Fun Generation Universal Stand


Universal Stand

  • Height-adjustable table
  • Also usable as a device stand
  • Width adjustable from 720 to 1007 mm
  • Height adjustable from 670 to 910 mm
  • Depth: 395 mm
  • Max. Load capacity: 50 kg
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Colour: Black
Available since December 2017
Item number 414877
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Universal Stand
Colour Black
Load Capacity in kg 50,0 kg
Keyboard Supports 1
Height min. 670 mm
Height max. 910 mm
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617 Reviews

Surprisingly good despite the price
ThomAce 16.01.2024
When I first saw this stand, it was a "too good to be true" deal. But, red all the comments and checked some unboxing videos. I needed a convertible, multi-function, easy to carry, foldable stand for my Denon Dj Prime 2 and KeyLab 49 MkII. I have checked some other types as well, but I wanted a stand that I can use both inside and outside during small parties, garden / BBQ parties. I was a bit sceptic about it's stability, but I give it a chance. It was delivered quickly and after I unpacked, I have been surprised. Okay... Do not expect very thick steel and the welding is visible at many points. The painting quality is not measurable to K&N stuffs, but good enough. - for the price. It is not that much scratch resistant, but if you carry it with care, it will be just fine. I mean, what do you expect for such low price?

The stability is a big positive surprise, but there are pros and cons. The self locking mechanism is not something I really like. It should be more stable. A spring could be added to make it more stable. However, I have tried to tumble down, overbalance it with some weight on it and I have to tell that it is many times more balanced and stable than a standard X stand or any small desks. Big thumbs up to Thomann / Fun Generation for this! I have put 50Kg on it to see if it would really withstand under heavy load and YES, it is really capable to hold it without any noticeable frame deformation. Of course, have been placed 50kg equally on it. The extensible section (for the adapter for secondary instrument) gives possibility to attach some small LED PAR lights for fun (like Fractal PAR LED).

At the first use, you should properly align the foots' screws. Simply measure them to being equal, tighten the screws and that's all. This by the way letting you make it more stable on uneven surface. The height adjustment is great. With the screw attached foots it is easy to adjust it by ~10mm. So it really gives maximum 910mm height, while the lowest height is ~660mm (with fully tighten foot screws).

But, there are cons after the positive things (maybe cons, but some others it might pros...) that I think worth to mention disregards to the price-tag:

The dimmensions measured inaccurately. While the depth for the surface measured accurately (395mm), the width is not. The real width is ~659 and ~985mm (continuously extendable, without steps) for the surface. Of course, the total width and depth are ~1280mm and ~444mm respectively with legs. The painting is not very nice in certain points and having some scars already. One of the height adjustment locking-screw did not worked properly: I was able to pull it out and then "locking", but was not able to twisting in. A small mount of WD40 on it, some waiting and gentle turning in and out couple of times solved the issue. - Acceptable mistake for this price tag. I recommend to use very-very small amount of grease on them to avoid issues.

What I don't really like in this one is the surface: On the sides the surface parts are too small. For some synths it might be good enough, but for holding such DJ gears, well... Not perfect. Okay, again: What did you expect for such low price? I hope there will be an adaptor manufactured for it like the On-Stage KSA7100 to give a "solid" surface. I hope Thomann will take it into consideration to make something similar for this stand.

So, in nutshell:

- groundbreaking price tag
- lockable, wide-range of height
- wide-range of adjustable width
- high weight capacity
- easy to fold

- paint is not that scratch resistant
- some screws might needs some attention
- incorrect measurements
- legs fold-locking mechanism is not idiot-proof

In general, I would give a strong 7 on a scale of 10. With this price-tag, this is very good, affordable, multi-purpose, adjustable and stable stand. Worth the price? OHH, YES!


Nice stand
xcirey 29.03.2022
I am using it as a mixer stand for midas m32r live. It is stable and durable if you handle it with care.
Pay attention to the leg caps they are loose and I lost a few and also the screws should be checked after every usage, they easy separate from the stand. Good stand for small price.


Amazingly sturdy for the price
ChrisES 15.07.2020
I have a K&M stand but needed an extra stand.
Tried this even the price point looks a bit too "fantastic" - but it is really good, sturdy and steady!
Two minor minuses:
The "legs" are not fitting perfect when folding the stand back.
a better design could maybe improve that - on the other hand it doesn't matter a lot.
The "tightening" of the legs are a bit hard: you have to force the legs when swinging out from the stand (and back).
On the other hand: The K&M legs just swings out (and back) without ANY force, and I have "been pinched" more than once from the K&M stand.
Pest or cholera :D

The Fun Generation stand can glide (very sligthly) in the "widening adjustment" - I guess mainly because I.. well.. just throw it in my car after use :)
A pair of locking washers would probably stop this.
One more plus: The weight is very light and comfortable for transport.


Perfect at this price range
Rapazmem 30.03.2020
I got a pair of extensions for a second keyboard, they fit perfectly and give good, stable support.