Boss GA-FC


6-Way Footswitch

  • Connectors for 2 expression pedals
  • Different functions depending on the amplifier model
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 392 x 81 x 49 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Cable included

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available since January 2018
Item number 431181
sales unit 1 piece(s)
LED Display Yes
Connector TS
Number of Buttons / Switches 6
Function of Buttons / Switches misc.
Number Of Pedals 0
Compatible with Roland GA-Series
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Great footswitch
Richard H. 873 27.02.2018
I got this footswitch to go with a new ?Boss Katakana 100? amplifier that I bought. The amp is fantastic and I?ll do a separate review on that. While you do not need the footswitch to use the amp (as everything can be operated from the front panel on the amp) I felt that to really get the most flexibility out of it, particularly in a gig situation, then I needed one.

The f.s itself is very well made, built from sturdy metal (aluminum?). The switches are good quality and feel very solid and reassuring under foot. The unit should stand up to regular gigging provided it?s not overly abused.

In use this thing is as easy as chips, simply plug it in with the included standard guitar lead, and you?re up and running. The functionality is very impressive for such a simple looking pedal. You can access 8 presets (using the Katana 100) plus the current panel setting giving you a total of 9 different sounds instantly at your feet! And if that?s not enough, you can also turn on and off the individual stomp effects within each preset which makes this f.s extremely flexible indeed. For example while in any of the 8 presets you can see what effects you have assigned to that preset and turn them on and off just by tapping their individual switch. No need to move to another preset just to get rid off the delay, simply turn it off with a tap of its own switch. Refer to user guide for specifics!

The only negative comment I can make about this unit is the price (¤99), and that?s down to Boss. It really bugs me when manufacturers don?t include the footswitch with their product and then charge a lot to sell you one separately. Reminds a bit of Ryan Air pricing! This footswitch actually costs one third the cost of the Katana 100 amp. Boss should consider giving a heavy discount (50%) when this is purchased WITH the amp.

Anyway, my overall view and opinion is that this is a great footswitch, very well built and sturdy and adds great flexibility to using the amplifier, especially when gigging. I can definitely recommend it to anyone using a Boss amp, if you can stomach the price. Note, this f.s does NOT work with the 50 watt version of the Katana amp.

As for Thomann, as always, their service is 10 out of 10. Thanks!


Totally recommended
anonym5 25.04.2021
If you buy the Katana, this pedal is a must in order to get the most juice out of it. Its functionality is really simple: it allows to switch between the different tones/channels you have stored in your amp and toggle on/off individual effects while playing. The pedal itself feels quite sturdy and it is super simple to use. This being said, I would say it is quite expensive for what it is.

- Easy to use.
- Well built.
- Allows you to access the full potential of your Katana.

- Pricey, especially taking into account its simplicity and in comparison to the price of the amp itself.

Overall, I would say that if you have a Katana and have the money it is totally worth it.


You need this for the Boss Katana amp series
Cian M. 16.06.2021
I use the switch with my katana amp for a funk/soul band I am in.
There are a few different tones to conjure so I needed the footswitching capabilities of the amp.

Solid metal construction with string foot switches. The cable inputs are also very solid in construction.

I got this with a Boss Katana and I do not know how you would use the amplifier without it. it realy opens up the options of the amp and increases its playability.

I have combined my amp with the GA - FC and a seperate Expression pedal from the GA FC.
This footswitch, like all boss products, just confirms how well they design, manufacture and ship their products.

The only con I have is that now, the katana series might be the most popular device to use the GA FC with and the labels for the switches are not correct for the katana. (This is easily remedied by a sticker overlay to put on the enclosure, so not a big deal).

The LEDs, foot switches and cables jacks are all laid out in a very comfortable and ergonomic fashion ( which is great on a pedalboard amid a see of other lights and patch cables ).

Thomann also packed and delivered this safe and sound, as is to be expected from the team! Thanks Thomann!


mixed feelings
JozaHC 17.04.2023
expensive for some switches, should've been included with katana


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