without the physical fader and channel section. The X32 allows 16 mic or line inputs and six AUX signals to be easily mixed in an intuitive fashion – whether live or in the studio. The X32 Rack’s internal plug-ins and modern network connectivity come into their own when mixing live acts with extensive lineups, proving that it has the performance to match its looks. As a front-of-house mixing desk, it is easy to use and can be operated in conjunction with AES50 and Ultranet-capable devices such as stageboxes, monitor mixers, and speakers.

A digital genie

The Behringer X32 Rack is a ground-breaking digital mixer that comes at a budget-friendly price and has fulfilled a wide range of needs for many years. You need XLR outputs? The X32 Rack has eight of them. Backlighting for the key control elements? Done! And the digital mixer also allows engineers to record using an external USB drive, control remotely from an iPad, and view their parameters in detail on its 5" TFT colour display. The X32 Rack can even be expanded to an impressive 96 inputs using an AES50 bus and additional stageboxes. However, it is also ideal for use as a studio mixer thanks to its 32-in/32-out USB audio interface with DAW connectivity.

Complex lineup? No problem.

The Behringer X32 Rack is a fully equipped workhorse for small to medium-sized venues where the front-of-house mix and a selection of monitor mixes are needed from a single source without unnecessary complications. The X32 Rack also provides “cue lists” in which sequences of mix scenes can be stored and recalled – particularly helpful when it comes to complex and recurring mix setups, e.g. concert tours with multiple bands and performance productions in which the cast on stage is constantly changing. The mix workflow is also made easier by DCA groups, which allow key channels to be controlled with a single fader using the free X32 Mix und X32 Edit apps. The mix engineer can thus leave many organisational concerns to the X32’s clear workflow and concentrate fully on the sound.

About Behringer

The company, which was founded in Germany by Uli Behringer and now manufactures its products in China, has been known for affordable and great-value equipment since its very first product, the Studio Exciter F. An array of mixing consoles (such as the Eurodesk MX8000), signal processors, and later sound amplification and monitoring equipment, has made it possible for countless musicians to fit out their home studios, practice rooms, and mobile PAs within budget limits that were previously unthinkable. The acquisition of other companies, including Midas, Klark Teknik, and TC Electronic, meant that new product groups were added - and also resulted in the technical expertise of these companies being incorporated into product development.

The “most wanted” features

The Behringer X32 Rack is an impressive front-of-house mixer which covers virtually all of the “most wanted” features that are offered by digital rack mixers in its price range today. It also goes without saying that the channels’ “Send” outputs can be used to create monitor mixes, which means a second mixing console for the monitor sound is no longer required, and because the majority of the controls are backlit, this all-in-one tool is easy to use when mixing in dark surroundings such as clubs and concert halls.

In the spotlight

Just Another X32
morsik 16.11.2019
I'm building personal monitoring Rack for band and X32Rack was the only choice. Friend of mine uses Soundcraft Ui24R but I really didn't like it's remote web interface. Since I used normal X32 previously and I knew it already it was very easy to set it up.

All 16 inputs with additional Auxes can be very useful for personal IEMs, since it's possible to get 16 mics into "board" and additional keyboards or anything which gives me at most 22 channels without using any additional digital snake (like S16). And well… 8 XLR outputs + 6 Aux outputs gives me possibility of making 7 stereo IEMs for band members which is very great!

Well… it could contain inbuild Wi-Fi at least, but hey - Mikrotik doesn't cost much and since I'm IT guy normally this is not much problem for me cause I can use that for more things like connecting also X-Touch to this - or - maybe even doing with Dante in future.

I'm writing this comment few days after Firmware 4.0 release and it works without any problems so far. I'm Glad that Behringer's still updates this consoles, they are very good for their price and fully featured.


Very Good For The Price
Dan B 09.02.2022
This is a great quality mixer with a very good price.

Pros: Full digital suite of channel effects & processing (EQ, compressors, delay, verb, etc.), small footprint, control interface on unit if wireless is not working, easy to learn and use software.

Cons: Preamps are good but not great, front control is a bit clunky.

Overall: This is a great little mixer for the price. It has an interface on the front so it can be controlled if there are any Wi-Fi issues. The back only has 16 XLR channels so you will need to buy a digital snake to realize the entire 32 channels but that is probably also a way to keep the cost at such a level. The preamps seem to me to be better than the standard Behringer pre-amps and may be slightly better than what one would expect for the price. The interface software is pretty easy to learn and gives you a full suite of effects and processing. Like all the digital boards I've dealt with, the best part is the ability to save a file and bring it back up when you work with that band again. I've seen these things thrown in kits during tours as a very inexpensive backup in case all else fails. It will get the job done (as long as it's 32-channels or less) and it's been a workhorse for us. Highly recommend.


My personal conclusion
Vikars 11.01.2018
Mixing without faders is absolutely possible, but it might be not for everyone. I have a SAC and recording studio background, so I?m used to do sound with Mouse and Keyboard only. The nice thing with the X32 gear is, that you can mix bigger shows simultaneously with the X- and the XiControl. This speeds up the workflow and it is quite safe too. If the laptop or the iPad fails, you have always one interface left. During my days with the X32 Rack I mixed sets solely on the XControl or the XiControl. Both is doable, but you have to embrace the software or at least learn to love it. Ok, I won?t do a festival with it, but for smaller set ups or repetitive events (same band) it works really well in the present development status in my eyes. In addition, I?m quite sure, that there is more to come from Behringer, which will enhance this topic a bit further. I would be nice, if someday you could hook up one Behringer BCF 2000 faderpack to the XControl and lock it to the eight virtual DCA faders. Than even bigger show won?t be a problem. But this whole topic is quite subjective ? you better check this out for yourself.


A game changer for me...
Jools4001 28.03.2014
I have been looking at digital mixers for a long while now, trying to weigh up all the options and price points.

Like a lot of weekend warriors I have to mix from the stage, so I wanted something that would allow me to use an iPad or smartphone to do sound checks out in the audience. This seems to be a 'standard' option for most digital mixers, but some manufacturers implement it better than others.

When the X32 Rack was introduced it seemed that it's most obvious competitors were the other 16 channel mixers that rely on the iPad for their primary control surface, but, for just a couple of hundred pounds more, the X32 gives me far more expandability, twice as many channels, more auxes, much more flexible routing, 32 band graphics inserts on each output channel, parametric eq on each channel and far better recording possibilities (with the ability to record 32 channels instead of 2), virtual sound checks...the list goes on.

Great value for money, and with the forthcoming V2 firmware there will be additional RTA options to fine tune your rig to the venue.

The form factor has also made it possible to build it straight into the rack, and thanks to all the on-board capabilities, I've been able to ditch 6U of outboard equipment, and wire it straight into the power amps. With the addition of a 10/2 channel snake to stage rear and a 6 channel snake to stage front I now have a rig that is as simple and quick to set up as a mixer amp, with all the power and features of a pro level rig.

I was slightly concerned about spending what is still a good chunk of money on a Behringer product because of their reputation for 'budget' equipment. I'm not a Behringer hater, I already have a DEQ2496, an FBQ6200 and an FBQ1000 but nothing (until the X32) that was 'mission critical', if any of this stuff failed on a gig I would have been able to get around it, but with the X32 this needs to be rock solid. I need not have worried, from the moment I opened the box the whole thing felt like a real quality piece of kit. Behringer have really upped their game on this one!

Highly recommended!


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