Headrush Core


Guitar Effect Modeller

  • Amp Modeler and Vocal Processor
  • Huge library of guitar, bass and vocal effects
  • Antares Auto-Tune included
  • Realistic and responsive amp, cabinet and mic modelling
  • Built-in amp cloner captures the sound of your favourite amps, preamps, distortion, overdrive and fuzz pedals and imports them into the Core
  • Import a virtually unlimited number of impulse response files
  • High-resolution 7-inch touchscreen with musician-oriented user interface
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud for easy preset cloning and sharing
  • Instant firmware update, no computer connection required
  • Record loops up to 5 minutes long, with a total of 20 minutes of audio per loop
  • Sync the looper to other devices via MIDI, for example drum machines
  • Load songs from Dropbox, your internal storage or connected USB drives
  • Additional Bluetooth audio connection for song accompaniment on mobile devices
  • Tour-ready steel housing
  • 5 Customisable footswitches with colour LEDs
  • Recording and re-amping to Mac/PC via built-in USB audio interface
  • Stereo FX Loop for effects pedal integration and 4-cable method
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): 75 x 236 x 408 mm
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Incl. universal power cable
Available since September 2023
Item number 575220
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Amp Modeling Yes
Drumcomputer No
Incl. Tuner Yes
Expression Pedal No
USB-Port Yes
Headphone Output Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Line Out Yes
Battery Powered No
PSU included Yes
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8 Reviews

Jaw-dropping tones in a very unexpected way
LVPlayer 28.01.2024
Spoiler before you give my review a read. Headrush Core is providing absolutely jaw-dropping tones but in a very unexpected way.. I was upgrading from HX Stomp XL. The primary reason was Bluetooth music streaming for practicing and integrated vocal effects. I was reading and watching reviews and it seemed a bit risky because the hype about Headrush Prime had evaded over time and Fender Tone Master Pro completely killed momentum in my opinion. I took the risk anyway and I want to share my experience after the first 3 weeks of use.
Disclaimer - I am not a professional musician, but an avid home player. I have been building my own analogue pedal bords but recently gravitaed towards modelers due to the compact size, versatility and simplicity. I mostly play blues and rock styles, but no metal at all, mentioning this because I see many of the Headrush fans being in the metal party.

I started with the factory presets/rigs and I can agree with many reviewers that most of them are crap and would suggest not to waste your time unless you want to. Then I tried to compose my own. Tried to find amps that sounded the best for what I was looking for and I could get good tones. But nothing really exceptional came out. Then I viewed some videos with someone making clones their amps in the Heardush and thought that I should give that a try. And man, that changed the game for 300%. I can't even express how good cloned amps sound. Some of my favorites I purchased from fremenpresets.com. Take a look at the Boutique amp clone collection, wow its amazing. I still ltry to create models that sound as good, but I cannot get even close. If you are going to get Headrush unit, I strongly suggest you give clones a try, and there are many more guys cloning various amps for any taste and flavor.
But there is one more thing I was not expecting where somehow Headrush shined and that is how presets and cloned amps sound via FRFR spekers (I use Bose S1 Pro). When I used HX Stomp I had to wheak very heavily any preset that sounded good on headphones but then sounded really bad via the speaker. This is a well-known issue with most modelers, but somehow I find Headrush to sound very well and require very little adjustments.
I have a dedicated looper pedal but the built-in one actually is very usable and for simple single-track loops it works really well.
All the cloud connectivity and ability to sync my own backing tracks form Dropbox and ease to play them makes this feel like iPhone of the modelers (again I have experience only with HX).
The last thing on the pros I would say is that most effect pedal simulations sound great and they work with amp clones or models amazing, I would say way more realistic that HX effects but that is subjective and someone might be able to dial them in better than me.
UI is very very well thought out and there is no need to read manuals whatsoever. Also, the performance of the unit is awesome. There are no delays on button presses and it feels very quick to respond.
On the cons, I would mention that I tend to want my Core on the table most of the time for easy display access for adjustments. A PC App would be a really nice upgrade, but at the same time UI is so good that you do not need it. With HX I even didnt know how to use the UI ont he tiny screen, and I used mostly the MAC app. This led me to a MIDI footswitch controller purchase to be able to use.
Another tiny con is that rig folder has no support for sub-folders so you can't organize your rigs in any hierarchy. Over time I got so many of them that this started to feel a bit painful. But thankfully the search function and typing on the display is so easy that it compensates for the lack of sub-foldes and I have worked out my own rig naming conventions that improve this as well. Hopefully, this will be solved with future SW upgrades.
One more problem I have is that bluetooth playback on repeated reconnect of my iPhone has some crackling noises. To get rid of them I "Forget the device" on my iPhone and pair again, then it is good for the whole session until I reboot my Core. It's SW issue that should be solved imho. Luckily this takes just 10-15 sec to do so it's not a major issue to me.
In conclusion, I can say that for the price there is no competition. There is no other than this advanced and modern feature-packed modeler. Maybe the ones in the 1.5k + range offer even better tones and more sophisticated signal chain routing options but 14 slots are plenty for me.
I think this modeler deserves way more attention and good reviews.


Best bang for the buck / 5 STARS
David McEvoy 18.02.2024
I own a hx stomp, Helix floor & TC Helicon voice live 3 extreme , I mainly play acoustic shows or sessions live shows & wanted to slim down the amount I carry to live shows , the headrush core is a beast on a small compact unit that delivers killer guitar tones as well as killer vocal effects & slips into my backpack , worth the cash & kicks the ass out of the competition, not as many effects & amps etc as other modellers but what is there is enough & decent , quality over quantity 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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Mehr als Überzeugend
Nobbss 17.10.2023
Nach 25 Jahren Röhrenamps hab Ich mich in die Digitale Welt der Amps mal vorgewagt.
Daheim Spielte Ich bis jetzt, ein Brunetti Pleximan, und ein Orange Rocker 15, beides an einer 112 Engl Box.
So für Aufnahmen, Kopfhörer usw sollte jetzt was Digitales her, getestet habe Ich einen Kemper, ToneX Pedal, Line6 Helix, und jetzt das Headrush CORE.
Vorne weg, für das Core habe Ich mich jetzt entschieden.
Meine Gründe dafür:
1. Eine Absolut easy Bedienung, wer hier klagen tut, das es kein Editor für den PC gibt, der soll es einfach mal Testet, einfacher, schneller und selbsterklärender geht es nicht!!!! Des Display ist im Prinzip wie eine Eigene Tablet App aufgebaut, ein neues Rig ist in wenigen Minuten Aufgebaut UND eingestellt, der Hammer
2. Der Klang :) Natürlich ist hier viel eigene Empfindung dabei, und die Headrush Cloud ist noch nicht Ansatz weise sooo voll wie bei Kemper oder ToneX, dafür aber, sind alle Rig´s, Amps, Ir´s usw durch die Bank weg sehr Akzeptabel. Man Probiert nicht erst 50 JCM 800 aus, bis man einen gefunden hat der was Taugt.
3. Die Ausstattung.....wo bekommt man eine solches Teil sonst noch? der einmal ein Amp Modeler ist, Gesangs Prozessor, Looper, man mit Amps Clonen a la Kemper kann, WLan und Bluetooth hat, man mit dem Gerät Stand Alone auf die Sound Cloud zugreifen kann und und und????? Und das unter 1000€
und da sind wir schon bei 4. der PREIS!!!
899€.......natürlich werden jetzt manche sagen, der z.b. neue Fender Tone Master Pro ist klanglich besser.... der kostet aber halt auch mehr wie das doppelte, auch so wie das Quad Cortex. Fractal FM3 hätte mich noch sehr Interessiert, aber für den Deutschen Markt, einfach zum Testen schwer zugänglich.
Für mich Persönlich ist das Neue Core, Preislich, Qualitativ, Soundtechnisch usw PERFEKT!


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die Suche hat ein Ende
Johannes 26.10.2023
Nachdem ich jetzt einige Jahre Erfahrung gesammelt habe mit dem Kemper, Axe fx und dann wieder auf Amps umgestiegen bin, war mir jetzt eine Lösung wichtig die alles abdeckt.

Ich habe mir mehrere Modeler bestellt und habe alle auf Herz und Nieren getestet. Zuerst war mein Favorit der Headrush prime. Das Problem war für mich nur, dass ich öfter mit meiner Band ins Ausland fliege für ein paar Gigs und da war der Prime dann doch eine Nummer zu groß und zu schwer. Eine Woche nachdem ich den Prime bestellt habe ist dann der Core erschienen und ich muss sagen es ist für mich die Eierlegende Wollmilchsau in einem Gerät.

Das Einstellen neuer Sounds ist so einfach und die Sounds klingen so realistisch - einfach nur klasse.
Beim Kemper war immer das Thema, dass tausende von Profiles angeboten wurden und es hat echt lange gedauert bis ich ein brauchbares Profile gefunden habe.
Der Headrush hat auch die Amp Cloning Technologie - ich kann aber einfach auch einen aus der Library nehmen und die klingen schon hervorragend. Außerdem ist es möglich meine Lieblingspedale zu clonen und zu verwenden! Das ist ein großartiges Feature!
Ich habe auch nicht das Gefühl, dass ich mich vor lauter Einstellungsmöglichkeiten verlauft - wie es mir beim Axefx öfter ging! Alles ist schön übersichtlich angeordnet und einfach zu bedienen dank dem Touchscreen.

Den ersten Livegig hat das Gerät wunderbar gemeistert!

Ich bin echt happy damit und mein gesamtes Gitarrenequipment passt nun in einen Laptoprucksack! Echt feiner Sache!