Harley Benton TB-70VS Deluxe Series


Electric Bass

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Set-in Okoume neck
  • Fingerboard: Blackwood
  • Dot fingerboard inlays
  • Neck profile: D
  • 20 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm
  • Nut width: 38 mm
  • Pickups: 2 Roswell GB4 mini humbuckers with active electronics
  • 1 Volume controller with push-pull function
  • 2 Tone controls
  • Black DLX hardware
  • Factory strings: .045" - .105"
  • Colour: Vintage sunburst
  • Suitable gig bag: Article no. 245877 (not included)
available since October 2014
Item number 340705
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color Sunburst
Soundboard Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Blackwood
Frets 20
Scale Long Scale
Pickups HH
Elektronic Active
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
Pickup System HH
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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A rocking classic on a budget

The Harley Benton TB-70 is an instrument that stands out thanks to its striking appearance and powerful sound, and it offers an affordable point of entry into the world of this unusual style of bass guitar. Thanks to its set neck and reverse-style mahogany body, the TB-70 can deliver both a gritty playing feel and a distinctive, full-sounding tone. Reliable deluxe hardware components such as a floating cast bridge and four enclosed machine heads also make the Harley Benton TB-70 user-friendly, and the addition of active electronics enhances the sonic range of this affordable classic.

A down-and-dirty yet flexible Rock bass

In terms of sound and looks, this bass is perfect for making music in the style of Rock bass legends like John Entwistle of The Who and Mötley Crüe’s low-end maestro Nikki Sixx. Of course, the Harley Benton TB-70 also has the typical, slightly scooped Rock sound that allows you to cut through the mix when playing in a band. Thanks to the two Roswell GB4 mini humbuckers and effective two-band EQ controls, the TB-70 also offers a lot of variety, so you are not limited to one particular musical style. For a fatter sound, one turn of the bass knob is enough, and the upper frequencies can be adjusted as desired with the treble control.

Rock feeling for everyone

Many modern basses with a distinct Heavy Metal touch are quite expensive to buy. However, this does not mean that you have to forego these great sounds. With the TB-70, Harley Benton has designed a bass for the lower price segment that will thus be affordable to everybody but that also specifically addresses the needs of bassists who specialise in harder styles of music. If you are a beginner looking for a striking bass with character and enjoy playing heavy styles, the Harley Benton TB-70 is the right choice for you - no matter whether you are just starting out at home or already performing on stage with a band.

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

A sturdy bass for stage and home studio alike

There is no doubt that a bass like this belongs on stage, and with the Harley Benton TB-70 you are well prepared for your first live Rock gigs. However, this inexpensive Rock bass also will also prove to be an uncomplicated companion for the home studio. The Roswell GB4 mini humbuckers are not affected by interference and therefore will not cause any unwanted background noise when recording - just one of the reasons why the Harley Benton TB-70 is a great choice for guitarists who are looking for an inexpensive and straightforward Rock bass for occasional recordings.

Nice bass that stands out
guitar collector 18.08.2017
I picked up this bass to complement my HB JB-75. I wanted somthing that looked and sounded completely different. After looking at all of the available HB basses, the BT-70 seemed to be exactly what I needed. Already being the owner of a FB, I was accustomed to the body shape and the way it balanced. As I recall, it shipped quickly and arrived well packed.

The first thing I noticed after opening the box was how nice the finish on the body looked. The mahogony body had beutiful grain showing through the transparent parts of the burst finish. Although this bass is set neck, the raised center section gives it the appearence of a neck through design. There were no blemishes that I could find in the finish on either the neck or the body.

Build Quality:
I can't find anything to complain about here. The tuners were all put in stright, the frets aren't sharp, and the pickguard isn't bad. The poly finish seems a little thick on the neck (I prefer thin satin finishes), but at this price point that seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Nothing I can't live with. As for the electronics, all of the pots turn smoothly and without any audible noise. The push-pull pot snaps cleanly into each position.

This bass is capable of producing a pretty wide range of sounds. I have never owned a guitar or bass with active electronics before. Each pickup has its own unique voice. The bridge is bright and punchy while the neck provides great lows. I like to keep the mix around 60% neck 40% bridge.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bass that stands out from all of the PBs and JBs out there, this might be the bass for you. Its a bit on the heavy side, and the body sits a little odd (if you are not used to a FB/TB style body), but if those aren't deal breakers this guitar is worth it.


Another winner from Thomann
nabilhuakbar 20.05.2020
I got one of these because I'd like to have a Thunderbird without paying the Thunderbird price. These guitars are equivalent to the Epiphone models, and maybe a little better in terms of how they sound.

What you won't be getting out of these is that more vintage Gibson T-bird tone (not without some effects modeling and tone shaping at least), so as long as you have those expectations you'll be very pleased with this bass.

The bass is absolutley beautiful. Fit and finish are fantastic, and like normal with HB, the bass was set up perfectly out of the box. Neck relief and action height were already right where I like them, all I had to do was tune it! That's super impressive and it speaks very highly not just of HB's QC process but also of how stabile this guitar is if it can traverse half the world and be exposed to a variety of climates and still be set perfectly out of the box.

Tone is awesome. It's got a very thumpy, rich low end and a throaty, growly, almost MM-esque high end. If you want to get rid of that high end and try for a more vintage TB tone, you can roll off the treble a bit and get pretty close. Crank in some mids and OD on an amp or a pedal board and you're in the ballpark of the vintage TB tone used by people like Jared Followill from Kings of Leon.

The volume knob is push-pull. Pushed in runs both pickups in series and pulled out runs the bridge pickup.

This bass does a great job at capturing the TB tone and feel, but not the TB price. I highly recommend it if that's what you're looking for.


Good, but needs some changes
KellenCS 17.02.2020
First the good: This bass is very comfortable to play sitting down. The finish is lovely and without blemishes. The shape is unique and cool. The reverse head stock helps with drop tuning. The active preamp gives this instrument a lot of range which makes it appropriate for a wide variety of styles. The sound is clear and punchy and it responds very well to a variety of effects.

Now the bad: The gunmetal chrome looks cheap and scratches easily. Regular silver chrome or black looks much better. The pickguard doesn't look great, and the lines don't match up with the lines of the lower horn. The controls don't allow for using the bridge pickup on its own. This could be fixed with a second volume control or a blend control. The strap button locations are terrible, the bass neck dives and makes playing standing up very challenging. This is fixed by moving one button to the heel, and the other higher up, about half way between the center line and the top of the upper rear point. The branding on the head stock looks incredibly cheesy. "Progressive series" should be omitted, and the HB logo should be about twice the size, and in either white or gold. The fixes are fairly simple, and I think they would make this bass a great instrument.


Very nice, but after adjustment.
Mark Young Media 23.11.2021
This is my fourth Harley Benton bass guitar, and fifth instrument from that brand. All the other guitars that I bought from new were 100% out of the box.
Upon arrival, I noticed the finish at the bottom of the neck was rough looking, but expected from a budget bass guitar. Two of the volume/tone pots were loose and had to be tightened. The action was very high and found the truss rod was un-tightened and needed to be adjusted. There was fret buzz on the 10th fret and upon inspection saw one of the fret bars was slightly raised more than the others and I had to carefully apply pressure to the fret bar to get it to sink into its place. I was disappointed with the amount of adjustments I had to make to get this bass right.
Once it was in a playable condition, I was happy with the instrument. If it had arrived in the post-adjustment condition, I would have given nearly 5 stars. I love the look, the tone/sound and the feel of this guitar. The Thunderbird style bass is not for everyone, but for people who are into this shape/style of bass its definitely worth the money, providing you dont have the same issues that I did.
Having said all the complaints above, this won't turn me off buying more Harley Benton bass guitars.


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