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Harley Benton SpaceShip 40



  • Adjustable and light
  • Strong powder coated frame
  • Covered in a carpet like material
  • Adjustable height and incline
  • Easy power supply installation underneath the frame
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 70-85 x 450 x 305 mm
  • Internal dimensions of the accessory compartment: 30 x 23 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 1.26 kg
  • Includes Padded gig bag with accessory compartment and shoulder strap, 2.25 m hook and loop fastener (male) and 2 rubber bands for power supply installation
Available since November 2015
Item number 368156
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Effects 12
Incl. power supply No
Effect Send/Return No
Incl. Gigbag Yes
Incl. Case No
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898 Reviews

My first pedalboard - and probably yours too!
Vepar 23.11.2019
This is the first pedalboard i bought. My pedals started to pile up and i needed some organization. Will this be the last pedalboard i ever need? Quite frankly, it's possible. I don't see myself needing another one or a different one unless i run out of space for the pedals.

In the package there's everything you need to set up a pedalboard from scratch except the power supply - i know some pedalboards come with one, this does not, but that's a good thing, you can use the one you want.

Currently, i have my amp's pedal switch, and 4 other pedals on it. It's so convenient to have everything together, but of course, that's what pedalboards are for.

How you attach pedals on it is with the provided velcro tape. Cut the tape to size and attach it to your pedal. The pedalboard is lined with the soft pedalboard side, and just stick it on there. The only downside to this is that small form factor pedals, mini pedals etc., are not held too tight on it, they wobble. And the other downside is - it's sticky and one velcro tape peeled off the specification sticker on the back of one of my pedals... So be careful with that.

Other than that, it's sturdy, adjustable hight and pedal surface witdh (for different size pedals), included velcro and power supply rubber to hold it in place beneath the pedalboard. It also comes with a handy gig bag!

It's a great pedalboard with the only slight downside being the method you attach the pedals on it, but if you're careful with the velcro, it's a non destructive way to hold your pedals.

Space wise - it will hold 8-10 boss sized pedals, depending on how close you want them next to each other.


Overrall good quality but the elastic band isn't very reassuring.
TrEr 07.05.2018
I got this as a lighter and more portable alternative to my flight case pedal board. My intended use was for smaller local gigs where I carry my equipment rather than load/unload into cars/airport/etc.

The board itself is excellent quality. Very rugged and I can't see how it could break unless severely abused. But the solotion with the elastic band fastening the power supply isn't ideal. I'm using it with a T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic and the elastic band can't handle the weight of the power supply. After just carrying the pedalboard for relatively short distances (15-20min) the power supply has shifted and is starting to fall off the board completely. Not a HUGE problem as it's easy enough to re-fasten it but a bit annoying. Probably no worse than any other (more expensive) pedalboards with the same kind of elastic bands. I don't think the problem is just with the weight of the power supply though. I think part of the problem is that the elastic bands don't have enough tension around it. I would certainly not recommend this with any power supplies having smaller dimensions than the Fuel Tank Classic. They would just dangle loosely in there. It might be possible to fasten the power supply better with some additional velcro under the board but that's not supplied (the top of the board is already covered with "loop" velcro so only "hook" velcro is supplied).

The gigbag is very nice and far better than some of the cheaper/thinner varieties out there. Obviously it won't protect your pedals from much physical impact so it's not suitable for stacking in the back of a van, travelling by plane or anything like that. If that's the intended use you should get something with a flight case instead.

Overall I'm happy with this product but I would have preferred a better way of fastening the power supply. I can't really complain at this price though, it's so cheap it's practically free!


Decent board, not for pros.
Jaek 11.03.2021
This is a simple and easy board to use,
It comes with some supplies for assembly.
Hex key, tape and rubber straps.
The tape is ok, at best. Clean the underside of your pedals thorough to get enough stick. otherwise they are going to fall off.
The rubber bands are useless. Not found any use for them, they are to big and loose for a power supply and not very helpfull in cable management on the underside.
Cable management is easy though, much to the space on the board. but use zipties or other matereals for it.
The buld quality on the board is not good, i've had to re tap both holes on the backside for the legs, witch are to long. To have a good angle for my foot i had to cut them with a grinder aswell.
Bolts for moving the middle parts of the board are also pretty weak, would not try to unscrew them more than once due to wak threads in the holes.
The bag, holds the board nice in place but would never travel more than to and from rehersal space with it. Really not suitable for lugging around.
The strap on the bag is a bit weak and thin, hurts on the shoulder when pedal board is full and weighs about 7-9 kgs.

- Cheap
- Easy to run cables on the underside.

- Build quality
- Velcro does not go all the way to the edges of the board
- PW supply fastening is trycky
- Bag strap is thin and weak.

Overall a decent board for the home or "easy" user with a smaller setup. but reqires some hands on mods to be really usefull.


Everything you need to start your guitar pedal collection! 22.12.2022
After years of keeping my two guitar pedals in a backpack and placing them directly on the floor, I finally bought a pedal board. Why didn't I get one sooner? It also gave me the excuse to buy a few more!

The pedal board is so sturdy and I can fit my 5 new guitar pedals and one wah-wah pedal on it with space for one more! It was really easy to put together and adjust to your preferred height.

My pedal power supply didn't fit under the board so I have it attached to the top of the board. (My pedal power supply isn't a conventional one-it's from Donner and is quite long in its size)
But if your power supply is more square I'd say it would fit underneath and I'd reckon you could then fit 7-8 boss-sized pedals on the board.

The velcro fasters are so easy to use and apply to your pedals. They are so strong and there is no chance of your pedals falling off when you put the board in its bag. It is a bit of a struggle to re-arrange your pedals because of how strong the velcro is but trust me that's a good complaint! Just work out where they are going to go first before fixing them to the board.

The bag itself is of excellent quality and I think for the money this is an excellent choice for any guitarist.


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