Boss Katana 50 MKII


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

Combo for Electric Guitar

  • Power: 50 W
  • Equipped with: 12" Custom speakers
  • 5 Amplifier types: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown & Acoustic
  • 5 Independent effects: Booster, Mod, FX, Delay and Reverb - 3 of them can be used simultaneously
  • 2 Memory locations for amplifiers and effects settings plus panel setting
  • Power amp input for the use of multi-effects devices
  • Power Control (0.5 / 25/50 watts) for full amp sound at any volume
  • Controls: Amp Type, Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Booster / Mod, Delay / FX, Reverb, Master & Power Control, Sounds
  • Updated Boss Tone Studio sound customization software with over 60 different Boss effects, channel and global EQs, customisable routing and more (free on
  • Connectivity for up to two footswitches or an expression pedal
  • USB connection for recording and changing effect settings (matching USB cable: art. 450531 - not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 470 x 238 x 398 mm
  • Weight: 11.6 kg
  • Matching footswitch FS-6: Art.173531 (not included)
  • Matching expression pedal: Art.102890 (not included)
Available since October 2019
Item number 474872
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 50 W
Speaker 1x 12"
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop No
Line Input Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight in kg 11,6 kg
Memory slots 4
Line input 1
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The total package in one compact combo

The second generation of Boss’s Katana amplifier series delivers outstanding tonal flexibility in both head and combo formats – proving once again that the iconic effect pedal manufacturer also knows how to make a great amp. In addition to its excellent basic sounds, the Boss Katana 50 MKII also boasts a range of onboard effects and an adjustable power stage output, so a rich-sounding tone is ensured at all times, and players can store their favourite settings to four different memory patches (two banks of two each). All of this makes the Katana 50 MKII the ideal partner, whether you’re practising at home, rehearsing with a band, or performing on stage. And there is one thing that cannot be denied: This amp delivers the quality of sound that one would expect only at a much higher price point.

Down to the last detail

The Boss Katana is a typical 50-watt, 1x12” combo amplifier, but it can do a lot more than can be expected from conventional amps. Luckily, the Katana’s wealth of features is easy to navigate using the top-mounted control panel or the Boss Tone Studio Editor (available free of charge from, a very practical tool which allows players to fine-tune their settings down to the last detail. And leaving aside the amplifier’s immense flexibility, the range of options available to shape its outstanding sounds to suit your individual taste also make it great for recording, which is made all the easier by its integrated USB output.

Perfect for beginners, that first band, and more

Until just a few years ago, getting your hands on an amp of this quality meant spending a lot more money. However, since the Katana 50 MKII gives players a truly sophisticated combo at a very budget-friendly price, it would also be inaccurate to refer to it as a “beginner’s amplifier”. Or to put it another way: Its price and format are perfect for taking your first steps on the guitar or in a band, but its quality goes far beyond that, making it equally interesting for experienced guitarists who are searching for an amp that sounds good even when playing quietly at home, are reluctant to spend more money than they have to, or simply wish to avoid having to get to grips with overly complicated technology.

About Boss

The Boss brand has been an important part of the Japanese Roland Corporation since the mid-1970s and has caused a sensation from its inception, especially with its compact effect pedals but also multi-effect units and other helpful tools for guitarists. The company's single effect pedals in particular are legendary and can be found in almost every guitarist's home. An incredible 15 million have been sold to date. With its Katana series, the manufacturer now also offers excellent amplifiers at a very interesting price point.

Your personal custom amplifier

True, the Boss Katana 50 MKII can do a lot. But what it does best is to deliver exactly the sound you want, when you want it – precisely what guitarists need and desire. Hundreds of different options are of course nice to have (and the Katana 50 MKII offers a great many), but ultimately, the decisive factor is how easy the amp is to use, how precisely players can customise their sounds, and of course whether the end result sounds great. That is where the Boss Katana comes into its own: With just 11 control knobs and three buttons, it has everything guitarists need to find the perfect sounds to suit their guitar and their playing style – from crystal cleans to full-throttle drive sounds – in next to no time.

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345 Reviews

I wish I could give 6 stars to this amp
HaCan 06.01.2021
I bought this amp at the beginning of 2020 (so the beginning of the pandemic) since I needed an amp that I can use at home, without waking up my neighbors. Before purchasing this one, I tried other practice amps but I wasn't satisfied. After I bought this one, I ended up using it more than my Marshall and Fender amps!

- This is not a modeling amp! In other words, it does not try to replicate the sound of a Marshall, a Fender, a Vox, an Orange, etc. It has its own characteristics as an amp.
- The amp types/channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead, and Brown) do what they are supposed to do! I mainly use the clean and crunch channels. The clean channel is great, with a little bit of reverb, your licks sound fantastic. The crunch is my favorite, it just adds the right amount of crunchiness, such that the pedal effects that come after still sound fantastic! I rarely use Lead and Brown channels, even though I play metal %40 of the time.
- Then there are the effects, which can be controlled/adjusted with Boss Tone Studio. Now, this is where the modeling happens! Clever guys at Boss came up with digital processing algorithms to replicate the sound of very famous pedals (Muff Fuzz, Rat, DS-1, etc.). On top of that, there are lots of modulation and FX options that you can play with.
- The speaker sounds good in all settings. It is loud enough if you use it in 50W mode (for bedroom usage, 0.5W is also great!).
- The USB connection is very useful when you want to record your guitar without any microphones.

Cons: (These are cons that are expected and they are no reason to affect the rating.)
- No FX loop. So if you want to connect external pedals, you have to connect them in front of the amp, which may/will result in unwanted sound effects in certain situations.
- It doesn't support a decent footswitch controller as its big brother 100W does. Therefore, turning on/off the effects can become really annoying, since you have to turn the knobs to (de)activate the effects.
- In order to play some songs through the speakers of this amp by using your PC/Mac, you have to connect it through the aux-in connection of the amp. You cannot use the USB connection for this reason.


The Star Wars Cantina 07.10.2020
I bought for my nephew who just started guitar. I heard good things about the Katanas over the past few years and even seen musicians play them in pubs which sounded great.

As a seasoned guitarist who uses higher end tube amps, I was honestly shocked when I played it myself how good it was.

The price of the amp is a steal. If you're starting out and need an amo, you're are crazy not to get one. It's hands down the best bang for buck solid state amp on the market. I only wish it was around when I was growing up.


Emilio M R 25.04.2022
At this price, with the accompanying software (and MIDI control from a DAW for example!!) there can't possibly be complaints.

The sound is fantastic for a small gig or practice rig, super light-weight, PLENTY loud, an insane amount of pedals and effects, it has a built-in interface with which you can record straight into your DAW...

My only complaint is that the noise gate is actually a noise suppressor (and sadly not a very good one, especially for metal) and degrades the open state of this "gate" in an attempt to supress noise. However, I couldn't possibly hold it against it for all the other fun stuff that this comes with and this price.


Very nice modelling amp.
Irish Dar 18.11.2020
Ive had this for several months now, and it is the product I expected.
I have not gigged with it, although with the addition of the pedal selector, no reason why you couldnt (other than how loud you need). With the pedal I can basically choose from four saved tones (and the panel).
I find it shines in the studio. There are a plethora of tones and styles can be achieved especially when hooked up to a laptop that combined with the presets provided, you can keep library upon library of your own saved sounds.
Great sound opportunities and inspiration. Great for studio.
All presets not easily accessed on the fly so might not suit all for live performance.


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