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Denon DJ Prime 4

4-Deck Standalone DJ System

  • 10" HD Multi-Touch display (gesture controlled)
  • Serato DVS compatible
  • Dedicated XLR zone output (optionally sends separate playlist to a second room)
  • Built-in 2.5" SATA drive bay
  • Direct audio recording of sets on USB stick / SD card / 2.5" SATA hard disk possible
  • Robust 6-inch metal jog wheel with central HD display
  • 4 Assignable input channels for external media sources
  • 2 Dedicated XLR inputs for microphones with own control
  • StagelinQ connection for Event / Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV), precise 24-Bit Denon DJ Legacy Audio
  • 4 USB inputs and 1x SD input for music playback
  • Supports USB keyboard
  • 2 XLR outputs master (left / right, balanced)
  • 1 RCA output pair master (left / right, unbalanced)
  • 2 XLR outputs Booth (left / right, balanced)
  • 2 XLR outputs zone (left / right, balanced)
  • 1x 6.35 mm (1/4") stereo output (headphones)
  • 1x 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo output (headphones)
  • 2 RCA input pairs (Line-Level, unbalanced)
  • 2 RCA input pairs (phono or line level, unbalanced)
  • 2 XLR / jack combo jacks
  • Dimensions: 728 x 497 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Includes Serato DJ Pro
  • Suitable case: Art.494082 (not included in delivery)
  • Suitable bag: Art.480105 (not included in delivery)

Supported audio formats:

  • AAC/M4A
  • AIF/AIFF (44.1 - 192 kHz, 16 - 32 Bit)
  • ALAC
  • FLAC
  • MP3 (32 - 320 kbps, VBR)
  • MP4
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • WAV (44.1 - 192 kHz, 16 - 32 Bit)
  • 24 Bit Denon DJ Legacy Audio

Further Information

Controller type All in one
incl. software Serato DJ Pro
Micro In 2
Master Out XLR
Stand Alone Mixer Function Yes
Mobile Support No
USB Player Yes
Stereo Line-In 4
19 No

Fully equipped stand-alone DJ workstation

The Denon DJ Prime 4 is a well-thought-out and outstandingly robust complete workstation for DJs. This console can be used as a controller for the Serato-DJ software, but its true strength lies in stand-alone operation, and DJs can also stream music from Beatport, Beatsource LINK, Soundcloud, Tidal, or from their own Dropbox accounts via Wi-Fi. For performing, the DJ Prime 4 provides four complete channels with three-band EQ, two microphone channels, effects, and cue buttons as well as mix recording functions – and it goes without saying that further external devices such as CD players and drum machines can also be connected. Turntables can be connected and used as controllers for Serato DVS, and the corresponding Serato DJ Pro software is included. And thanks to its StagelinQ connectivity, the DJ Prime 4 can even control event lighting and video feeds.

The new benchmark for mobile DJs

The Denon DJ Prime 4 is a surprisingly affordable all-in-one solution for DJs looking for a complete Denon DJ setup that combines all of the essential functions in a single stand-alone device: Two fully equipped player interfaces with high-precision jog wheels that feature scratching capability together with a central HD display, a fully equipped four-channel mixer, two microphone channels with separate EQ, talk-over, and integrated echo effects as well as a range of additional effects and connections for external devices. This console is the perfect solution for home DJ booths – whether it’s for mixing, streaming, or preparing for the big stage. The option of integrating an SSD means that mobile DJs can carry their entire music collection with them wherever they go and thus leave their laptops at home, since they can use the 10” HD multi-touch display or an optional USB keyboard to find any song in seconds.

Main stage vibes guaranteed

The generously dimensioned Denon DJ Prime 4 exudes main stage vibes from the moment it is switched on. The control elements have a high-quality look and feel and are intuitively laid out, and the two fully equipped player interfaces have access to four digital decks. Alternatively, external signals can also be routed to the mixer channels. Each player is equipped with eight performance pads that make the rapid selection of cue points and the creative use of loops and beat juggling child’s play. Beat matching can of course be done automatically using the Sync buttons or manually via the high-precision pitch faders, which cover a range of 4 to 100%. The master tempo function ensures that pitch remains constant even when extreme tempo changes are made, and the pitch can be adjusted in semitone increments for harmonic mixing. The mix can then be recorded to any medium connected to the Prime 4.

About Denon

The Japanese-American company Denon was founded in 1910 and established itself as a leading brand in the 1930s. It has long stood for ground-breaking technological innovations that were frequently world firsts in their time. Denon's passion for invention has produced many remarkable technologies, including the first professionally usable recording device for gramophone records (1939), the first Japanese stereo records and stereo systems (1951), and the first PCM recorder, which was based on the same principle as today's CDs (1970). In 1982, Denon launched the first CD player for home use, the DCD-2000, another milestone among its already widespread innovations. Today the company belongs to D&M Holdings Inc. and is famous for its hi-fi and DJ products.

Simply switch on and you’re ready to mix

Music can easily be prepared using the free Engine Prime software, for which regular updates are available. Cue points and loops can be added, and tracks can be grouped into playlists and synchronised on USB sticks or SD cards. Once these external data carriers have been connected to the Prime 4, DJs can use the folding HD multi-touch display to select, load, and play their playlists. What is more, an SSD can also be integrated, thus providing ample space for even extensive music libraries. The Prime 4 also directly allows tracks to be analysed and playlists to be created without the aid of a computer, and these are then transferred to the computer’s Engine Prime library when the next USB synchronisation takes place. And an important feature for mobile DJs is that the DJ Prime 4 workstation can also access popular streaming services such as Beatport, Beatsource LINK, and Soundcloud as well as private Dropbox accounts via Wi-Fi, without the use of data carriers.

In the spotlight: Zone Out

In addition to its Master Out and Booth Out connections, the DJ Prime 4 also features a so-called “Zone Out”, to which a dedicated playlist can be assigned. This professional-quality dual XLR output allows mobile DJs to play completely different music in a separate room, which opens up entirely new creative possibilities: At a party, for example, they can thus provide the perfect music mix for the dancefloor indoors and simultaneously use channel 4 to play relaxing lounge music for the guests outside. This special feature means the Denon DJ Prime 4 is also perfect for applications that go beyond the scope of “normal” DJing.

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Dj StiG, 05.08.2019
I was very impatient to own one ever since I've seen the product on pre-order status on Thomann. I've been waiting nearly one month before confirming my order. Thomann really had (at the time I've ordered the controller like more than a month ago) the cheapest price on the market and surprisingly still has the lowest price on the market for the Denon Prime 4. The shipping time took 4 weeks approximately to reach Mauritius. What I like with Thomann is that you CAN discuss with them. At the time I've ordered the Prime 4 controller, I've completely forgotten to add the Magma casing. I had to add an additionnal EUR 60.00 to ship it. When I've explained my point to a sales rep there, they agreed to include the case in my order and finally I've paid EUR 60.00 for both the controller and the case, which was very well played by Thomann - thanks for that guys. The controller itself is just WOW. It refines what we dj have asked many brands to give us. A really standalone unit. Combined with a 1TB ssd, you truly have a laptop in front of you without a real laptop. Excellent product.
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se Original review (Show translation)
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Utmärkt, perfekt Standalone unit!
Dj Cocain, 23.03.2021
Perfekt för den mobila DJ:n
Mycket nöjd, mycket funktioner, FX, 4 decks! Wifi..
Mycket för pengarna.
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fr Original review (Show translation)
Unfortunately there was an error. Please try again later.
Presque parfait
Fk67, 06.05.2020
J'ai acheté ce contrôleur car je voulais un contrôleur autonome , fini les plantages d'ordinateur.
Côté construction , top niveau.
Côté son, une puissance époustouflante , j'étais déjà satisfait du son de la table Mc6000 mk2 mais là c'est clairement le summum, un son puissant , très précis dans tout le spectre sonore.
L'écran tactile est juste parfait, il répond très bien .
Toutes les fonctions, effets permettent un mix sans limite .
Possibilité d'enregistrer son mix en direct.
Possibilité aussi de se servir de la table comme contrôleur avec un ordinateur , même avec VirtualDj, juste dommage qu'il ne soit pas pris en compte les datadonnées de Vdj( point cue ,bpm etc) alors qu'il est pris en compte de serato et rekordbox..
Là ou est ma déception, c'est Engine Prime.
Une fois maîtrisé celà fonctionne parfaitement avec le contrôleur mais pour y parvenir c'est assez une usine à gaz, pas du tout pratique.
J'ai installé un disque dur interne Ssd comme préconisé.
Il faut d'abord le formater en Exfat pour qu'il soit opérationnel mais si on a pas le câble pour formater le disque depuis un ordinateur, il faudra l'acheter car une fois inséré dans le contrôleur, le Prime 4 ne permet pas le formatage du disque même branché à son ordinateur par le câble fournir.
Ensuite la grande déception c'est le programme Engine qui n'analyse pas automatiquement les musiques que vous avez sur votre ordinateur.
Il faut d'abord créer des dossiers sur le nouveau disque interne au contrôleur puis analyser manuellement chaque dossier , chaque chanson.
J'ai 80.000 chansons sur mon ordinateur donc je vous laisse imaginer le problème.
J'ai créer quelques dossiers importants pour mixer en autonome mais mon ordinateur ne sera jamais loin .
Comparé à VirtualDj qui reconnaît les dossiers sur notre ordinateur et qui permet l'analyse de tous les fichiers et très facilement, Engine Prime est vraiment très compliqué à utiliser.
Heureusement que c'était le confinement et que j'avais du temps poir créer , analyser de nouveaux dossiers sinon j'aurais renvoyé le Prime4 rien qu'à cause de ça, ce qui est dommage car le contrôleur est vraiment top mise à part ce problème.
J'espère que Denon fera évoluer son Engine prime.
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de Original review (Show translation)
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Fortschrittlicher Standalone Controller mit Macken in der Software
Basswood Dj, 19.02.2021
Ich wollte einen Standalone Controller mit 4 Kanälen haben.
Somit hat kein Weg an dem Prime 4 vorbei geführt.
Technologisch ist dieser der Konkurrenz deutlich voraus. 4 Kanäle Standalone, Streaming, Wifi, Analyse auf dem Gerät, alles Dinge von denen sich die Konkurrenz eine Scheibe abschneiden kann. Er klingt super und ist an sich solide.
Wären da nicht einige Probleme mit der Software und der Verarbeitung.
Das ganze Gerät ist relativ überfrachtet mit Bedienelementen. Die FX Sektionen sind gut. Für meinen Geschmack haben die Effekte zu viele Optionen. Eine Einstellung wie beim Primo Go hätte mir völlig ausgereicht.
Die Jogwheels sind sehr empfindlich (das relativ lockere drehen stört mich dabei nicht). Man muss extrem aufpassen wenn man einen Stubs gibt, dass man nicht über das Ziel hinaus schießt. Selbst wenn man die Empfindlichkeit auf die geringste Stufe stellt muss man sehr behutsam sein.
Weiterhin fühlen sich die Play und Cue Buttons sehr schwergängig (großer Hub) und hart an. Mir ist es öfter passiert, dass ich nach dem Cue Button den Playbutton drücken wollte und dieser nicht reagiert hat. Somit musste man dann versuchen den Mix zu retten.
Das Jogwheel und die Buttons sind Dinge an die man sich gewöhnen kann. Unter Umständen kommt sogar noch ein Update welches die Empfindlichkeit des Jobwheels besser anpassen lässt.
Der Hauptgrund warum ich das Gerät zurück geschickt habe, ist jedoch die Software. Mir ist das Gerät in gerade einmal 5 Tagen 2x mitten im Mix eingefroren bzw. ich konnte das Gerät nicht mehr vollständig bedienen und musste das Gerät neustarten. Das ist ein absolutes No-Go. Als DJ muss man sich auf die Geräte verlassen können. Bei der Suche nach dem Problem im Forum von Denon musste ich leider feststellen, dass solche kritischen Themen anscheinend nur sehr langsam behoben werden. Auf einen Patch wartet man schon seit Mitte 2020. In der Zwischenzeit wurden lieber weitere Streaming- und Clouddienste eingebunden.
Insgesamt habe ich ein schlechtes Bauchgefühl und bleibe dann lieber bei meinem Setup mit Laptop.
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In stock within 2-3 weeks
In stock within 2-3 weeks

This item is expected back in stock soon and can then be shipped immediately.

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