Clavia Nord Stage 3 compact

This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States of America.

Stage Piano

  • 73 Half-weighted keys
  • 2 GB of memory
  • 120-Voice polyphony
  • Creative Piano Filters
  • Seamless transitions for inaudible program changes
  • Song mode for a set-list functionality
  • Comprehensive piano section
  • String Resonance (Gen 2), Pedal Noise and Long-Release Option
  • Powerful synth section provides subtractive, FM, and wavetable synthesis, arpeggiator, unison mode, and master clock
  • True to original B3, Vox / Farfisa and Principal Pipe organ simulations
  • Vintage 122 Leslie simulation
  • Extended effect section
  • OLED display for program and synth section
  • 4 Assignable audio outputs: 1/4" jack, unbalanced
  • Stereo headphone output: 1/4" stereo jack
  • 1 Monitor input: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Sustain pedal: 6.35 mm jack - Sustain input compatible with Nord Triple Pedal (sold separately)
  • Rotor pedal: 6.35 mm pawl
  • Organ sill pedal: 6.35 mm TRS stereo jack
  • Control pedal: 6.35 mm TRS stereo jack
  • Program change pedal input: 6.35 mm jack
  • Midi In: 5-Pin Din
  • Midi Out: 5-Pin Din
  • USB Type B connector for USB Midi, Software Update and Sound Transfer
  • Power cable with ICC c14 plug
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1070 x 302 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Includes power cord, Nord Samples and Piano DVDs, USB cable
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Audio Examples

  • Acoustic Piano 1
  • Acoustic Piano 2
  • Acoustic Piano 3
  • Clavi 1
  • Clavi 2
  • E-Piano 1
  • E-Piano 2
  • E-Piano 3
  • E-Piano 4
  • E-Piano Padchoir
  • Organ 1
  • Organ 2
  • Organ 3
  • Organ 4
  • Strings
  • Show more

Further Information

Number Of Keys 73
Hammer Action Keys No
Number of simultaneous Voices 120
Number Of Sounds 400
Effects Yes
Speaker No
Headphone Outputs 1
Sequencer No
Metronome No
Master keyboard function Yes
Pitch Bend Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Split Zones 4
Layer Function Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out

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Clavia Nord Stage 3 compact
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The ultimate portable stage instrument
DrCheese, 30.05.2020
I have moved up from the Nord Stage 1 so I will list the significant improvements:
16x piano memory storage (2gb vs 128mb). You won't be able to store all pianos in XL size at the same time, but at large size they'll all just about fit.
Sample engine - this didn't exist on the Stage 1 at all. Nord provides a wide range of samples for download, some are great, some not so great! New string ensemble samples are lovely, Mellotron of course popular and a lot of nice tuned percussion and ethnic instruments. The Electro can also use these samples but the advantage the Stage has is that they can be used with all of the synth features such as layering, filters etc. The rest of the synth engine is vastly improved with 6 filter types (2 on the Stage 1), formant waveforms, and 'cluster' waveforms. Better LFO and general modulation implementation. Arpeggiator is new compared to the Stage 1.
Effects are fairly similar except that reverb in now per-layer as opposed to global. The EQ section has been improved to include a highpass and lowpass filter. Highpass is useful in removing boominess at high volume - it can also be used as a shelving filter.
Organ is improved, most noticeable in the chorus/vibrato feature and in the key click implementation. The Leslie is better and the 'close-miking' option in the sound menu is nice. Tonewheels sound less shrill in the upper register. Physical drawbars are more fun to use!
Pipe organs in the organ section are just okay (they lack the 'chuff' at the beginning of the note), the organs in the sample section are probably better.
Seamless program changes, which allows the sustain from previous programs to overlap with the sound from a newly selected program, is a fantastic feature for live performance (new to the Stage 3).
Song Mode which allows you to organise up to 400x groups of five programs is another fantastic feature for live performance (also new on the Stage 3).
Much more space for storing user programs (400) and the Sound Manager software for organising and moving samples, pianos, programs and songs is superbly designed and essential.
You can create your own samples for the Nord Stage 3. The Sample Editor software for doing this is ver well-designed.

Things that are unchanged from the Stage 1 Compact are build quality, size and weight and morphing using expression pedal/mod wheel/ aftertouch. Morphing is really useful in making strings and brass sounds more convincing from a keyboard. Also very useful in synthesised sounds.

The Stage 3 interface of controls has now reached such a level clutter and complexity that any further expansion would not fit on the Compact panel, but frankly though that would become a problem as Nord's inventive but quirky way of changing parameters, sometimes through double taps, shift-presses and other combinations is getting confusing and I sometimes hit the wrong button, jump to a new program and lose changes I had made.
In a Nord Stage 4, it would really only be minor or esoteric things Nord could do to improve and advance this machine beyond increasing the memory for piano and sample sounds. The sample playback engine could certainly merit some expansion and improvement (envelopes, velocity layers). They could introduce a keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch but this would necessitate a much more powerful sound engine in order to be able to make use of this and it would probably be of niche interest while significantly increasing the price. Any further sound programmability would have to be out-sourced to a computer or phone as there is simply no more room for hardware controls and the menu-based interaction that there is on the Stage at the moment is not terribly nice. The restricted options for where to set split points seems a bit silly, even though the permanent LEDs to indicate split points are nice. The Stage 3 is still a reasonably future-proof purchase, even though it is a few years old now.

I originally chose the Nord Electro 6D 73 but immediately swapped it for this as I felt I would miss the synth section (thanks Thomann for making this an easy operation), the expanded effects section, the modulation and pitch bend controls and the additional layering and splitting possibilities.

The Nords are well-known for being expensive, but I would say that they are just about worth it, with consistently high quality sounds, solid build quality and light weight and small size.

I bought the original Nord Stage 12 years ago. I hope to use this new version for the next 12 years.
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I've hit a jackpot with this one!
Alshamlan, 17.06.2019
This is my first Nord, but boy it will definitely won't be my last as I'm already considering buying the Stage 3 88 for the band's studio. My previous decision was to by an electro 6D 73 to use it as a light weight bottom keyboard for pianos and organs. After more thought though I decided to upgrade to the stage 3 compact because of the electro's limitation that will require me to always have another keyboard with it. And I'm so glad that I decided to spend that extra amount on the stage 3 compact! it is still very light, the waterfall keybed offers the best compromise between the fully weighted keys and the light synth keys that you would find in most keyboards. in fact, I don't think there's any other keyboard in the market now that offers the stage 3 compact's keybed, besides maybe the Kronos LE which only comes in the 88 key version I think. I can't speak enough about this keybed! It allows me to play synth and organ passages freely and lightly while not taking away the responsiveness of the weighted feeling when playing piano parts. It is really the best of two worlds.
If you're reading this and not knowing what to expect from the nord stage 3 in general then believe me this keyboard IS the real deal. Sound wise I think it beats any other competitor, and I'm not talking about pianos and electric pianos here (which many find to be the best in the market) because those will ALWAYS be subjective. But I'm talking about the power and versatility of both the synth engine and the organ engine. Honestly, I knew exactly what I was expecting from the piano and the organ engine, but it was the synth that really blew me away! The user manual is only 62 pages including the indexes! so we're talking about roughly 50 pages only that will get you up and running in no time to understand the whole keyboard (in case you're totally new to nord like me!).
My ONLY point against it is the fact that while it allows you to layer up to 6 layers of sounds it restricts you to only four zones of the keyboard because the split point cuts through both panels of the keyboard.
Compared to very advanced synths/workstations like Montage or Kronos, those big boys might be able to do more, but they require much more thought in order to achieve what you want to achieve with them.. It is here where the Nord shines! because it does what it does so easily, so logically and so straight forward, which allows you to put that time and thought into actually playing your music.. :)
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Gigging musician's friend
Mick, Navan, Ireland, 29.04.2019
This board has all the features of the 88 note flagship but has a keyboard that is a great compromise between a weighted piano board and an organ keyboard.
I gig in small venues 2-3 times a week playing a mix of classic rock and blues. In little pubs and clubs space is at a premium and this little keyboard is perfect without compromising quality or live usability. The keyboard is a little light for piano if like me you're used to a fully weighted board but I've quickly got used to it and now wonder what the hell I did for years carting a 22kg coffin around the place.
It's expensive and the accessories are ridiculously priced. You don't need the sustain pedal; any pedal will work; you can change the polarity. The Roland DP-10 is a much better pedal for less money.
You can check out the merits or otherwise of The Nord Stage 3 line elsewhere but for me this is the one.
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Ein gelungener Allrounder mit Spielspaß von Anfang an
+MS-SPO, 06.02.2021
HINTERGRUND: Bespielt habe ich schon diverse Mastercontroller, das Yamaha PSR-S550, einen Hammond-Clone, sowie ein richtiges Klavier. Ich suchte mittlerweile nach einem Allrounder, mit authentischem Klang im Kopfhörerbetrieb und angenehm ansprechender Tastatur.

VERSPRECHEN: Nord’s Ansatz lautet in meinen Worten “Konzentrieren Sie sich auf das Spielen - Spielbarkeit geht vor Effekt-Spielerei”.

KLANG: Ein Kaufgrund war für mich das Nefertiti EPiano, sowie die Aussicht, weitere beflügelnde Instrumentierungen anzutreffen.

TASTATUR: Das Compact-Modell mit 73 Tasten ist für mich genau richtig. Als 88-er Version fände ich es störend breit. Die allermeisten Spielsituationen sowie viele Multi-Split Presets lassen sich damit gut meistern. Ich mag den erhöhten Tastenwiderstand und die Nuancierungsmöglichkeiten (After-touch). Häufig gespielte Tasten wurden im Laufe der Zeit etwas weicher. Für den Hammond-Betrieb ist sie meisterbar härter, eine echte Klaviatur fordert die Finger stärker: insofern ein gelungener Kompromiss für mich.

KLANGSYNTHESE: Das ist im Grunde das Oberthema dieses Instruments. Weil ich Orgeln, Pianos, Synthesizer aller Art überlagere, kann ich vielleicht nicht allen, aber doch sehr vielen Ziel- oder Wunschklängen sehr nahe kommen. Hervorheben möchte ich dabei die tastaturgebundene Sample-Bibliothek von Nord: Irgendetwas Schönes ist immer dabei. Die Effekte tun ihr Übriges. Effekte sind an den A/B Split gebunden, können sich also in A- und B-Panel unterscheiden: Das ist oft sehr nützlich. Es ist übrigens sehr lehrreich, die einzelnen Presets einmal genauer anzusehen: “Ach, so hat Nord das realisiert!”

SPIELSPASS: Habe meine Lieblings- und eigene Presets erreichbarer gruppiert und die entfernt, die mir nicht so liegen. Der Klang inspiriert mich zur Musik. So habe ich beispielsweise eine Klaviervariante, um Akkorde und Melodien aufeinander abzustimmen. Die probiere ich dann gerne im Nord Jazz-Preset aus (LH ContraBass plucked auf A, RH Grand Imperial auf B, jeweils mit aktiven Effekten) … Wahnsinn. Ebenso sind etwa diverse eigene Hammond- und ein paar E-Gitarren Varianten dabei … Was die Instrumentierung so ausmacht :)

LERNKURVE: Einschalten, aussuchen, spielen, freuen - das geht vom ersten Einschalten an. Um alles auszunutzen, braucht man schon einen längeren Anlauf. Ich haderte beispielsweise einige Zeit mit dem Hammond B3-Modell. Rockiges klang gut, Zugregler klingen tendenziell für mich zu harsch, feinere Nuancen vom Original gelangen mir nicht so recht. Mittlerweile akzeptierte ich diese Grenzen und fand … sehr feine, harmonische B3-Klänge bei deaktivierten Effekten über alle Oktaven, wie etwa 11 7463 555 (warmes Holz) oder 00 8170 000 (angenehme Pfeife). Auch dieses Instrument, das Stage 3, muss man so nehmen, wie es ist … und etwas Klangvolles damit hervorbringen.

BANDKONTEXT: Das konnte ich wegen Corona leider noch nicht prüfen. Ich vermute aber, dass sich das Stage 3 über die tendenziell dumpferen Lautsprecher, je nach Einstellung, gut durchsetzen kann.

ZUR BEWERTUNG +++ BEDIENUNG: Ist hervorragend. Hier und da könnte sie noch etwas besser sein. Beispiel: Zum Zuordnen der Effekte über die grauen Tasten brauche ich fast immer beide Hände … also Spielpause. +++ FEATURES: Mehr wäre weniger … Hier hat man alles Wichtige in der Hand. +++ SOUND: Klar, ich mag nicht jedes Preset, und jede Klangeinheit, jeder Effekt hat Grenzen … wie bei jedem Instrument. +++ VERARBEITUNG: Robust, stabil, strukturiert übersichtlich. +++ GESAMT: Für mich ein Volltreffer.

PLUS: sehr flexible Split-Funktion der Tastatur mit nützlichen Bereichs-LEDs. Klangvielfalten. Die drei Instrumente inklusive Samples, die Effekte und die Morph-Möglichkeiten bieten ein enorm breites Klangspektrum. Die MIDI-Einstellungen sind vielfältig und zuverlässig.

MINUS: Spezialisierte Instrumente bieten natürlich mehr innerhalb ihres Klang- und Spielspektrums, wie Orgeln, Klaviere, Synthesizer.

INTERESSANT: Gelungenes Gesamtpaket.

FAZIT: Mich bringt dieses Keyboard auch 10 Monate nach seinem Kauf immer noch weiter.
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