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Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-1 Pro


Multi-power supply for effect pedals

  • 8 Isolated, filtered and short-circuit protected outputs eliminate noise and hum
  • High capacity for modern digital effects
  • LED monitoring on each output
  • Powered via a 12V @ 2A DC power supply (included)
  • Outputs 1-8: 9 V DC @ max. 500 mA (individualy isolated)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 70 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Includes 8 cables: 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug to 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug with 60 cm length, and 1 Y-cable: 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug to 2 x 5.5 x 2.1 mm coaxial plug with 30 cm length

Note: The total output load must not exceed 2000 mA.

DC/AC current DC
9 V Yes
12 V No
18 V No
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply Yes
available since February 2018
Item number 421933
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zorfbub 29.11.2021
highly recommend if you have a bunch of pedals or other 9v gear. I've used other ones that leaked noise, this one works perfectly and gives no extra noise (that i've noticed). my most used piece of equipment! only fault is the blue lights can irritate your eyes, but it has done it's job very good.


A bargain, but I would go with the ISO-2
RomanBirdDog 08.09.2019
It's good to be buying a power supply for a price that seems right! I had been using a daisy chain and it definitely is something else. I power 7 pedals, analog and digital (including a Line 6 M5 which originally comes with a 500 mA adapter) and it's dead silent. I don't know if it's truly isolated or not in the end but I have no reason to think otherwise (except the low price).

The unit looks very good, though I could do without the (bright) LEDs.
It's pretty compact, too.

The main annoying thing is about the cables: 1) they're all the same length, which means some are way too long, and 2) only one end is angled, so if it stays on-board, that eats a significant amount of space. This is made much worse by the fact that there are plugs on both sides of the unit (which at first seemed cool to me). For this reason, I am considering switching to the ISO-2.


so far SO GREAT - gorgeous to look at , light, great design and functional
OGASI 26.08.2019
OK, i got this to power a mix of pedals, kenton midi box and some cyclone TT models

so far it is faultless and running a moog minifooger drive, boss rv6 x 2, behringer OD 300, TT303, TT606, kenton midi thru 5, one more pedal to go to reach maximum (don't have it yet lol)

i should say this in case a reader is not aware, some of the above are digital, some are analogue - NO ISSUES, isolated outs - smooth

con #1 and only (haha if you can call it that)
i have had to supply my own polarity reverse cable for my kenton, still no issues

no noise, no issues, no nothing except nice blue lights (very bright) that sit under a laptop stand

wish i had done this years ago - for roughly 50quid this is a steal

built great, stylish, powerful - cannot recommend more I just wish THOMANN would always supply UK plugs especially when they know the country of residence, free adaptors are great but a UK psu would be better, hint cough

i should add that i only learned of these multi psu things this last year or so, what a great way to have one psu instead of 8!!!! Also, I only learned this harley benton gear is Thomanns yesterday - surprised and not surprised, thomann are a quality distributor/shop so why not have quality gear.


Good value for money
Mr Strat 15.09.2021
excellent value for money, you get wat you pay for.
If you will be using it everyday, all day, you know you have to spend a lot more. But for your average home user, this is excellent.
If I have to nitpick, better connection for mounting on your pedalboard, the rubber bands are just ... ugh ...
and also, you'd expect it to fit like a glove on the HB pedalboard, but not so... mounted on it, you cannot enter the power jacks into the powerplant without it being displaced. But that is where the great price comes from I assume.


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