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Ibanez AS53-TBF


Electric Guitar

  • Hollow body
  • Body: Sapele
  • White binding
  • Set-in Artcore neck: Nyatoh
  • Fretboard: Laurel
  • Fretboard inlays: Pearl dot
  • 22 Medium frets
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Pickups: 2 x Infinity R humbuckers
  • 1 Volume- and 1 tone control
  • 3-Way switch
  • Bridge: ART-ST
  • Tailpiece: ART-ST
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Colour: Transparent Blue Flat
  • Corresponding case available under Article Nr 129712 (not included)
Colour Blue
Body Sapele
Top Sapele
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Laurel
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
available since February 2018
Item number 430464
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Fantastic Guitar
KarlC 12.02.2019
I'm a 48 year old intermediate player, play a bit of this and that. I can set up a guitar.

The guitar arrived perfect. Action might have been a touch high. But it already sounded great. I replaced the factory strings with Thomastic JS110 flatwound strings. I lowered the action considerably, and with the guage 10 jazz strings it just barely intonated. I reckon if there were such things as 009 flatwounds it mightn't have intonated, but then who is gonna put thinner strings on this? My lower E and A are at the end of the intonations adjustment setting but do intonate, otherwise i'd have moved to 011's. Keep in mind I lowered the action as much as I could too, all these adjustments are simply to personalise it, the guitar is fine as sold.

As it is, it worked out and plays beautifully. The frets could do with a bit of a polish (a touch scratchy on the bends, and you can bend 010 jazz strings. That said, they didn't need filling, just some elbow grease) so I did that, I keep meaning to buy one of those fret rubber polishers they sell on this site! Also the fretboard seemed quite dry so I fed it some Dunlop lemon oil and it feels great now.

That said with the binding etc, there were no rough fret edges on the hand when sliding along the neck.

The pickups are not high end, but I'm playing it at home through a modelling combo and they are fine. Better than I hoped after watching reviews.

It isn't that loud when played unplugged but ok for some practice, Jesus Wept! Man it comes alive when plugged in.

It isn't a large guitar, I'm 5ft 9in but I could see a teen or a smaller lady certainly feeling comfortable with this. It's easier to get around the frets, than many, but still roomy enough.

You can play pretty much anything on it, from jazz and blues and excellent for metal. Unplugged it's subdued, plugged in it's an animal in the best possible sense. It has few features but you know that if you are reading this. Yes it could do with separate tone and volume for the p/ups but then it would cost more. Balancing act of purchasing eh!

I'd definitely buy a more expensive Ibanez Artcore at some stage, but this does meet my amateur home use needs. It really is lovely to play.

My one is from Indonesia, and is nice in the matt blue, if darker than some photos. It's basically the exact guitar pictured on this site as Thomann sent me copies of the pictures they took of it as a rather peculiar extra.

The volume AND TONE pots work.

I watched a tonne of reviews before purchasing and am really happy with the purchase, and service from Thomann. It took about a week or so to arrive to Dublin, and I've written this review after playing it for about 6 months.


Unbelievable at this price
quentin q benton 08.02.2021
First off, read the other long review by "KarlC, 12.02.2019"
He pretty much says it all but I have to add :

The saddest thing about this guitar is that a little knowledge is assumed and that's rarely true for the novice, so read on and be brave !!!

OK, do what he didn't do - buy a fret rubber in 1000 grit because these frets are in need of much rubbing down and you will think the terrible sound on slight fret movement is normal, IT IS NOT !!
(I had 1000 grit paper to hand and man, they needed help)

Also put expensive lemon oil in your basket, the fingerboard on mine looked like a new wooden spoon 😩 and drank up the lemon oil like a sailor on leave 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 as well as needing a little rub down with the 1000 grit paper.

It's sad that Thomann can't take better care of the inventory before sending because asking a newbie to discard the poor supplied strings, restring with Elixir (the only way to go) then polish, sand and oil a neck before it is 'right' is a big ask.

I tell you, be brave, this guitar is a gem at this price it just needs a little love to be a friend for life.
Star off quality because of quality control.


ZoltanRMusic 27.03.2021
So I ordered this instrument approximately two weeks ago. This is my secondary instrument. I wanted a hollow body guitar to get a “woody” warmer tone for jazz, but also a possibility to use this in other genres till hard rock. The value for the money is amazing. The fretboard is very comfortable, and I’m satisfied with the pick ups for the most part. I have to add that on the High end some frequencies seems to be missing. This can be modified with a better amplifier, so I think it is not an unsolvable issue. All the knobs are working excellent, and the guitar stays in tune without a problem.

I highly recommend this instrument for beginners who don’t know if they’re gonna keep going with jazz.


I love this guitar
Pointer28 04.10.2020
I bought this as i loved the look of a Gibson 335 but wasn't in the market to spend that kind of money, so I was actually looking at the HB version until someone on the internet offered this up as an often overlooked underdog in this category.

While it was a little more expensive than the HB, I am delighted with the choice I made and don't think I would swap.

The sound of this guitar is just beautiful and even my teacher commented on the quality of the pickups for a budget instrument. The neck is just lovely and feels so much easier to play than any of my other guitars, slim but not super thin.

The only downside was that the neck was very dry & dusty when i received it and the frets with very gritty, almost like it had been in storage for a long time. However, ten minutes with some super fine wire wool and some lemon oil and it was perfect.

Other than that, the finish was perfect and I like the flat matte stain. It's called transparent blue but I'd call it more of a petrol green/blue. Either way I like it.

Would definitely buy another Ibanez based on this one.


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