Active 15" Speaker

  • Power: 1500 W
  • Maximum SPL: 134 dB SPL
  • Frequency range: 48 - 20,000 Hz
  • Coverage pattern: 90° x 60°
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • 2 XLR inputs, each with XLR or jack (of which 1x with RCA)
  • XLR output
  • Dimensions: 685 x 432 x 429 mm
  • Weight: 24.4 kg
  • Suitable cover: Article no. 486356 (not included)
available since May 2015
Item number 363015
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 432 mm
Depth 429 mm
Height 685 mm
Weight 24,4 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 15
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 1500 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 2
Mic Preamp 2
EQ per Channel No
Bluetooth Play No
USB Player No
Low Cut adjustable
Fan Yes
Housing Wood
Color Black
HT Driver in Inch 1
Number of Tweeters 1
Midtone Driver in Inch none
Number of Mids 0
SPL in dB 134 dB
Beam angle 90 °
Frequency range (-3dB) from 55 Hz
Frequency range (-3dB) to 18000 Hz
Frequency range (-10dB) from 48 Hz
Frequency range (-10dB) to 20000 Hz
Summary EQ 1
Line Out XLR
Flyable M10
Stand flange mount 35 mm
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Professional-level power

15" full-range speakers with an integrated power amplifier are a real classic and the standard when it comes to sound amplification for smaller bands and events. This should come as no surprise, since they are still easy to transport, offer a balanced sound, can be easily expanded with one or more subwoofers if required – and are above all affordable. Of course, Electro-Voice also has various models in this range for different price categories. If the objective is to achieve professional results on a budget, the EV EKX-15P is the way to go, as it provides a solid wooden housing, a potent digital power amplifier including DSP control, and all of Electro-Voice’s experience in the field of sound amplification at a very fair price.

Convincing low-end performance

The EV EKX-15P is a great tip for musicians looking for an active speaker system for their band as well as for sound engineers and DJs. Whether it is used as a PA speaker with or without a subwoofer, for on-stage monitoring, for speech, or even in permanent installations, this 15" speaker with digital power amplifier will make a convincing case across the board. It will be particularly interesting for users who are putting together their first PA setup and want a complete package whose components are perfectly matched to each other. Simply run a signal cable from the mixer to each speaker’s input, then connect to the power supply – that’s all there is to it. More than one pair of speakers is also no problem: The next (active) speaker can be connected via the output on the back. Thanks to the integrated signal processor, the EV EKX-15P can be instantly optimised for various applications (with or without an additional subwoofer, as a stage monitor, for speech, etc.). Top-notch stuff!

Unbox, set up, and go

Bands, sound engineers, and DJs putting together their first sound system will be particularly reluctant to spend a fortune but will still want a convincing sound and enough power. And there is no doubt that the Electro-Voice-EKX-15P makes a convincing case here. Other than a decent mixer, the right cables, and a pair of these active speakers, users don’t need much else to have a solid setup that can be easily upgraded at any time. The compact 15" speaker can deliver up to an impressive 1,500 watts of power and an SPL of up to 134 dB per unit – enough to easily fill small to medium-sized locations with a high-quality sound. And best of all: Users can gradually expand their existing setup, for example with subwoofers for more a full-bodied bass response. And thanks to the wide range of accessories from the long-established US manufacturer, the EKX-15P can be adapted to a wide variety of purposes at any time.

About Electro-Voice

Electro-Voice was founded in 1927 and has been dedicated to building sound reinforcement systems and microphones since the 1930s. The firm, originally based in Indiana, USA, is considered one of the industry pioneers and has developed many new technologies still in use today. For example, their hum-cancelling coil was not only a milestone for microphone construction, but also was at the origin of the humbucker pickups still used in many guitars. In the long history of the company, Electro-Voice has constantly expanded its offer and today sells a wide range of products for sound reinforcement tasks from entry to professional levels.

Fill the whole room with sound

With a pair of Electro-Voice EKX-15Ps, users can easily fill venues with a capacity of 300 to 350 people with speech or (live) music. Those who need a lot of bass (e.g. for modern metal or heavy electronic sounds) should also consider purchasing one (or even several) suitable subwoofers such as the EV EKX-18SP. In addition to the great sound, users can expect extremely easy assembly and disassembly as well as uncomplicated operation for hours on end, which is further enhanced by features such as the built-in limiter, the cooling fan that starts if needed, and the various programmes provided by the easy-to-use DSP.

Fantastic, full sounding speaker.
Anonymous 18.02.2016
Honestly a phenomenal sounding speaker. Was a little unsure about using a loudspeaker for general listening around the house when not using it to it's full potential however it sounds better than the HiFi setup we have.

Nothing but good things to say about this. Fantastic bass, great clarity and sounds beautifully warm. I previously ad a ZLX which I wasn't a big fan of, returned it for this and it's leaps and bounds better.

The inbuilt DSP is fantastic, honestly sometimes I have to turn the bass down because it rattles the walls.

Volume wise this thing really kicks, it goes tremendously loud and I'm only running one of them, I couldn't imagine how good it sounds in stereo with two.

Build quality is amazing as expected by Electro Voice, honestly one of the best speakers I've ever bought, will be a returning customer if I ever feel like I get the courage to blow my house down with volume.

Use it with my laptop, and also for DJ'ing, perfect for both scenarios.

Can't think of any cons, perhaps that it's heavy?


Happy customer from Latvia.
Junior Jeff 12.03.2019
Speakers does that it supposed to do. Nice design, sounds good! Plenty of settings on the rear panel. But for the audience of about 60-70 people the subwoofer is needed. The main disadvantage of the speaker is its weight - it is quite heavy. Definetely recomend to buy the covers.


Excellent product, see the review of EKX 18SP for details.
Davezawadi 11.10.2016
This product is ideally matched with the EKX18SP, and the pairs provide excellent PA performance in a new build 300-500 seat multi-purpose venue. Disco levels are easily achieved with excellent quality, and yet the performance with classical music cannot be faulted. I shall be specifying this product many more times.

Wall mounting is easy using the Millenium MSW1 wall bracket allowing proper tweeted direction control with minimum effort.

Output levels are exemplary, with excellent quality and intelligibility. There are really no downsides to this product.


very "full" speaker
Anonymous 09.12.2016
this speaker is amazing.
it has lots of possibilites due to prececing and the choices of inputs u have on the back of teh sepaker.also it has a olt of power and it is rather light.overall im very happy with my purchase.u cant go wrong with EV.i used 2 of them with one ekx18p in a 400 people wedding and they did the job really well.


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