Gravity Vari-G 7


Multi Guitar Stand for up to Seven Instruments

  • Suitable for electric guitars, electric basses and acoustic guitars
  • Adjustable neck supports with rubber padding
  • Foam-padded body supports
  • Black powder coated steel tubes
  • Foldable
  • Dimensions (W xH x D):800 x 780 x 430 mm
  • Dimensions when folded (W x D x H): 800 x 780 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Includes a set of black rings

Note: Not suitable for guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer!

Material Steel, Coated
Type for 7 Instruments
Suitable For: Electric Bass, Electric Gutiar, Concert Guitar, Western Guitar
For Guitars With Pyroxylin Varnish No
available since November 2016
Item number 395782
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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For home use and 5 acoustic guitars
Norse 24.02.2020
- Easy assembly, although not the best instructions
- Collapsable for easy transport/storage
- Feels sturdy and well made
- Comfortably fits 5 full body acoustics (2 classical, 3 regular)

- Keep in mind that the guitar heads stick out from the base area by 10-15 cm (depending on the guitar) so it can not be placed all the way against the wall
- The neck slots are just hard plastic, and might need padding for some guitars
- The neck slots lack a guard/band for keeping the guitars from accidentally falling out if something happens
- The green text/rubber band colour isn't for everyone, but is luckily scarcely used

Bought this to keep our guitars accessable and on display in the living room, but wanted the option to clear it away easily if young children/dogs came to visit for an extended period of time. This works well in both regards, tried and tested.

It has not been tested in a gig/touring setting, so I can not speak to the folding mechanism or build quality for rougher usage.


fristys 28.08.2020
- Fairly sturdy once properly assembled
- Decent cushioning for the guitars
- Comfortably seats a fair number of guitars

- The instruction/assembly manual is a complete joke - it explains nothing, the screw types are mislabeled. I know that certain things are not supposed to be idiot proof, but c'mon
- The metal bars scratch extremely easily and are painted very cheaply
- The screws provided crumble quite easily, and are prone to stripping
- The provided screwdriver is useless. I don't know how anybody'd have the patience to assemble everything with it
- The neck slots are plain plastic, compared to the nice padded bottom bars


A great product!
Vashilj 26.12.2021
It's my first guitar rack and I'm overall very satisfied with it.
It's easy to ensemble, nice looking and sturdy, and it has a great price.
I have 3 electric guitars, 2 el. basses and 1 acoustic. There's enough space between the guitars, it has good quality materials, the handles are easy to mount on and off and you can adjust their position.
I have it for more than half a year now and I recommend it as a good quality and cool looking stand.


Simple and effective
Zak Rahman 15.02.2018
I get stressed out when I don't have access to what I need as soon as I get the idea. I have lost a few ideas desperately scrambling to switch out my Strat for my bass. Or forgetting which gig bag my other guitar is in.

No longer. This kit is self contained, easy to build and stable. It's a one-stop option for me for six guitars. Four electrics, one bass and one classical guitar. There is space for one more, which I am trying to convince my wife is absolutely mandatory for me to fill as soon as possible.

I have it next to my rig so I literally just reach out, select my weapon of choice and proceed record.


- Easy to build (see cons)

- Stable and solid

- Stylish. By comparison my last stand looked really bad. I never thought that having a stylish guitar rack would matter to me, but apparently it does.

- excellent value for money.


- The build process isn't idiot proof. It's simple, but I had to email Thomann, which is pretty embarrassing. Don't judge me. Once I got a reply I built it within minutes and it was easier than wetting my own pants.

- Nothing else.

This guitar stand is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Thomann, for the swift delivery and also the support when I failed to bulid it the first time.