Boss FV-500-L


Stereo Volume Pedal

  • Aluminium housing
  • Low impedance
  • Input and output jacks on the front side
  • Expression pedal connection
  • Pedal can be used as volume and expression pedal
  • Control for minimum volume
  • Ideal for keyboards, effects and transmitters
Available since March 2006
Item number 184387
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Expression Pedal Yes
Volume Pedal Yes
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148 Reviews

Well built, but the sweep is a little weird.
Woiperdinger 13.03.2020
I use the Boss FV500L for playing Lap Steel and Pedal Steel guitar (after a buffered pedal of course).
It is built like a tank (like most Boss products) and I am confident it will last a very long time.
The only issue I have with it is the volume sweep.
It seems like all the action happens in the first 20% near the heel.
There is a small dead spot in the heel down position to about 5%, then a quick jump in volume up to approx 10% (not smooth in the first little bit), followed by a steep sweep to nearly full volume all in the first 20-40% of the sweep.
From 40% to toe down, there is almost no change.
It feels much like a logarithmic curve.
I would prefer linear or exponential...
Because it is built so well, I will keep it and modify it.


A tank!
Jakob4201 20.02.2014
As the title says, this thing is a tank. Pretty much indestructable, and ready for the road.
On the downside, all the stability is compromised by a lot of weight and a big footprint. I personally like the big size, since you can not miss it with your foot, even when on stage and there is a lot going on.
This one is the version for low impedance, the high impedance version is the FV-500-H. The L-version would be used (in a guitar rig) after a buffer or in the effects loop of an amplifier. Keyboarders should always get the low impedance version.
The H-version is only suitable if you use the pedal as the first one in your guitar or bass chain.
The pedal has a lot of features, it´s stereo, can be used as a standard expression pedal (can control almost everything), has a minimal volume option and even a tuner out.
So if you buy it, you can be sure to always find good use for the pedal.

The price is totally fair, since it will last a lifetime!


Disappointing, scratchy pots
DanaB 22.06.2020
I had always rated Boss pedals highly but this one, I'm afraid, really let me down. It is built like a tank...which is good, but there is one thing that you just cannot have in a Volume pedal and that is a noisy, scratchy pot, which rules it out for guitar swells...why I bought it in the first place! After a very small amount of use, less than two months, the right input developed an audible scratch and no amount of switch cleaner made any difference. Luckily I was using it in mono so I switched input/output to the left channel which now, some two years later, has begun to scratch too! I will not be replacing it with another expensive Boss pedal.


Best and Most Solid!
Mark92 30.08.2013
this is the best and most solid volume pedal I have ever owned, I have used one of these for 4 years straight as a volume and swell pedal on my guitar rig with a TC Electronic Nova System. It is very accurate and I have found that other pedals tend to "sink" a little which means when you adjust the pedal with your foot your volume goes up or goes down which can be very frustrating for quite work! This one does not. It have remained sold for all that time, so much so that I bought another one for adjusting the Nova Systems parameters via another FV500. Now I can adjust with great accuracy the amount of Delay in the Mix! I would highly recommend this pedal for solid build and reliable simple mechanics.