Do I get any­thing if I in­tro­duce my friends to you?

Yes! You get the great feeling of having done the right thing by introducing your friends to Europe's most reliable music shop!

In addition to this you can become a Thomann Link Partner. As soon as someone clicks your partner link to the Thomann website and orders something, you will receive a credit of one point for every Euro spent. Naturally you can decide for yourself where and how often the Thomann Link Partner button should appear on your website. In order to improve your points account you may also add the link to us to your emails, link lists etc. and we will credit your Link Partner Points automatically in the same way. Even with your own orders you can save some money.

And last but not least you have a new topic to talk about with your friends: those crazy deals from Europe's biggest music shop!

Of course, your friends also get something: the good feeling to have Thomann as the same reliable partner as 8 million other musicians world-wide at their side.

There is something you will get already before you have introduced us to your friends: Our many, many thanks in advance!!! :-)

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