Bose L1 Compact


Portable Line Array System

  • With " Spatial Dispersion" loudspeaker technology for even sound distribution across the entire stage and everywhere in the auditorium
  • Ideal solution for live music, mobile DJs, speeches and lectures, business presentations and other events
  • Two ToneMatch channels with fixed presets for microphone and acoustic guitar (switchable)
  • Integrated bass speaker in the stand
  • Two setup positions: Low column height for smaller rooms or full column height for larger rooms
  • Weight when assembled (without bag): 13.30 kg
  • When using the Tone Match Audio Engine (Article no. 235986), a separate T1 power supply unit Article no. 347843 is required (Audio Engine and power supply unit not included)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article no. 506317 (not included)


  • L1 Compact stand
  • L1 Compact loudspeaker array
  • L1 Compact extensions
  • Protective cover for stand/speaker array
  • Carrying bag for the extensions
  • Power cable


  • L1 Compact speaker array (W x H x D): 40.8 x 7 x 7.1 cm
  • L1 Compact extensions (W x H x D): 83 x 7 x 7.1 cm
  • L1 Compact stand (W x H x D): 41.8 x 33.9 x 42.6 cm
available since August 2014
Item number 346398
sales unit 1 piece(s)
more than 150 people No
more than 300 people No
Incl. Mixer No
Incl. Subwoofer Yes
Active Speaker Yes
Line Array / Column Yes
Width 339 mm
Depht 426 mm
Height 1995 mm
Weight 13,3 kg
Sub Woofer 1x8
Speakers (Row) 6x2
Power (Manufacturer Info) 130 W
Inputs simultanly 2
Mic Preamps 1
Line Out 6,3 bal
Color Black
Cover 506317
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in Acoustic and Entertainer PA Sets
Formidable sound and very portable
Anonymous 30.04.2015
We play in a duo (fiddle/accordion/keyboards/guitar) and bought this for use at small gigs like small private parties and restaurants. The Bose L1 Compact has exceeded our expectations!

We hesitated before buying this because of the price. We expected the sound to be good and clear but after looking at the specs thought that the base would be a bit unwieldy and that 11.2 kg would be too heavy for me (small female) to pick up at once. We also expected that the no feedback claim would not work for a fiddle played through a mike. We were wrong on all three counts.

Sound - The first thing you notice of course is the sound. It is not just good, it is amazing! You can hear every note and the quality of the sound is a thrill. It makes you want to keep on playing and never stop.

Portability - The 11.2 kg base is so well designed with its well made handle on top, that I can pick it up with ease. All those videos where people amble in carrying the base in one hand, guitar in the other and extensions bag over one shoulder are true. The slip case for the base is another design triumph - you do just literally slip it on and off.

Setup time - is practically nothing. The extensions are quick and easy to slide in. It's plug in and go because the sound is excellent straight away.

Although it is possible to use the system as either collapsed (just the base) or with either one or two extensions to make the speakers higher, we found that we preferred the system with both extensions even in our rehearsal room which is not huge.

Feedback - I don't know how they've done it, but it's true. There is no feedback even when using a violin through a mike (Shure SM94). What a pleasure to play with the speakers behind you and not worry about extra monitors or feedback! This is an enormous plus.

We had originally intended to augment the system with something a bit cheaper for use with our 4 person band, but we have now fallen in love with the Bose sound so we're saving up for another L1 Compact. Apparently 1 L1 Compact should cope with - 50 people who are talking or up to 100 people who are not making much noise, so it's only for larger gigs that more volume will be needed. Although Bose is expensive we think it's worth every penny for such amazing sound with no feedback and such easy portability.


Hrvoje 27.03.2022
Very good sound, every detail is heard, you enjoy playing and singing and cannot stop after you start. Hope it will last long without failures.


Love this system !!!
Daz101 22.04.2020
as a solo artist this is the best system I have purchased! for solo and duo act this system is amazing high quality tone. very portable.
love it so much im going to invest in a second system and link the two


A quality PA you can lift with one hand
Lewinski 01.12.2019
My country band has two of these but for most of our gigs (small bars <100 people) one is sufficient if we only use it for vocals. I own one of them and it works for me when I play solo stuff.

There are two channels, no effects. The mic channel sounds good but obviously dry. The second channel is pre-eq'd for an acoustic guitar (or similar) and that's good enough for a solo gig but for an electric instrument I would advise some kind of buffer (e.g., external pre-amp or mini mixer) to get a good tone. Performance-wise, I can testify that it can handle a bass and vocals together for low-volume gigs.

CON (minor): The extensions that raise the tweeter box have to be used together; one cannot use just one. I am sure there is a valid technical reason for this and if I am honest it hasn't been a show-stopper, just that I play a gig where using both extensions makes it too tall and using it in compact mode means I have to stand it on a stool.


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