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Cymatic Audio uTrack24


Recorder, Player and USB Audio Interface

  • Recording / Playback of 24 tracks
  • 24 Bit / 96 kHz with USB storage device
  • 4 Devices can be synchronised for 96 tracks
  • 24 x 24 USB audio interface (44.1/48kHz ; 8x8 88.2/96kHz)
  • Internal mixer with Mute, Solo, Pan and volume per track
  • 24 Balanced inputs and outputs (3 x D-Sub 25)
  • MIDI I/O and playback
  • Adjustable control room and headphone outputs
  • Clear level meters, large LCD display
  • Playlist editor
  • Expansion slot
  • BNC Word clock in / out
  • RJ-45 Network port for remote control
  • For iOS, Mac and PC
  • External power supply
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 485 x 44 x 200 mm
  • Format: 19" / 1 U
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Including: AC / DC power adapter, USB cable and quick start guide in English

System requirements (when used as interface):

  • Min. 512 mB RAM (1GB or more recommended)
  • One free USB 2.0 compatible port
  • PC: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-bit) - requires Internet connection for driver download
  • Mac: Class Compliant - no drivers needed - Compatible with OSX 10.8 and higher
  • iPad: iOS 7 or later with Apple Lightning or 30-pin Camera Connection kit (not included)
Number Of Tracks 24
Simultaneous Recording: Amount Of Tracks 24
Effects Yes
Storage Medium USB
Phantom power No
XLR Connectors 0
Jack Connectors 0
RCA Connectors No
MIDI Interface 1x Out
USB connection Yes
Digital Connections USB
Miscellaneous Connectors Wordclock
Headphone connection Yes
available since November 2014
Item number 352327
Options USB Audio Interface
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A game changer for those who use pre recorded tracks
Connor Josef 21.09.2021
Using backing tracks and being able to mix them properly to any room? This is a game changer for getting a huge sound out of backing tracks.

It has a MIDI out too so you can trigger patch changes, control external gear etc with every song you play. I use it to change patches on my keyboards and on my guitarists Kemper Profiler, and to also automate functions on my Behringer Wing such as the effects

My only criticism is that the audio output does have a high noise floor I have noticed. I wanted to attenuate the volume to crank the preamps for more warmth but there's just a loud hiss that starts creeping in at around 10db of gain (and it only happens with the Cymatic, so it's not the preamps) which when you've got 24 tracks going in, that's a lot of extra noise. So I leave it at 0db and don't attenuate the audio coming out.

Another minor criticism is I wish this had individual outs like the Live Player 16 does. Those are unbalanced I guess there wouldn't be room for 24 TRS outputs as well as 24 inputs, but I'd have gladly done away with the inputs myself

There are a few features that are useful, but really should have been implemented in the uTool app as well, such as the loop points for songs. This would be a great feature if I could preprogram loop points, for things like keeping an intro going out longer, or being able to keep a chorus going for as long as I want. I can't set these loop points accurately on the fly so I just don't use the feature at all.


HomeEngineering 14.07.2018
This unit is incredibly useful and unbelievably priced. It competes feature-wise and quality-wise with other units that are priced upwards of $3000 (or Euros). The ability to add an inexpensive expansion card is also great. 24-channel ADAT pass-thru recording to a USB drive is worth the price, but you can also use this as a 24-channel Dante Recorder/Player/Interface for WAAAY cheaper than any other dedicated Dante hardware. Cueing MIDI with the 24-track wav playback is a nice addition, and being able to sync 4 units makes this the cheapest 96-track playback/recording solution by orders of magnitude.

It's a respectable and high quality USB audio interface on its own. The role it seems to have 'settled into' in my studio: My main interface is a WR-DA7 Digital Mixer, 3 ADAT inputs and outputs are plugged into my computer using an RME Digiface, and I keep a utrack24 with an ADAT expansion card between them so I can always record ALL 24 channels going to and from the computer and never lose anything I might have done live (happy accidents) on any channel! Again, incredible value.. may even buy another one or two soon as I begin to migrate to Dante.


utrack 24
robbeattie 25.05.2017
I was looking for a device for recording live, other than pc or porta studio format, looked the Allen and heath ice, but a bit pricey for what it is, and enters cymatia utrack 24, more channels, and with the adat card, awesome stuff. I picked up both, instead of the d-sub route, and saved a good 100 gbp in the process.

I'm impressed with it, very good quality, and it has made life very much easier for location recording. from other sellers, think of paying around double, than the Thomann price, great deal and very pleased with the overall purchase.

Recorder, Player and USB Audio Interface, excellent value for money. very easy to use and easy to understand. for around £300, its a no brainer.

pros - the price, the I/O, the option cards, quality audio conversion, remote access and upgrades to higher I/O on the price.

cons- no power switch, but who cares at this price.


Great peace of gear
Dany W 18.05.2020
I using the uTrack 24 bought interface in studio with my 24 channel Tascam M3700 and recorder at live shows for 3 years now
I was a bit afraid at beginning because looking at it price but quickly been proved how great this unit is.
-It give my 24 in/out on Dsub connectors witch I prefer because it allowed you to run all inputs and outputs on only 6 cables (less cables less mess)
-Very straight forward usb interface, connected easily to Mac and my Lenovo laptop, no problem so far with latency and extremely stable connection and workflow on bought PC and Mac.
For live recording I used it with usb plugged to front , similar to interface mode evertything work smoothly and with out problems
-On from you have controlls for recorded, large bottoms for easy and fast acces or things like play, stop, rec) and small screen with potentiometer and there bottoms to get to build in mixer and more advanced options which are very easy to operate after reading manual.
-Everything is fixed in to 1U rack unit witch is extremely comftable and ergonomic especially in live where your try to fix as much gear in to smaller possible space for travel
There are to things that some people could thing of a disdavnatages
-No power button, power up straight after plugin it supply on the back
-Audio interface have option to work in 96 kHz but only in 8 channel configuration.
-No mic preamps , not a problem for me because I used it with mixer .
Over all it is amazing, great sounding unit with many versetile features bought useful in studio and live scenario, packed in to 1U rack unit and with this price you can not get better unit.
I really recommend this unit to all people bought for studio and live


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