IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor


Active Two-Way Monitors

  • With 3/4" tweeter and 3" woofer / midrange with a powerful bass reflex system
  • Frequency response: 55 - 20,000 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Separate class D amplifiers for tweeters and woofers
  • Total of four power amplifiers with 7/18 W RMS
  • Filter settings High Shelf (0, + 2 dB @ 4 kHz), Low Shelf (0, -3 dB @ 300 Hz), Desktop (-8 dB @ 300 Hz)
  • Completely DSP controlled
  • Bluetooth compatible via A2DP protocol
  • Dimensions: 180 x 135 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 1.72 kg
  • Includes power supply unit, power cord, four-pin speaker connection cable (2 m) and mini jack to 2x RCA connection cable (1.5 m)
Available since September 2016
Item number 397229
Sales Unit 1 pair(s)
Speaker size 1x 3", 1x 0,75"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 25 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input No
Analogue Input (Jack) No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Frequency range min. 55 Hz
Frequency range max. 20000 Hz
Dimensions in mm 180 x 135 x 90
Weight in kg 1,7 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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Bi-amping monitor speaker with professional sound quality

The iLoud Micro Monitor is a pair of extremely compact and powerful two-way bi-amplified monitor speakers with professional sound characteristics. Each speaker features a 3/4" silk dome tweeter, a 3" woofer made from special composite material, and a front bass reflex port, with each driver driven by its own Class D power amplifier. In addition to analogue connection options such as RCA inputs and a 3.5mm stereo jack input, the iLoud micro monitor speakers also offer Bluetooth functionality (A2DP protocol) so that they can be conveniently connected to mobile devices.

Digital signal processing

The superb reference-level sound is primarily down to an internal 56-bit digital signal processor that controls, among other things, the frequency and phase response as well as the dynamic range to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and sound quality from the speakers. The DSP also acts as a digital crossover, providing a seamless transition between frequency ranges. In addition, the digital signal processor also provides various EQ settings that can be used to optimise the playback characteristics in different locations.

Reference monitors in miniature format

Despite their extremely compact dimensions, the iLoud micro monitor speakers manage to sound like their much bigger cousins. No compromises are made in terms of spatial representation, accuracy, and transient response, and there is nothing to complain about in terms of bass reproduction, which according to the manufacturer should approach 55Hz. These characteristics ensure that the iLoud Micro Monitor speakers can be used without hesitation for important production steps such as editing or mixing. In addition, they are also an excellent alternative for casual applications thanks to their Bluetooth functionality.

About IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia was founded in 1996 in the small town of Modena in northern Italy. Its two founders, both musicians and engineers, joined forces with the aim of emulating electronic circuits using computer algorithms. Today, IK Multimedia is a multinational company with seven subsidiaries in Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, and the USA and exclusively manufactures products which are perfectly tailored to the needs of musicians, true to its motto “Musicians first”.

The first choice for small rooms

The iLoud Micro Monitor system provides the necessary solution in situations where space is limited, as the speakers only require a small footprint and can thus be positioned in close proximity to the listener. This in turn has the effect of minimising negative influences from room reflections. The speakers also have adjustable isolation bases that not only provide mechanical decoupling, but also allow for two tilt angles. Filters for optimising high and low frequency reproduction as well as a position filter, with which the speakers can be adjusted to "free field" and "desktop" situations, ensure that the best monitoring conditions can be achieved.

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244 Reviews

My best investment in my "In the box" Project Studio.
ZM from London 15.11.2020
Thanks to Thomann and the pretty fast delivery, considering I was in back order for a while.

I have read so many good reviews that I bought these monitors knowing already that I would be happy with them. My expectations have been exceeded. I replaced a pair of Behringer M16s that have been my alternative for a few years, knowing their limits but appreciating their qualities. The difference between the two products is huge, as I expected.

I am a pianist and composer, I do my productions in a small space of about 15 sqm, often working at night with my trusty KRK 8400 headphones, then during the day I listen to and correct my mixes if necessary listening to them in a good pair of Audiophile hi -fi monitors, which I love, or in my car. Since I have the iLoud Micro, I have regenerated enthusiasm and the pleasure of hearing often hidden details, producing more balanced mixes with clear highs and deep but controlled bass.
The speakers are set flat with only the bass at -3db due to their positioning close to the walls

I have tested these little gems with all the musical genres I listen to, from classical to jazz, from rock to folk, R & B and Latin, opera and electronic, only instrumental and only vocals. All music that I know very well and it was all a pleasure to listen to. IK Multimedia has made an excellent product and I hope it will last me a long time.

It was not easy to position them well, as the cable between the two speakers is very rigid and heavy, so much so that it moves the angle of the speakers with its weight. The speakers are placed on top of my hi-fi speakers and I had to find a solution to keep them angled and stable. Once I was successful, I enjoyed their sound and went back to making music.
It would be great if there was a cable that was at least 2 meters long and a bit more flexible.

I am delighted with this investment and recommend it to anyone like me who has little space for their creative setup, and wants to spend their money wisely. They do an excellent job, and don't make you feel the need to buy speakers of more famous and much more expensive brands. Also great as a second pair of monitors or portable systems with Bluetooth connectivity. These are smart little gems!


Sounds nice, not accurate, terrible periphereals
Tom0720 20.01.2019
These speakers are over hyped, both by all the reviews as well as their sound. They sound and feel like generic computer speakers, NOT studio reference monitors. That said, nice fat bass fun, but still that tecky, plasticy, computery feel in the general sound. Worst issue for me is that this is not really compact, not good for travelling which was the reason I bought them: They come with a massive power adapter, and a horrible fat clunky heavy non cable to connect the speakers to eachother. This cable alone is the reason I would return this product. It is so heavy and stupid sitting there, cluttering up your desk. Nah. I compared the sound with the Genelecs 6010 (now 8010) and the Genelecs are lightyears ahead. No comparison. Why some audiophiles put those in the same ballpark, i have no idea. If you want some good gaming speakers, these are good. NOT for music production and NOT for traveling/recording on the road, with all that clunky cable stuff. And what if you ever loose that stupid cable? It's not generic, you'll be screwed. Thanks Thomann that you are so cool i can send them back.


Small on outside, big on sound
Etz 28.03.2017
Extremely compact, but still sounding as full size monitors.
Looks like IK Multimedia has found some way to defy laws of physics, there is no other explanation for such and deep bass from such a small speaker.

Sound is crisp and balanced not overly bassy or bright, just balanced over the full spectrum they provide.
Vocals and midrange are clear and clean too, quite unusual for an affordable 2-way speaker system.
DSP settings are tweakable to perfectly match your listening environment and provide best possible result.

Having an Bluetooth onboard is an huge plus, so you can connect your iPad or phone without messing around with cables, for occasional playback. Sound carried over it is decent too, not as clean as from wired connection but does not lack any details either.

Looks like IK multimedia as thought about different use cases a lot, becuase having an possibility to mount these on an Microphone stand is a real nice feature. It makes adjusting their hight real easy, just buy and regular microphone stands and mount them on these.
I myself, for example, used K&M 23250 offered by Thomann as they are perfect match for these monitors from design wise and have just enough height to lift these from desk level to my ear level. (Small hint to Thoman, maybe you should offer these together as bundle?)

Only downside in my personal opinion is lack of balanced inputs as usually Sound interfaces have balanced outputs via TRS so you you would need adapter cable to connect these into professional audio interface. Also depending on quality of your cable, noise may be introduced due to nature how unbalanced audio works.
That is actually the only reason, why I'm kicking off one star from features rating.

Overall, I would recommend these for everyone who have an limited desk space, but still require quality monitoring solution or just for audiophiles as general purpose PC speakers.
They are well worth this price and you won't get anyhting which could match these on design and features in this price point.


First speakers ever
B A S S 19.10.2022
As someone who is used to headphones sound with EQ, I can tell you that these were my best investment. To get these kind of sound and imaging for this amout of price? Simply amazing I don't regret it one bit.

I usually listen to dubstep, drum and bass, house etc.. and I was looking for an all rounder speaker with bass emphasis and these delivered the job perfectly. I was first worried about their size but man they sound HUGE and have lot of bass and i'm talking about good bass and combine that with crispy highs and lovely mids and I didn't even had to use an EQ. The whole sound frequency spectrum of these speakers were just perfect for me.

HOWEVER before you buy, you should know that these have hiss and I read that it is perfectly normal for a powered monitor speakers.

They were a little bit noticable around 50 - 70cm/19 inch - 27 inch distance.

BUT once I connected these to my usb dac, the hiss lowered. I'm not sure if the better the dac the lower the hiss? But eitherway for this price honestly no dealbreaker at all.

Lastly the speaker placement, I had no issues at all, i could put these easely next to my monior, I use a 1.5m/4.92 ft. length - 80cm/2.62ft. width table.

So I hope this review could help you with your decision.


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