Gator G-PG Acoustic Guitar Bag


Professional Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

  • ProGo Ultimate Series
  • 25 mm Padding
  • Carrying handles on side and front
  • 2 Removable and adjustable backpack straps
  • Micro fleece interior
  • Internal block shock absorber
  • Very firm interior padding
  • Tablet pocket
  • Large outer pocket with cable management and 3 inner pockets
  • Weight: approx. 3.91 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Robust rain cover included

Internal dimensions:

  • Body height: 139 mm
  • Lower bout width: 424 mm
  • Middle bout width: 375 mm
  • Upper bout width top: 304 mm
  • Total length: 1170 mm

External dimensions:

  • Length: 1204 mm
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Height: 231 mm
Available since December 2014
Item number 346375
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Model Universal
Surface Material Nylon
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
Colour Black
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88 Reviews

Best Gig Bag
Nick T 08.03.2015
I bought this bag for my Maton EBG808 as I thought it deserved something a bit better than a bag bought for £30 a couple of years ago and was at that point, close to falling apart.

I was a bit sceptical at first as there aren't any reviews for specifically the acoustic model for the PG series. The picture supplied shows a dreadnaught guitar in the case so I wasn't sure if my smaller bodied guitar would fit but once it had arrived those doubts had gone. It holds all sized guitars extremely well including Clasical and 12 fret OO size guitars, except 12 strings. All the zippers and handles feel well attached and solid and the soulder straps are fantastic quality, they spread the weight and make the whole case feel a lot lighter over long periods of time. The rings and clips have a much more robust feel too.

The interior is so plush. If I leave the case open too long, my dog goes to sleep in it. All the important parts of the guitar feel secured and protected and there's no way it'll move once it's inside the case. There are more pockets than I know what to do with and it seems like Gator have designed this with a diferent use for each pocket in mind.

So the down sides, well if I have to say anything, some of the pockets are a bit tight and it's hard to put stuff in them and get your hand in to get the stuff out again. The rain cover is a bit tricky to put over the case without tuning the whole case upside down, not practical if you're caght out in the rain and you have to put it on the case while on the move. So far that's all I can find though, no a big list a faults.

I think the closest rival to this case would have to be the Mono, I won't say this case is better but it's definitely as good. I've seen a Mono close up to compare, I think the inside of this case is nicer and there's no messing around with the velcro strap for the neck. For anyone who wants to get themselves a high end gig back, look no further than this, If I had to chose between this and the Mono, I'd buy this and keep the £50 - £60 for strings.


My guitar has its own fort now.
Weasley 03.04.2024
Wow, this is some gigbag. It’s right between case and bag. It is so secure, so sturdy. It is a snug fit, no worries there. You can somewhat modify the fit to your needs.
The layers are thick. Nothing on the inside will scratch the guitar.
I would put any guitar in this thing.
Instruments are precious. I trust this to keep my guitar safe, even if it’s handled a little roughly (bandmates).

I use this one for the bigger gigs. There is so much room for other items. My iPad goes in there (in, again, a secured and snug separate area), my phone, keys, multiple cables, A4 paper, notepad, capo, tuner, batteries, strings, stringwinder, etc. And yet they found room for a rain cover.

All this, mind you, makes it a large and heavy bag, obviously. It is heavy duty.
I put it in the car when we have to drive a while to a gig. I don’t like carrying it on my back. Most times I go to gigs by foot or bicycle. I have a different gigbag for that. This is too heavy for me personally, and also a bit too tall when riding my bike. This won’t be the case for everyone. I’m 1.70m tall, and not very strong. So the weight takes its toll.
I got it for security, and for gigs that are further away. Usually the ones where I have to be all day, and I just wanna know that my instrument is safe. And it is.
And all my stuff fits in there. It’s amazing.
It has a good build quality to it. And it looks nice too.
Glad I sprung for this one.


Great bag for the price
Simon12345 07.03.2021
The bags quality is great.
It is easy to adjust the straps. I have only a few times in total(I have had it for 2 years) experienced that one of the snap-lock mechanism has moved out of place, so that it was not connected when picking up the bag. The one strap is fine at holding it up right, so it won't jolt to one side. It has not happened when I have been walking with the bag.

The side handle is great.

The bag is a bit bulky(due to the thick layer of padding) and would take up a portion of ones trunk or the three passenger seats in the back of the car, which can be fine if someone does not mind sitting under the bag. The bag can hit ones bike helmet when cycling, but if you sit in the right position, which is not hard to get into, it won't be a problem. It is no problem if you are just walking.
I haven't had problems walking through doorways, but if the doorway is low. I could foresee problems getting through, without having to take the bag off ones bag.

The padding feels great and solid. My guitar hasn't gotten a scratch or anything, but I haven't dropped it or anything, though I suppose it would be able to handle that easily.

There are a lot of pockets, so you will never run out of space with this bag. I can't even fill up half of it.
There is far more than enough room for ones paper, a tablet(possibly even a small laptop), picks, replacement strings, cables, the rain cover itself which has a pocket at the back of the bag.

It is easy to apply the rain cover, but the bag itself can also sustain a bit of rain without it being on.

The product is all in all just great. I would highly recommend it.


A very good case
Anonymous 08.04.2016
I bought this case for a large guitar-bodies cittern, it offers ample protection, and has a lot of space inside, especially in the headstock area - 12 string owners will really appreciate that.

The main large outside pocket has straps for 3 leads, plus 2 dedicated pockets for pedals - my pre-amp and Hall Of Fame pedals fit these very nicely, even my chunky Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal will just fit. There's also a dedicated area to hold either a laptop or sheet music which I can't imagine using, but will be helpful for some. With several other exterior pockets the main issue is finding which pocket you put something in, and/or adding so much stuff to the case that you can't pick the thing up anymore!

There are several carry handles - on the front, on the side, plus carry straps on the back. IMO you can't have enough grab handles - it makes it so much easier if you have a big stack of gear you need to manhandle. The case is actually pretty comfortable on your back, probably just as well really as it's not the lightest case ever.

I have no hesitation gigging with this one, and mine seems to have little wear after 6 months of light use. Recommended.