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Denon DJ MCX8000


4-Channel DJ Controller

  • 2 Microphone inputs
  • 2 USB inputs for standalone use without a computer
  • 2 High-resolution displays
  • 3 Pre/Post fader effects for internal digital and analog playback
  • Velocity sensitive performance pads
  • Stage LinQ network connection for controlling light and video
  • Robust metal construction
  • Serato DVS upgradeable
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 71 x 728 x 432 mm
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Included: 4-Channel Serato DJ full version, Denon DJ Engine 1.5 software

Suitable Accessories (not included):

  • Case: Article Nr.


  • Case with laptop shelf: Article Nr.


  • Magma stand: Article Nr.


  • Magma case: Article Nr.


Controller type All in one
incl. software Serato DJ Pro
Micro In 2
Master Out XLR
Stand Alone Mixer Function Yes
Mobile Support No
USB Player Yes
Stereo Line-In 2
19 No
Item number 379499
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Your wish is our command

The DJ MCX8000 is a command centre that will set DJs’ hearts racing – and for good reason. This four-channel stand-alone DJ player/controller comes equipped with two high-resolution displays, two microphone inputs, velocity-sensitive performance pads, and capacitive jog wheels. Its special feature is its exclusive stand-alone Engine Prime technology, which allows it to be operated without additional hardware. What is more, the MCX8000 features backlit movement buttons and a needle drop strip, and it is also compatible with the latest Serato DJ Pro software. An optional Serato DVS upgrade is additionally available, which opens up limitless possibilities for DJs looking for a traditional vinyl control system. The MCX8000 boasts a sturdy metal construction complete with high-quality dials and faders.

A "Swiss army knife" for DJs

The MCX8000 is extremely flexible and thus suitable for a wide range of scenarios, since it combines three devices in one – a veritable Swiss army knife for DJs. Its two decks allow stand-alone operation in two-deck mode, while the four-channel mixer with separate inputs means that it can be combined with hardware such as turntables and CD players. In four-deck mode, the MCX8000 is easy to operate using the included Serato DJ Pro software on a Mac or Windows PC, while the in-built, exclusive Engine Prime software means it can also be operated without a laptop. Music stored on the user’s Mac or PC can be analysed, cue points added, and crates created using the dedicated software. What is more, the MCX8000’s Engine Prime firmware provides a range of advanced hardware customization options, a tool for displaying and editing wave forms and beat grids, and a performance-enhancing quantised beat sync function.

The ultimate DJ performance

Excellent control and maximum performance make this controller an interesting choice for touring DJs. Its weight and design together with the combination of Serato DJ and Denon’s proprietary Engine Prime software make the MCX8000 the ultimate solution – without compromise. Whether you are using a laptop or high-capacity USB stick, transferring all manner of DJ sets is easy and convenient. The Engine Prime software allows all manner of sets to be prepared, furnished with cue points, and saved to USB stick. Two separate stereo outputs in balanced XLR format mean that PA systems for multiple floors can be controlled independently – a major bonus for event promoters.

About Denon

The Japanese-American company Denon was founded in 1910 and established itself as a leading brand in the 1930s. It has long stood for ground-breaking technological innovations that were frequently world firsts in their time. Denon's passion for invention has produced many remarkable technologies, including the first professionally usable recording device for gramophone records (1939), the first Japanese stereo records and stereo systems (1951), and the first PCM recorder, which was based on the same principle as today's CDs (1970). In 1982, Denon launched the first CD player for home use, the DCD-2000, another milestone among its already widespread innovations. Today the company belongs to D&M Holdings Inc. and is famous for its hi-fi and DJ products.

A multi-tasker

The MCX8000 features two separate microphone inputs with EQ and effect controls, which make it perfect for presenters and moderators, and DJs and MCs have the added luxury of enriching their performances with vocals, raps, or acoustic instruments. The Engine software’s track analysis function lets you creatively use and synchronise the on-board effects – including Echo, Phaser, and Noise – to your performance. The effects are added “post fader”, which means that the respective effect is preserved even after the fader has been pulled down. Serato DJ Pro users have the advantage of being able to transfer their sets and cue points to the Engine software and to use them on up to four channels at once or combining them with the internal software. The analogue mixer also features connections for multiple external devices, including turntables, CD players, and smartphones.

In the spotlight: Stage LinQ

The interface for the Stage LinQ protocol located on the rear panel offers a unique feature: The metadata can be used control lighting systems, visuals, smoke machines, and pyrotechnics. In addition to BPM and pitch values, these include metadata for the current track and pending track, wave forms, time information, and the devices’ fader positions. The information transmitted to Stage LinQ do not require any prior programming, and the DJ can enjoy complete freedom in their performance. In short, the MCX8000 is the perfect solution for light jockeys, video jockeys, and FOH and Pyrotechnics engineers, and ensures that they will always know which track is coming up next – just as if they were looking over the DJ’s shoulder.

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Very good product
Stuckman UK 16.02.2020
I got one of this a few days ago and I'm thrilled with my purchased. Very good built quality and performance. Thought it's a little bit tricky to set it up.

First, go to denondj website and download the latest firmware and versions of engine prime, go to serato website and download the lates version of serato djpro. Install engine prime and serato and update your MCX8000 following the instructions.

To use it in standalone mode you have to create a crate and/or playlist in engine prime then drag them into your usb (inside engine prime) and then click export to MCX8000. Your USB is ready, but keep in mind not all features are available in standalone mode. Although, most of them are.

To be able to listen the effects using only headphones the fader of the line channel your playing your song needs to be up.

The only disadvantages of this product are the size and weight. Even so, its great.

Regarding the purchase, I didn't have any problem at all. I got my product in 4 working days as promised.


Amazing controller
Rent Event 19.10.2016
Denon was always my number one option. This is probably because the sound you get from it is amazing and because quality you get is very good. MCX 8000 has everything you'll ever need in one unit. I never saw on any DJ mixer or controller that booth output is XLR. Yes there is XLR Master output and XLR booth output. 4-channels with effects and filters. You can use it wit SERATO or simply you can play music from your USB stick - brilliant. Don't hesitate to purchase this monster controller. It will be reliable partner on your gigs.


MCX8000 - Whole lot of bang for your buck!
AvocaBeats 28.06.2021
This is a great controller if you are, like me, a more old school DJ who likes to play vinyl as well as digital. I was looking for a 4 channel stand-alone controller that would allow me to play DVS and seamlessley switch to vinyl or vice versa. This was the best/only option I could find at the price I could afford. Clearly the new Prime 4 by Denon can do the same and more, but the build and sound quality for the price on the MCX8000 is hard to beat. Be warned - there are known software/CPU issues (largely in older models it seems) like screen freezing (rectified by reducing screen brightness) - but overall this is great value for home small venue use.

The service and global warranty offered by Thomann was hard to beat as well.


Martin Thompson 11.10.2021
Looking forward four a refund. Brakes down on average, 4 times per gig. I have a few of stress with this item. Can't wait for my refund and buy a mixer that works!!!


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