Botex PSA 161 Power Distributor 16A


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

Power distributor

  • Front: Digital voltage and amperage display per phase
  • Input: CEE plug 16 A
  • Output: 1x 16 A safety plug
  • ”C” circuit breakers per phase
  • Back: Outputs 6x 16 A safety plug (2 pieces per phase)
Available since February 2011
Item number 258279
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Input CEE16A
Shockproof Sockets 7
CEE16A Sockets 0
CEE32A Sockets 0
Other Connectors -
Loadability 16 A
Circuit Breaker No
Fuse(s) 3x LS C16A
Switch No
Rack format Yes
Mounting height 2 U
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The Botex PSA 161 Power Distributor is a 19" power distributor with 16A load capacity that only takes up two height units. It features protective contact sockets with hinged covers that allow it to reliably distribute power from the three phases of a heavy current connection to a total of seven hungry consumers on stages, in function rooms, and at events and festivals. Each of the three heavy current phases has its own automatic circuit breaker with a 16A trip threshold. The front panel features two four-digit luminous displays for each of the three heavy current phases, which indicate the supplied voltage (in volts) and applied load (in amperes), respectively.

Reliable three-phase AC power

As is usual for devices of this class, the Botex PSA 161 power distributor also features a CEE 16A input, which - as its red colour already indicates - is designed for three-phase AC power in the range of 380 to 480V. Because the PSA 161 features separate circuit breakers, a trip caused by a single consumer will not cause the other consumers to fail at the same time - so there is no danger of the location suddenly being left without light or sound in the middle of an event.

For professionals and amateurs

The clear overview and fail-safety provided by the Botex PSA 161 power distributor mean that it is sure to find favour with PA operators and event organisers - but non-specialists can also use this distributor without hesitation. This is mainly thanks to the corresponding VDE standard, which ensures that the distributor has a combination of a 16A current rating and mains voltage-independent overcurrent protection circuits. This means that not only professionals but also amateur bands, solo entertainers, and DJs can use it to set up mobile sound and lighting systems at professional venues, safe in the knowledge that their equipment is reliably protected (and connected) thanks to the distributor's circuit breakers.

About Botex

Thomann’s in-house brand Botex has been part of the company’s product range since 1995 and includes around 100 products that are principally aimed at event organisers, concert hall owners, and PA rental companies and deliver an excellent price-performance ratio. Botex offers innovative, high-quality products at very competitive prices, including dimmers, DMX lighting desks, DMX recorders, interfaces and nodes, power distributors, LED strips, and wireless DMX/radio DMX systems.

For a reliable power supply

The Botex PSA 161 power distributor can serve as a sub-distributor for a total of seven load lines. Its sturdy sheet steel housing and its robust metal front panel make the unit suitable for both fixed installations and small tours. And as the distributor's displays show how high the consumer load is on each of the three phases, it can be optimally distributed across all three. As well as mobile PA systems, this Botex power distributor can also supply power at the appropriate voltage and from a central source to small lighting systems (including strobes), fog machines, and other equipment with a high power consumption. Those who use the PSA 161 in a rack with permanently connected cabling also have access to another socket on the front panel, just in case.

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25 Reviews

Nice PDU
Björn3772 06.10.2015
I bought this to get control over my powers, and whit this I can see exactly how much power I'm using on each phase. And its very interesting to see that i use less power than i expected. One bad thing is that it don't have a 16A 3-phase output as well. But overall i like it a lot!
Now i can put the right balance on my power distribution.


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Ein Stromverteiler wie man ihn braucht!
proTECH 19.09.2012
Normalerweise hört man von der Firma Botex immer nur gutes, und so ist es im diesen Fall auch. Er teilt die drei Phasen auf insgesamt sechs bzw. sieben 230 V Schutzkontakt-Dosen auf. Die Anzeigen arbeiten ziemlich präzise, flackern nicht und wir konnten auch bisher noch keinen ausfall festellen. Alles in allem, ein Gerät auf das man sich auch verlassen kann - was in unserer Branche extrem wichtig ist. Erklären Sie mal einen Veranstalter einen Stromausfall, der durch einen unzuverlässigen Verteiler verursacht wurde!

*** Nachtrag ***
So nachdem wir jetzt nach längerer Zeit wieder mal den Fall hatten, dass bei einem Stromanschluss vom Veranstalter her die Steckerbelegung nicht gepasst hat, und wir dadurch am Neutralleiter eine Phase anliegen hatten, sind wir sehr froh gewesen, dass wir diesen Distributor eingesetzt haben. Die Print und die Anzeigen von zwei Phasen sind zwar jetzt im A***** aber dafür hat er das Equipment brav geschützt.

Glaubt mir, ihr wollt garnicht wissen, was passiert wenn man auf einmal mit 400V in einen MAC reinfährt und genau davor hat der Distributor geschützt ;-)

Also von mir nochmals 5 Sterne!


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Distributeur de courant
Delphin 15.05.2017
Très bon distributeur de courant 3x16A.
Qualité de fabrication irréprochable...

Remarque: Prises EU, non compatibles avec les fiches entièrement RONDES françaises !
Les afficheurs s'allument dès la mise sous tension, même si les disjoncteurs sont en position OFF. On peut donc vérifier la tension du secteur triphasé avant de mettre son matériel sous tension.

J'ai personnellement remplacé les disjoncteurs par du Legrand (16A pouvoir de coupure 6kA), sans grande difficulté.
On pourrait même en faire un distributeur 3x20A !
Câblage interne en 2,5mm².


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Ideal para conectar a trifásica con poco amperaje
MiguelG 26.09.2014
Es un artículo indispensable en pequeños eventos e ideal para conectar en trifásica y tener controlado voltaje y amperios. Puedes ver en el display Voltíos y Amperios de las 3 fases, automáticos independientes por fase y 2 enchufes por fase (más 1 delantero). Quizás la toma de corriente la habría puesto por detrás, pero por lo demás perfecto.