Hotone Ampero


Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Modelling Dual-DSP effects processor for up to 9 simultaneous effects
  • Support for additional (third party) Impulse Responses (IR Loader) via HoTone Editor
  • USB port for editing the IRs/effects or for using the Ampero as a USB audio interface
  • Drum Machine with 100 patterns
  • Integrated looper with 100s Mono und 50s Stereo
  • Controls: Volume, Menu/Value
  • 3 Rotary buttons for touch screen operation
  • Effect on LED
  • 4" Touchscreen display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution
  • 4 Footswitch buttons
  • Expression pedal
  • 24 Bit signal processing up to 120 dB S/N ratio
  • Power consumption: 500 mA
  • Powered by 18V DC power adapter (included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 147 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Note: Battery operation is not supported.

Included Modellings:

  • 244 Effects
  • 64 Amp models
  • 60 Cab models
  • Over 100 pedal models
  • 198 Presets
  • Microphone Type and Position Modelling
  • "Black Tech" acoustic guitar simulation


  • Input: 6.3 mm jack
  • AUX in: 3.5 mm jack
  • Stereo Line Output: 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo Out: 2 x XLR
  • EXP In: 6.3 mm TRS jack
  • MIDI in: 5-pin MIDI
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • USB port
  • Power adapter connector (female connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative pole inside)
Available since February 2019
Item number 454964
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling Yes
Effects Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Integrated Expression Pedal Yes
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux-Input Yes
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port Yes
Drum-Computer Yes
Drumcomputer 1
Incl. Tuner 1
Expression Pedal 1
Line Out 1
PSU included 1
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A whole rig in one modelling floorboard

Modelling floorboards and multi-effects units that give the player innumerable guitar and bass amplifier sounds as well as a variety of different effects to choose from, all packed into a compact, stage-friendly housing, have been a popular solution among musicians for a long time and are now offered by countless manufacturers. HoTone's Ampero fits right into this category: A feature-packed floor unit that has been kept small and affordable. It includes a modelling amplifier, an effects section, a looper, multiple impulse response-based speaker simulations, and a USB audio interface for fast and uncomplicated recording - making it suitable not only for the stage but for the studio as well.

Display and footswitches on the HoTone Ampero

Plenty of storage options

The Ampero is equipped with a dual DSP effects processor and has a preconfigured and logically strucured effect chain comprising nine blocks, in which time-based effects are placed after the amplifier while effects that require the unaffected guitar signal are placed before it. 64 different amplifier simulations and over 244 effect variations are available, including bass and acoustic guitar preamps. The speaker simulations are based on over 60 impulse responses, and ten memory slots are also available for user IRs. The Ampero also comes complete with a tuner and MIDI control as well as a USB port that allows the unit to be used as an audio interface with the Ampero Editor software. Additionally, a pair of XLR outputs and switchable input impedances provide the required level of flexibility for using instruments like acoustic guitars. Last but not least, the soft-touch colour display, five colour-coded footswitches, and an expression pedal complete the intuitive and straightforward user interface.

Buttons and pedal on the HoTone Ampero pedalboard

Sonic versatility at your fingertips

The Ampero is primarily aimed at guitarists looking for an affordable all-in-one solution for practice and for use in their home studio and on stage, and it allows great results to be achieved in no time at all thanks to its wealth of amp simulations and effects as well as its intuitive operation. The Ampero's extremely compact size also means that it will easily fit into a bag or rucksack, making it ideal for players who move around a lot and need a small, lightweight rig. Beginners in turn will greatly appreciate the Ampero's affordable price as well as its ease of operation with highly usable factory presets and a preconfigured and logically structured effect chain. Confusion is thus kept to a minimum, all the more so because the Ampero Editor software includes detailed explanations of how the various amplifiers and effects are structured and used.

HoTone logo on gold background

About HoTone Audio

HoTone Audio is a company in Huan, China, which was founded in 2012 by guitarist Guo Runbo. HoTone Audio is well known for small effect pedals and nano amplifiers for guitarists and bassists. The team behind it has a reputation for professional expertise and innovative technical design. Their products make increasing use of digital technologies such as DSP systems, modelling, and USB connections, while at the same time remaining affordable and practical, and therefore accessible to all musicians.

Your constant companion

The HoTone Ampero is an extremely versatile tool, ideally suited to composing and putting together song ideas at home, for example. And features like the AUX input, which lets players jam along to their favourite backing tracks, and the onboard looper, drum machine, and metronome, all of which can of course be used silently thanks to the Ampero's headphone output, make it a great companion when practising. The Ampero is no less flexible on stage, however: By virtue of its numerous connection options, it can be used either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with an amplifier. An extra expression pedal or an external footswitch can also be connected, and the "Lock" function prevents any unintentional changes to the user's presets if things get a little rough on stage.

Back of the HoTone Ampero with many connections and expression pedal.

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142 Reviews

lost for words
Tiago Afonso 09.07.2021
I've had the ampero for 6 months and it completely changed the way I go about making music. I've sold my amps and now this is my whole rig, for live performance and recording. That's how good it is. I don't want to bore you with a full blown love letter to this little black box, so here goes:

- all in one. Amp, effects, recording rig, audio interface, looper, drum machine, tuner. This can literally be all your rig, I'm recording an album this week with my band and I can't tell you enough how satisfactory it is to come to recording sessions with only a guitar, this, and a cable;
- Decent sound. So, the way I like to explain sound quality on these modellers is like a movie. A real valve amp is like 4k, the stock IRs that come with this are 720p-1080p, But if you load one in you get up to 1440p which is plenty for me, and you can find them easily for free online (tip: ampero facebook group). Not that the pre installed IRs are bad, some of them are plenty good, like the marshalls and some of the fenders, it all comes to your personal taste. 4 stars but I think this is the one that gets you closer to the real deal sound-wise in this price range;
- Very customizable. It comes with 4 buttons and you can program what every one of those does, gives you a lot to play with on stage or while recording
- the touch screen is an awesome idea, makes everything much easyer, although you won't be using it much if at all in a live situation.
- Build quality is just ridiculous, this thing is built like a safe, the screen could be a weakness though

- It's a little noisy on the higher gain/ crunchy stuff when you have the amp modulation on. Fair enough the real amp would do that too, but It gets a bit annoying on long sessions, especially if you're using low impedance headphones. You can however mitigate this with a noise gate, and it's a non-issue on recordings and live playing;
- If you plan on using the expression pedal a lot, this is not for you. It's cool for controling volume or fx parameters or even a little wah every now and then, but it's very basic and a bit stiff for effortless wah playing;
- the looper is very very basic, very limited controls, Good for practicing or coming up with ideas, but nothing else;
- Some of the fx, as well as some of the amp modulations are not quite up to scratch compared to the rest. But don't worry, all of the important stuff is good. Let's just say that out of the 244 fx, about 40 are really weird and a bit trash, they're really funny to play with though.

Check out Plywood Society on youtube if you want to hear this puppy in a song


Good sound and plenty of features at an affordable price
Gossha 17.05.2020
Hotone Ampero is a great high-middle class guitar processor. For its size and price, it is excellent buy and can be compared with many more expensive devices.

The quality of the production is excellent. Complete metal casing and quality foot switches leave an impression of premium quality. There are a lot of connection ports on the back and you can see that the device is made for professional use. The expression pedal is top quality, it has a good movement and the use is pleasant. Foot switches have nice led lighting. What can be improved by upgrading software is that the inactive foot switches also be illuminated but dimmed so the visibility would be even better in the conditions of the low light (in the dark stages).

The screen is large, sharp, and touch sensitive. It's a real pleasure to use it. All options can be accessed quickly and easily. Everything is intuitive and can be used without reading the instruction manual. My recommendation is to install software for computer and set options there. However, the device is so rich with options that it is not a quite good thing. This is generally the problem with most guitar processors, because manufacturers put hundreds of amps, cabinets, microphones, microphones placement settings, effects and distortions that it is quite difficult to opt for a specific sound. I've spent hours and hours to tweak sounds instead of playing. My proposal is that generally manufacturers can be oriented to a smaller number of quality sounds rather than so many, because lot of peoples are not experienced in sound engineering and will not know how to set a good sound and will be dissatisfied with the device.

There are 9 slots for effects: FX1, FX2, AMP, NR, CAB, EQ, FX3, DLY and RVB.

For Wah, compressor, and OD/Dist. can only be used FX1 and FX2, while FX3 for modulation effects (Flanger, Chorus...). And that's a little problem, if you want to have Wah, Compressor and Distortion in same preset, you won't be able to. You must give up one of them. For example, you can put in FX1 – Wah, in FX2 – Compressor and use Hi-Gain Amp for distortion. So, it is possible to manage, but it would be ideal if there was at least one more slot or if FX3 could carry one of those effects. Changing the order of effects is possible. Just drag’n’drop them anywhere you want.

Ampero have 3 foot switches (FS) to change the preset and one CTRL that may control a feature of your choice. It doesn’t support stomp (manual) mode but what is good is that you can program foot switch combinations. For example, if you press FS1+FS2 at the same time - activate the effect that you want (for example, Chorus) and there is a possibility to program hold function of any foot switches, for example, if you hold FS2 for one second then it activates Delay. You can program CTRL foot switch for a solo boost or anything you want also. In other words, a device can be programmed in many combinations. If that is not enough, you can attach a MIDI foot controller and program it to do anything you want.

Sound quality is excellent and is a high-middle class. I would position this device as slightly better than Mooer GE200 and slightly weaker than Line 6 POD Go. The Amp and Cab modeling is very realistic and can be used without problems for direct recording and live performances also direct to mixer or PA. Just plug the device into anything and it will sound great. When a USB cable is connected to the computer, it works as a 24-bit sound interface, and device also supports custom Impulse Response/IR files.

Rhythm machine with 100 rhythms and looper with 120 seconds are excellent and will give you great pleasure for jamming. The looper can be set to be before all effects or can be after. For example, if is set to work in PRE-mode, then you can record a sequence and while loop play change effects, distortions, amplifiers, mics... to find the ideal sound. You don't have to play after each changed parameter, just change parameters in real time and listen sound from the looper. Very useful feature. The only complaint is that the looper cannot be controlled through software on the computer. The rhythm machine can but the looper cannot... It would be nice if Hotone add this in future software updates. When I'm in front of the computer, I want to do everything on the computer.

All in all, a device worth the attention. A well-rounded product where in a small package and affordable price you get everything you will ever need for the hi quality direct recording and live performance.


Good basic multieffect unit but it lacks some features
MandolinAndy 26.10.2023
Beware of this unit if you want to get all-around-multi-tool for guitar etc instruments. I say this because to me this unit was not what I expected. For instance it was way too little for my use and I found out that the EXP pedal in this unit works only volume or other parameter controller BUT NOT as a WAH! pedal even you try to push it down many times and there is even light for assuming that it is dual purpose EXP footswitch but it is not!!! The only way you would get wah working in each patch you´ll have to assign a momentary button for the wah and after that you would change the wah effect with the EXP. This is very annoying feature and it is totally worthless and not what I thought it would be... To me volume AND wah must be in the same EXP.
Display is little hard to see so you have to use it on the desk/table etc. Touch screen is +++ I didn´t get so good sounds with this in my Fender LT25 practice amp or in Koch Multitone II tube amp. I think this unit could be best as a sound interface and DAW straight forward recording, maybe not with different kinds of amps.


Artyom F 07.08.2021
Шикарный процессор, сколько его смотрел на него обзоры на ютюб, в живую он звучит намного лучше, ещё конечно важно куда вы его подключите, в наушниках пока не пробовал, но полагаю он с любой задачей справиться. Так что спасибо Thomann за сервис, доставили до Читы за 15 дней, с нем всё в полном порядке, наша почта тоже не подвела. П.С. Как по мне он ровня Helix и Axe fx.


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