Fender Champion 100


Combo for Electric Guitar

  • 2 Channels
  • Ouput power: 100 Watt
  • Equipped with 2x 12" Special Design speakers
  • Controls for Channel 1: Volume; Channel 2: Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select, TAP
  • Effects: Reverb, Delay/Echo, Chorus, Tremolo, Vibratone
  • Aux in and headphones output: 3.5 mm mini stereo jack
  • Effekt Loop: Preamp Out, Power Amp In
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 485 x 660 x 260 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Design: black bronco vinyl with silver front grill
  • Incl. foot switch
available since September 2013
Item number 322681
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power 100 W
Speaker 2x 12"
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input Yes
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight in kg 18,0 kg
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Modern technology, classic looks

With its Champion series, Fender has added a selection of affordable amplifiers to its range that combine modern transistor amplification and selected modelling capabilities with the distinctive black faceplate, control layout, and silver-grey grille cloth of the company’s classic late-1960s “Blackface” amps. The Champion 100 is the largest model in the series and, as its name suggests, delivers an impressive 100 watts of power – enough for virtually any application. Whether live or in the rehearsal room, the Fender Champion 100 will easily make sure everyone can hear you, and its modelling circuitry also provides tonal flexibility.

A blast from the past with added features

In terms of design, the Fender Champion 100 is a classic two-channel amp. Channel 1 is the clean channel and features a volume control and two-band EQ in addition to an effect section that includes Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Tremolo. The first effect control sets the effect level, while the second is used to select the effect type. Channel 2 provides crunch and overdrive sounds and features controls for volume and gain, the latter of which adjusts the level of overdrive, as well as a three-band EQ and an effect section identical to that of Channel 1. Players can switch between the two channels using the dedicated button on the amplifier’s front panel or the footswitch that is included in the scope of delivery.

A real stalwart

At first glance, the Fender Champion 100’s elegant and eye-catching vintage looks don’t immediately suggest that it is also a great amp for beginners. It also comes at a surprisingly budget-friendly price. Of course, you don’t get an all-tube amplifier for that money, but the Champion’s modelling circuitry nevertheless delivers an impressive sound, and it is less sensitive and requires less maintenance than its tube-driven counterparts, which will also suit beginners down to the ground. The 100-watt power amp and 2x12” speaker configuration mean the Champion 100 also has plenty of volume on tap, making it the perfect amp for guitarists who want (or need) to play loud.

About Fender

Fender is without doubt one of the most legendary guitar and amplifier manufacturers of all time. The company was founded in 1946 by its namesake Leo Fender († 1991), whose innovative ideas brought a breath of fresh air into the musical world. His Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, and Jazz Bass are not only classics – they also continue to shape the styles of musicians in countless genres to this day. Timeless Fender amplifier models such as the Bassman, Twin, Deluxe, and Princeton also enjoy a stellar reputation. Besides maintaining its classic product portfolio, however, the company is also constantly developing new products that make Fender a driving force in today’s music industry.

A broad palette of sounds

Playing a gig with a Metal band at the weekend and then a Big Band rehearsal on Monday night? Neither of these is a problem for the Fender Champion. Its modelling unit provides a range of fine-tuned sounds from Jazz to Metal, and also includes classic Fender sounds with its Tweed and Blackface settings. It is precisely this extensive tonal palette that makes the Fender Champion an excellent companion for beginners who have perhaps not yet decided what genre of music they want to make, and of course for players who simply want to cover a range of different styles. This amplifier covers virtually every requirement, and its classic Fender looks are never out of place.

Awesome amp for beginners/intermediates
Matt the Kraken 20.01.2022
I bought this amp waaay back in 2014 and only now am I finding myself in need of a replacement. It's not that anything is wrong with the amp either, I just fancy a change after nearly a decade of using this beast.

This amp is perfect for beginner and intermediate guitarists who need a gigging level amp and for the money, I don't think you can get a better 2x12 combo. I've been gigging this amp regularly since I bought it and have never had any issues. It's had one service in its lifetime to clean up some crackly pots, but that's likely an issue with where it's stored rather than the quality of the electronics themselves.

I exclusively use the clean channel, and it's a great pedal platform with plenty of volume. I do find Channel 2 with the amp simulations is a bit quiet in comparison, some settings jump up and down in volume and it's my personal opinion that the gain channels don't really hold up all that well. But if you've got drive and distortion pedals then you won't have an issue.

It's got an FX Loop which is great for running your delays and reverbs through, and there are some really nice onboard effects too, particularly the reverbs. All in all, this is a fantastic amplifier and well worth your money if you need something with power on a budget.


Big sound for little money!
Anonymous 29.12.2015
I had this amp for about 4 months now, and I like it, especially at this price! It is certainly not the amp of my dreams, but you can't always get what you want. Yet, you do get what you need!

Let me tell you though that I am a little biased in favor of Fender amps traditionally, I will not go for anything other than a Fender Amp ever (save for maybe a top of the line Mesa Boogie if I could afford any rig I wanted one day) Also, I play mostly rhythm guitar lately in my band and we do rock, blues based rock, and some blues.

The clean channel, as mentioned in reviews by others, is Fender clean. It does not have the crunch of tube amps of course, but it is very nice and jazzy, and can bring up "some" crunch through a good guitar turned up loud with quality pick-ups (and I have been using just that lately, a Gibson SG)

If you are on the clean channel and the effects are turned on, effect type set to reverb with effect level around 5, it is already a super nice sound! Although this means that the other built in effects become unavailable on the channel, which is a bit of a bummer.. if the reverb function was independent, one of the other effects could also be available simultaneously such as chorus, or tremolo, or delay or whatever..

But then again, those who want more effects could go for the very similar Fender Mustang for the same price. I personally am a strictly plug and play guy with very minimal effects, such as a Wahwah, and a chorus pedal at times, and I sure am not into modeling amps which sounds iffy (I have my computer and software to fool around with that if need be, without needing an amp with built-in digital gizmo) Plus I do not see myself punching in modeling codes into the Mustang while I am gigging!

Then there is the second channel, with adjustable gain, and few amp voicings of different amps, simulation of Fender and other amp styles, some of which sounds interestingly good. I like the tweed setting which gives it an almost tube-like crunch on leads. So in fact there is a slight modeling concept preset built into this amp in that sense, however it is kept to a minimum. I was originally looking to get a 60 W Frontman, which is similar to this amp, but with spring reverb, and no effects built-in, though it is now discontinued and replaced by the champion series.

There is also good overdrive possibilities on the second channel. I am not a metal shredder at all, but when I was fooling around with the settings in my rehearsal studio where I keep the amp for the moment, I was able to get good distortion, with the gain turned up and amp voicing set to metal.

Overall, this is a really good purchase for the price. And it has a huge, loud sound with the two awesome 12 inch speakers carrying through 100 big watts. It is even too loud to be honest! And it is taking me a little while to get used to the knobs, and the settings as their visibility is NOT so great. I must also mention that the WEIGHT is a positive factor here, for such a huge loud sound at 18,5 kg. it is indeed pretty efficient. As some of you might already know, weight can be a bigger burden than one thinks with each kilo beyond 20 or so start weighing a lot more than what it is.

I would recommend it to anyone who is on a tight budget, and who loves that Fender sound, and who needs a strong power rig for gigging any size venue, even with a strong drummer pounding away. I was thinking that when I get a better Fender tube rig eventually, such as a Hotrod Deluxe, or a Blues Junior, I could sell the Champion 100 second hand to save some money, but not anymore! I am keeping this one!

I must admit I have not been able to use this amp at a gig yet, because for the last few gigs we did with my band, very nice equipment was already set up for us on location, so we did not need to drag our own rig over. But I am confident that the Champion 100 will hold up pretty good at our upcoming gigs where we WILL have to haul our own equipment, judging from its powerhouse performance in the studio during the last four months!

With a nice guitar hooked up, and the included foot switch, you are set to rock on with this amp! Just fiddle with it, and get the hang of the knobs, buttons, and settings, and find your OWN voice on it before taking it on the road, as I have been trying to do. Because this amp can sound way beyond its relatively small price with the right individual settings for your music, whether it is jazz, blues, rock, or reggae...


Great all purpose amp, very very loud
James R 04.11.2021
Bought this amp in June as a practice, small gig amp and was shocked at the noise. The double 12" speakers are more than enough to fill the space for even a fairly large gigging space. Once I got used to all of the effects and how they sounded together, I got some very nice tones in both clean and overdrive modes. Takes pedals very well too.


Still not sure
Gerry720 25.01.2022
After using a Hot Rod Deluxe for years, I got tired of replacing valves/tubes a few times a year and decided to buy a Fender GT200 as I play small pub and hotel gigs and the "valve" sound isn't that important. I was so disappointed with the GT200 I bought the Champion 100 a few months later, thinking I'd use the GT200 for home studio work. I wanted a simple "plug and play" amp, no frills, my pedal board "was" fine. The amp is "okay" and does the job but after 18 months there still is something "missing" and I am back experimenting with the GT200 again. Mixing old pedals with modern digital amps seems to be a real headache and I am now thinking the Line 6 HX Effects might be a simpler solution and maybe I'll retire my trusted pedal board for good?


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