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Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500


DJ Controller

  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro
  • Jog wheels with touch recognition
  • 16 RGB pads with 8 modes (including hot cue, loop, slicer)
  • Vinyl, slip, quantize, loop in / out buttons
  • Filter controls, 3 band EQ, gain controls, volume controls and VU meters per deck
  • Headphone volume control and cue / mix control
  • Microphone volume control with 2 band EQ
  • Aux volume control and filter control
  • Master VU meter
  • Filter / effects console with 4 effect buttons and 2 filter controls
  • 2 x 6.35 mm jack and 2 x RCA master outputs
  • 3.5 mm Stereo mini jack and 6.35 mm stereo jack headphone outputs
  • 2 x RCA + 3.5 mm stereo mini jack aux inputs
  • Balanced 6.35 mm jack microphone input
  • Audio resolution: 44.1kHz / 24-bit
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Pro
  • For operation on PCs or notebooks with USB 2.0 or higher and operating system: Windows 10 / macOS 12.12 or higher
  • Dimensions: 542 x 296 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Includes Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED and USB cable
  • Suitable case: Article Nr. 496047 (not included)
Available since July 2020
Item number 491090
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Controller type All in one
incl. software Djuced
Micro In 1
Master Out Cinch
Stand Alone Mixer Function No
Mobile Support No
USB Player No
Stereo Line-In 1
19" No
Rec Out No
Weight 3,2 kg
Width 542 mm
Depth 296 mm
Height 70 mm
Phono Input 0
Audio Interface Input 2
Audio Interface Output 4
Booth Out No
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Hercules represents with its flagship DJControl Inpulse 500. This 2-deck controller provides everything any ambitious DJ will need. Two jog wheels allow for precise time manipulation and search within each deck track, both in vinyl and CD modes. In addition to the two channels for the decks, an aux and a microphone channel are both added, so that nothing will stand in the way of creative performances. The mixer is equipped with a traditional three-band EQ and of course a staple DJ filter. Both channels can be monitored separately via cue mix. On top of that, eight performance pads per channel allow samples and loops to be fired at will.

All-round control

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 is a classic all-in-one DJ controller - this means it does not itself produce the sound, but rather provides a haptic and intuitive interface that works in conjunction computer-based DJ software, which will play the music from a computer. Included in the bundle is DJUCED, the impressive proprietary software which Hercules has developed in-house. The Inpulse 500 also works seamlessly with the well-established software Serato DJ Pro. In addition, the DJControl Inpulse 500 acts as the main audio interface, so that all interaction with the DJ controller is concentrated in one place once the music gets going - because nothing is more distracting than having to constantly inspect what is going on with the computer when in the middle of a performance.

Upwards ambition

Until now, Hercules had produced mainly entry-level devices in its DJControl Inpulse series - and the Inpulse 500 retains all these beginner-friendly qualities. However the Inpulse 500 is aiming for the top. Its full-size jog wheels and performance possibilities needn’t hide behind the competition in terms of hardware and functionality. In addition, the compatibility of the inpulse 500 with Serato DJ Pro allows users to upgrade to professional grade DJ software seamlessly if they so wishes. The Inpulse 500 is not only a good controller for beginners, it will easily see you through your first gigs and never let you down.

About Hercules

French manufacturer Hercules has been making all kinds of affordable audio equipment for over 30 years. The choice ranges from pro audio speakers and headphones to gaming accessories. However, the focus is currently on entry-level DJ equipment. Hercules knows how to produce well-designed equipment at impressively low prices, while always keeping beginners in mind. For example, specific models of DJ controllers come with tutorial functions that help budding DJs learn correct beat-matching and other essential DJ skills.

Helping hands for budding DJs

A good selling point of Hercules controllers to newcomers is the ‘beat match guide’ functionality. LED lights inform the DJ in real time whether a track needs to be sped up or slowed down in order to match the master deck. Minimal increments are indicated, and this function can be disabled at any time. The ‘Beat Align’ indicator under each deck indicates whether the tracks are in sync, or out of “lock”. This can be a great tool for developing the ear, as well as rhythm and tempo, since beatmatching requires some practice - and is not learnt overnight. Of course, any help function can also be disabled at any time.

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100 Reviews

Really nice for an entry-level controller
Yeti p 26.09.2021
Quite solidly built, has practically every output and input type you may possibly want from DJ hardware of that price range and even a bit more (and you can`t state the same about any other controller for that price), and pretty much every feature you expect from a controller of that gauge. It even has a mic input with basic EQ function for it.

The only possible complaints (arguably) can come from - and these are all quite nitpicky - the lack of dedicated sampler volume knob (but if you really need that you could probably map it inside your DJ software to some other knob w/ shift button or something), pads having more of a button functionality and not being actual drum pads (which is kind of common on DJ controllers anyway), and pitch faders being quite short and having some amount of luft (while the former is, again, standart for that kind of controller (with probably only the Numark Mixtrack being the exception), the latter can pose a bit of a problem). And the built-in soundcard is not that powerful hence the output levels are not that loud, but perfectly sufficient for playing at most places you would be expected to bring you hardware anyway (smaller-sized venues, house parties, etc.). But again, some of the other controllers in that price range don`t even have the same output capabilities anyway to bring them to a more professional environment.

Overall, it is a great DJ controller, especially for its money. Probably among the top picks for an entry level DJ hardware - it has everything you would need and possibly even a bit more.


Very good for a beginner
djKmikze 05.12.2021
Metal feel in the midle (where knobs are crossfader are placed), nice and useful functions for a beginner (maybe a bit too much), rgb pads and soft touch gives tou a feel of childish but also a very expensive device. A bit heavy and difficult to transport (you really need a case or a big backpack). Interesting lights play when in standby, just connected to a laptop or powerbank. DJUCED offers everything you need, I won’t pay for serato pro license for the momeny. Pay attention when you connect it in order to avoid having a sound delay in headphones & monitors, so you should follow this steps: open your laptop, then connect the console and wait for initialization (lights will bling several times), then open Djuced and start playing some music.


Very intuitive
Anonymous 14.11.2022
An all-around great DJ controller for the beginner DJ. Serato software can be quite tedious to work with if you're used to CDJ's, but it's good for practice.


Excellent beginner decks
Just_Ravi 04.07.2024
I bought this as my first DJ controller, and they were phenomenal! Amazing for house parties, with advanced features (for the price) e.g. RGB pads, mic settings etc.

Some particular highlights were: Beatguide, which is excellent for beginners, 8 RGB pads with 8 "modes", nicely sized tempo and volume faders, decent crossfader, quantize button (very handy!) and loads more.

Perhaps three gripes that I expected but worth noting are: You only have access to DJuced (I never used) or Serato DJ LITE (I highly recommend getting Serato DJ Pro as Lite is extremely limiting beyond the very basics of DJing). Secondly, I found that the Effects weren't great - it was good enough, but paddles are definitely my preferred. Thirdly, again a personal issue was that the jog wheels were quite stiff, so if you want to backspin, you can't do this naturally.

All in all, it is a fantastic controller particularly for the price, however, if looking at the £200 or so price range, I would think about the DDJ FLX-4 since you can use either Rekordbox or Serato, so a bit better for learning.


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