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Behringer X Air XR18

18-Channel Digital Mixer

  • Remote controlled via built-in router with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and multi-channel USB audio interface
  • 16 Mic/Line XLR/Combo jack inputs
  • Inputs: 2 x Line - 6.3 mm jack
  • Outputs: Main XLR
  • 6 AUX / Monitor sends
  • 4 Integrated effects processors
  • 100 Band Analyser
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Ultranet monitor connection
  • MIDI in-/output
  • iOS, Android and other software apps available free of charge
  • 3 U
  • Installation depth: 114 mm
  • Dimensions with rack ears and protection bumpers (W x H x D): 333 x 140 x 150 mm
  • Dimensions without rack ears and protection bumpers (B x H x T): 311 x 132 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Includes a rackmount chassis
  • Suitable cases: Article Nr 465628 and Article Nr 464046 (both are not included)
  • Suitable gig bag: Article Nr 379654 (not included)

Further Information

User Interface remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 18
Mic Preamp 16
Physical outputs 6
Digital stagebox connection No
Hotspot Singleband
Multitrack Record Yes
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD No
19" Rackmount Yes

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Best value for the money
Azarazu, 03.12.2020
I'm quite happy with my mixer, I know that there are many audio engineers that are better than me in describing it's pros and cons in normal application, so I will focus on atypical ones as described by a musician:
-I run mine in home rehearsal setup 24/7 for last 3 months and it just works! I did not have to reboot it all that time.
-While playing with a small band I control my XR18 via midi footwsitch on stage to engage fx, mute channels etc, it's great
-The included FX are nice, the amp simulators are decent
-The usb connection allows you to use it as 18/18 audio interface, I use it with a laptop as a digital fx rack / playback / ableton live and for recording rehearsals.
-There are 2 hi gain inputs for direct guitars, no di-boxes needed
-There is a cheap alternative ipad app called mixing station that is even better than the original one.
-It's small, lightweight and there is a perfect gator bag for it for the travellers
-The connection is way more stable than with the soundcraft UI mixers that I used before.
-The network setup are changed by a switch in the front, it remembers the config with passwords, ip/dhcp setup so I have a "home" and "stage" setting.

-Behringer promised a firmware update with new FX, that never came.
-The internal wifi is good if you are on stage next to it, if you plan on using it as a foh mixer invest in an external wifi solution.
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Perfect solution! It does a lotttttttttttttt!!!
dustytherocker, 06.09.2021
Super good! sometimes it's easier to have an analog desk, but if you can muster a little more complications, you get so much out of this.

Super sturdy. All the effects work well enough (EQ, comp, limiter, reverb, delay). You can have different presets saved on your mobile/computer. If you are a regular at different venues you can get pretty close to plug and play, and it works pretty well considering we do IEM. Everything is saved... sound check takes only a few mins at that point.

A great option for IEM, with 6 AUX outs plus the main L+R. Everyone in the band can have their own mix... That's super super helpful in certain contexts. (we do home practices with an electric drum set, and this is very good for us.)

Super dope as well if you wanna do any live recordings! It works as an interface. It's probably not the absolute top notch studio quality interface... but I guarantee that it's good enough for most bands. You get 16 sperate channels... works really really well.

Also, supppper awesome option for streaming.

But, it's also nice to stash "the box" as my band calls it, behind the drummer at the show and forget about it -Takes up no space. You don't actually have to adjust anything on it, so it can be pretty hidden.

Only complaint is that in one venue we play in, sometime the wifi doesn't connect because that particular frequency is busy... which can be frustrating. But you can connect via cable... It would be nice if that cable and USB cable were the same cable (it seems weird to have your interface hooked up to your computer to record, but then you can only hook into the X-Air app that you use to adjust volumes ect via an ethernet cable) But I assume there is some good engineering reason for that.

Really happy to see innovation on this front! I now just wish I could find a guitar cab that wasn't 15kg....

Loovvveee this product!
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Great small mixer for band practice
PauliusR, 23.09.2021
Great simple little mixer, if you're looking to save money, save space, and need to monitor/record some ~5 instruments (drums will most likely take up like 8 mic slots). Control app is easy to use once you get to know your way around it. Can be used with a smartphone, but I'd suggest a (drop-proof) tablet. Or a controller, if not too short on room space.

Also, this model (compared for e.g. with XR16), will let you record multiple tracks, instead of just stereo! Very important if you're thinking of using it for recording, and not just for monitoring.
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All that I am looking for
marko11, 29.01.2021
We use this in our rehearsal space, connecting our equipment to XR18 which connects to active speakers and for recording. We are using guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and drums and it is working flawlessly.

Using this was very easy, we had no trouble getting the sound out (and adding some effects to it) to recording to our PC (recording each channel separately was not an issue). Also wireless connection either with phone or laptop worked great.

We are using 6 aux channels for in ear monitoring (with headphone amp). Everybody can have their own mix with this (choose levels for each instrument individually). Also if connecting with the phone you can change this on the fly.

Easy to use.
Cheap (relative to other stuff you can buy with this functionality)
Small and sturdy.
Sounds great.

Can't connect with ethernet cable and have it work wirelessly as well (we would like to have our PC connected to it with cable so that we can connect our wireless to mobile hotspot but then we can't connect our phones/laptop to it).

I was looking for a cheap way to turn our rehearsal space into small studio and with XR18 I got what I wanted.
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