Harley Benton GC 6 PR Vintage Blue


Guitar Cable

  • 6.3mm jack to 6.3mm angled jack
  • Length: 6 m
  • Amphenol
  • Colour: Vintage blue
Available since July 2012
Item number 281552
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Blue
Length 6,00 m
Connector 1 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector 2 Jack 6,3mm TS male
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198 Reviews

Overall good cable
portuguesepie 05.03.2019
I bought a couple of these beauties to try my delay and reverb pedals through my amp's fx loop. They were one of the cheapest and best looking options, so I decided to give them a try.

They're surprisingly elegant - the angled jack takes very little room between pedals - and they look "expensive". The sound quality is also good, but I noticed quite a difference when I compared them to fender cables, which is understandable since these are half the price.

Overall, it wasn't a bad purchase. I quite preferred the sound of my reverb and delay pedals through the fx loop, but introducing another 12 meters of cable (2x 6m cables) in my guitar signal is a bit too much. For my specific case, it would be ideal to have a shorter version (1 - 3 meters) with angled jack in both ends. Nevertheless, these are still perfectly fine and good-looking cables that will surely be useful at some point.


Got a dud, but was able to fix it
sjmDrum 10.09.2018
I got this cable in a pack with a bass guitar from Thomann. When I first got the cable, no signal made it through. Knowing that Thomann would likely take care of me, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting between the US and Germany, I unscrewed the ends to see what was going on.

As soon as I unscrewed the metal casing of the angled end, signal made it through the cable. The problem seemed to be that there was too much solder on the hot portion of the cable, and the solder was making contact with the metal casing that shorted the cable right there in that end.

I took out some pliers and very carefully pushed back/chipped off enough solder for there to be clearance between the hot and the ground and screwed the casing back over the cable's end and now it works great.

Seems like a design flaw, or at least something that should have been caught in QC, but now I've got a nice long cable that's working great.

- Length of cable
- The cable is wrapped nice and tight with blue cloth, keeping it flexible, but preventing the wire inside from getting too twisted or bent.
- The cable looks good. The blue is great in person. Very rich in color, but not overpowering. I was choosing between the blue and the vintage tweed and I'm glad I went with the blue.

- QC issues mentioned above.

- The ends seem sturdy enough, but they seem to be a mix of metal and plastic (it's either plastic or a very very light, and likely cheap metal alloy), and I'm not sure how well they'd hold up if they take too much of a beating. For example, if they get caught in between two hard cases in a van and take a good hammering, the weaker plastic bits might crack, leaving you with exposed wiring in the cable ends. If you want just a cable for home use, and it won't be exposed to anything strenuous on the materials other than regular use, this seems like it's a great option. So long as you get one that lets signal through, that is.


Great build quality
K. Sz. 07.12.2021
I've used one of these for a few months now, the build quality is unlike any other cable in this price range. I didn't find any problem with the sound quality either, but I haven't really tried high end ones yet.


Cut the high frecuence and do not last to much
all for guitars 30.10.2021
Thr cable looks nice and strong, but is just visual.