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EV ELX 112


Passive Multifunctional Loudspeaker

  • Equipped with: 12" woofer/midrange speaker and 1.5" tweeter
  • Rated power: 250 W RMS, 1000 W peak
  • Max. SPL: 132 dB
  • Frequency range: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Coverage: 90° x 50°
  • Connectors: 2x Speaker Twist In/Thru
  • Stand flange mount
  • Dimensions: 607 x 362 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 15.8 kg
  • Suitable protective cover (not included) available under Article Nr 271566
Weight 16 kg
Type Standard
Monitor shape Yes
Colour Black
LF Woofer 12"
Number of Woofers 1
RMS Power 250 W
Impedance 8 Ohms
available since April 2011
Item number 264580
Width 362 mm
Depth 340 mm
Flyable No
Height 607 mm
Construction Type Standard
Monitor Housing 1
Housing Wood
Ozvučnice Wood
Color Black
Stand Flange 36 mm
Flange Socket 36 mm
Tweeter 1,5"
HF Driver 1,5"
Number of Tweeters 1
Midrange No Midrange
Midrange Speaker No
Number of Midrange Speakers 0
Woofers 12"
SPL 132 dB
Coverage Angle horizontal 90 °
Coverage Angle Vertical 50 °
Frequency range from (-3dB) 82 Hz
Frequency Range (-3dB) 82 Hz
Frequency range to (-3dB) 18 kHz
Frequency Range to (-3dB) 18 kHz
Frequency range from (-10dB) 55 Hz
Frequency Range to (-10dB) 20 kHz
Frequency range to (-10dB) 20 Hz
Speaker Twist Input 1
Connection Input Speaker-Twist 1
Output Connection Speaker-Twist 1
Output Speaker Twist 1
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Great value
DangerDaveUK 04.09.2021
Pros: Great Mids and highs, looks awesome, very clear FRFR could replace my Mackie MR524 monitors on stands next to/behind my desk. Weight is decent for wood cab. If you not playing heavy bass music these are awesome. Very close sound signature to Beyerdynamic 770s reference headphones so excellent clarity.
I suppose its a 12 inch thing rather the this particular brand/model, so i dont want to jump the gun on this product but I excepted much better looking at the specs, even at very low -10 db range the bass is nothing compared to my old HK Audio Liner 3 Lr115s, yes the HKs are 15s but the difference is big considering on paper they are close... For Rock and Pop I suppose this would be great but for bass music like DnB, Techno, House, trance, hip hop I think stick to 15s or buy subs. Reason why I say 15s, ON THEIR OWN in a small venue the 15s bass makes you happy and want to dance... I would never use just the 12s on their own even if it were a very small venue, even in my house XD... that means buying "small" means carrying more (tops and subs). I can understand why some guys have 3 sets, for different configs... maybe subs and 12s are just easier to carry when you know you need subs... Also I did find these started to distort easier than expected in the mids with flat EQ and -3db gain from mixer :/ (playing drum n bass). NOTE: I have heard the Alto TS312s and they dont have the same clarity sound, plastic box sound ...

Would like to try the ELX 15 but think im just going to buy the ELX18s subs and add to my banging HK 15s... IF NEEDED. Hope this helps

EDIT: Since I wrote this review I discovered a fault with one of my speakon cables, I suspect it was used when testing this speaker. I have tested again and find this speaker actually very impressive, in comparison to my HKs actually very close, what you would expect for 50W RMS less and 12vs 15... although it weighs just over half of the HK i must say it is a great product. I think I will be selling my Mackie monitors and putting these up on stands next to my mixing desk that's how clear and pure the sound signature is.


Warm sound (quite heavy to carry)
EWaters 27.05.2019
I gig solo (acoustic guitar/vocals) and a friend recommended these (over some plastic backed speakers) as the sound would be warmer and I am not disappointed. They have been transported in my car 2 to 3 times a week for two years, carted in and out of venues and they are really robust (if a little heavy). Would definitely recommend the quality, so much that if I add a little base bin in the future I think I will go EV again. Very happy. There aren't lots of fancy inputs or gimmicks just well built high quality speakers that I expect I'll be using for another 20 years.


Fantastic Speakers
Stephen7063 16.05.2014
I have now bought 4 ELX 112's to replace my old EV S200's. I am running these via an EV P1200 amp. I use these to do a Buble Tribute and a Blues Brothers Duo with audiences of up to 500 people and so far I have never had to push these anywhere near the limit. The sound quality is excellent and as Buble is all orchestra backing that is a must. More bass response than the old S200's but I still use a sub in larger venues. The finish on these is nice but nowhere near as robust as the old S200's so I would suggest covers or cases but other than than I can't recommend them highly enough.


Lightweight, great for monitors
the0xydo 10.09.2019
We had to replace monitors in a club where I work so needed passive 12's with good clarity and enough bass for monitors. They sound very nice as standalone and for all applications on monitors but bass players (they i believe would need a bit better bass response). I still think we will replace the rest of monitors to these. They do give good angle when setup in monitor position. So far none of players/signers complained about them. For the price i really like them.


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