Gibson Flying V Antique Natural


Electric Guitar

  • Mahogany body (Swietenia macrophylla - Origin: India / Indonesia)
  • Mahogany neck (Swietenia macrophylla - Origin: India / Indonesia)
  • Slim Taper Neck Profile
  • Nut width: 43 mm
  • Fretboard rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
  • Scale length: 628 mm
  • 22 Frets
  • Tektoid nut
  • Acrylic Dot inlays
  • Aluminium Tune-O-Matic bridge
  • Aluminium Stop Bar
  • Grover Mini machine heads
  • Burstbucker 3 Bridge pickups
  • Burstbucker 2 Neck Pickups
  • Colour: Antique Natural
  • Includes case
  • Made in USA
available since May 2019
Item number 466386
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Shape Flying V
Colour Natural
Soundboard Mahogany
Top None
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Active Pickups No
Tremolo None
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Bag No
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Oh Yes!
I want Keith Richards to live forever. 07.09.2019
I'm a long-time Gibson player, but I've never had a V before. Had this V for about an month now and I can't put it down. It is a fantastic guitar. Looks great, plays great.

Looks and Finish: The fit and finish are excellent. The body is three pieces of mahogany and they've been well matched. One join it almost impossible to see, and the more visible one is done at the bottom of the guitar so that the most obvious part of the join is never seen (this is on the edge of the guitar on Vs). I'm not normally a fan of antique natural finishes, but this one is excellent. The colour is a rich dark amber. The nitro finish is deep and glossy and brings out the grain of the mahogany wonderfully well. (In places it is reminiscent of the glisten from a honey burst candy finish I have on a Les Paul). Online pictures don't do this guitar justice. The rosewood on the fretboard is also nicely grained. It is noticeably darker than the grenadillo on 2018 models, but not as dark as I have on a Les Paul and an SG. The colour complements the antique natural body nicely. Fretboard edges where it meets the neck are nicely finished, with the grain along the edge of the neck properly filled with so that the join with the fretboard is smooth and seamless.

Playability: I love playing this guitar. The Gibson factory set-up suits me. The action is low, but not too low - there is no fret buzz. The guitar is well-balanced with no neck dive. The slim taper neck is fast playing, similar to an SG and is faster than the asymmetric necks on LPs. Frets are properly finished with no sharp edges. Don't be put off by the "impossible to play sitting down" argument that you might hear about Vs. Just stick the notch of the V over your right thigh, lean back slightly and the guitar is very close to standing position. It's comfy and it won't slow you down!

Sound: I play mainly through a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 on clean to the edge of break-up, with a Boss DS-1 for dirt (loved it when I got it in '84, still love it), Hall of Fame on Spring and Flashback for a touch of slap-back delay. It blows, it really does. Pinch harmonics are fantastic, the burstbuckers are very articulate and despite not being potted are not unduly noisy (no noticeable difference to Burstbucker Pros on my LP standard, which are potted). The Burstbucker 2 and 3 are slightly hotter than burstbucker pros, but I can't notice a big difference in output. The Burstbucker 2 and 3 sound more articulate at higher gain to me, and I really like this. Finally, the V is very resonant in the way that an SG is (compared to my SG standard), but in a way that is slightly percussive. Not as percussive as a strat, but it is slightly percussive. Again, this is a positive for me, it gives palm-palm muted rock rhythms a real bite. The V is different enough to a LP and an SG to justify having one! Whatever Gibson claim to have done with handwiring, the new capacitors etc. seems to work. Volume and tone are responsive over the full turn of the knobs (there's not a "cliff-edge" where tone controls make no difference until you get to some number on the dial where you then get an extreme change).

Extras: The case is very nice. As with all tolex-covered Gibson cases, it wouldn't stand a lot of abuse from gigging, the latches are fine but, again, not heavy duty. The case will protect your guitar, and is fine for home storage - but if I gig with this guitar, I'd probably get an SKB 58 with proper flight latches (wouldn't look as nice, but would take more beating-up).

So, overall I'm really happy with this guitar. If you're wavering, don't, you won't regret it - and don't forget, whoever dies owning the most guitars, wins!


It’s a Gibson - so fabulous!
Foxy51 13.04.2022
First Gibson I’ve owned and won’t be the last, beautiful crafted guitar, all I did was fit new strings and retuned and away we go - superb!


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Pierre Q. 774 26.11.2021
Deal honnète, construction solide et soignée.

Musicalité légendaire des gibson

On en a pour son argent


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Jimi 18.09.2020
Wenn ich mir diese Gitarre betrachte denke ich an Kastanien, Nüsse und Eicheln.
Daraus kann man prima Liköre und Schnäpse machen. Gibt es eigentlich Eichelschnaps?
Egal, die beiden anderen „teste“ ich während ich dieses wunderschöne Instrument teste.
Absolute super Verarbeitung. Hals und Griffbrett verschmelzen förmlich, da merkt und sieht man keinen Übergang. Auch die Bundstäbchen greifen sich als wären sie mit Binding eingefasst. Der Sattel sitzt nahtlos wie in einem Guss am Instrument. Lackierung, Hals- Korpus Übergang alles Top.
Die Pickup Abdeckungen und Rähmchen machen echt was her und werten das sowieso schon tolle Design dieser Gitarre auf. Das Naturfinish ist sehr ansprechend und der nicht zu dünne Hals liegt direkt angenehm und bequem in der Hand und verhilft dem Instrument zu einem dichten, warmen Ton.
Die Burstbucker 2 und 3 Kombination ist mir schon am Schwestermodell Explorer positiv aufgefallen. Mit einem Fender Amp gibt es da einen Höllen Cleansound. Warm und füllig, präzise und dynamisch, sehr nahe an einer Les Paul oder ES. Dieser unglaubliche Klang von Hals PU und Zwischenstellung lässt meinen Fuß über dem Overdrive Pedal blockieren. Noch mehr clean- Action- unglaublich dass das eine Flying ist! Den Steg PU drehe ich im Ton etwas zurück und siehe da, auch er ist cleantauglich, geht im Overdrive aber erst richtig zur Sache. Druckvoll und durchsetzungsstark aber mit viel Transparenz. Rock?n Roll!
Auf dem Hals PU mit weniger Zerre ist Jazz, Blues, Fusion und alles andere unmögliche möglich.
Die Flying V ist weitaus mehr als eine Heavy Axt. Die kann alles. Es gibt sogar einen relativ bekannten Country Gitarristen der nur Flyings spielt! Also Gitarreros dieser Welt: Öffnet euch diesem bewusstseinserweiternden Gehölz. Vielleicht seh?n wir ja mal wie die Amigos eine Flying V schwenken. Vom Sound wären die jedenfalls begeistert.
Wenn?s im Herbst mal trüb wird und man den Blues hat, kann man mit dieser Gitarre die Nebelwand spalten - oder sich?s mit einem Fläschchen „Burstbucker Mahagonilikör“ im Proberaum gemütlich machen.


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