IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O


Universal Audio and MIDI Interface for Mobile Devices and Computers

  • Combination input XLR and 6.3 mm jack for microphone, line and instrument signals
  • High-quality preamplifier with adjustable gain
  • High-quality ADDA conversion with up to 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • Adjustable stereo headphone output
  • MIDI input and output
  • Power supply via USB, 2x AA batteries or optional mains adapter (not included)
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo jack unbalanced, 100 mW at 50 Ohm
  • MIDI input and output: 2x 2.5 mm mono jack
  • Power supply connection 5.4 V DC (optional power supply: Article no. 417705, not included)
  • Device connection Mini-DIN
  • Dimensions: 43 x 127 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 120 g (without batteries)

Microphone input:

  • XLR balanced
  • +48V +/-4V Phantom powering
  • 40 dB gain
  • Impedance 1.6 kOhm
  • Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz +/-1.5 dB
  • Noise level -103 dB(A)
  • -97 dB RMS

Instrument input:

  • 6.3 mm jack, unbalanced
  • 27 dB gain
  • Impedance 1 MOhm
  • Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz +/-1.5 dB
  • Noise level -103 dB(A)
  • -97 dB RMS


  • iRig Pro I/O Audio MIDI Interface
  • Lightning to mini-DIN adapter cable 0.6 m
  • USB to Mini-DIN adapter cable 0.6 m
  • 2x 2.5 mm jack MIDI adapter cable 1.6 m
  • 2x 1.5 V AA battery
  • Comprehensive software package AmpliTube 4 and AmpliTube 5 SE as download via manufacturer/app store
available since June 2017
Item number 406088
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Audio Interface
Recording / Playback Channels 1x2
Number of Mic Inputs 1
Number of Line Inputs 1
Number of Instrument Inputs 1
Number of Line Outs 0
Headphone Outs 1
Phantom power 1
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 0
Number of ADAT Connectors 0
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Word Clock No
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
MIDI interface 1
Max. sample rate (kHz) 96 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered 1
USB Version 1.1
Width in mm 127 mm
Depth in mm 43 mm
Height in mm 37 mm
Included in delivery Lightning-, USB- and 2x 3,5mm Jack to MIDI Cable
Connection Format Mini DIN-USB Typ A, Mini DIN-Lightning
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Overpriced. Overcompressed input.
MyNicknameMustBeAtLeastFiveCharactersLong 31.08.2021
I bought it in October 2017, as small guitar interface for iPhone and notebook. I bought also the iRig HD-2.
Simple idea - to have good practicing sound, when on the go.

It did not work with iPhone. I could not stand the huge input compression. So, I checked it with iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac, PC.
The same story everywhere. There is no possibility to play dynamically. Even, if you barely touch the string, there is always huge compression attack (as my wife asked: "why it clicks so loud?").
I can imagine - it can be used, when you play punk, or when you play very overdriven/distorted guitar, with always full gain or guitar volume turned to 10. Exactly the same story was with iRig HD-2. Maybe they use the same cheap preamp for instrument in both devices.

So - to be clear - even, when you turn the GAIN pot to 1, you still have LOUD attack click. Then - if you turn it to 3-4 the signal is already overdriven (even with vintage single coils).

Because of curiosity I bough the "copied" devices from Be company. They sound the same way (I will say perfectly copied, but unfortunately not improved) ;-)

So, basically - I have stored in my drawer since 2017, and never really used.

Reassuming - if you need interface, that you want to use for guitar, and you need inexpensive one for on-the-go practicing - go Apogee, or buy any decent, real USB audio interface (Ident, Presonus, Focusrite offer very good quality instrument preamps with decent price).
(but - you may always say - I am deaf amateur and hear nothing - I will not discuss with that) :-)


A must have
Alyssa 14.06.2018
Very, very handy! If you create music and use Apple products, iRig Pro I\O can help record both at home and on the go without any complicated set ups. I can connect the mic, guitar and piano, the cables and adapters are included. Plus they give us several nice apps to boost some creativity. The sound quality is clean and very decent!

The only things to make it even better - I wish they would include a guitar cable and an adapter that can charge the device (these can be bought separately).

I recommend this (iRig Pro I\O) over the previous version (iRig Pro, no I\O), because of the better sound quality and because this one is capable of charging the iPad.

A great choice overall!


IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O
deeps 20.11.2017
Great little gizmo. Using it with my iPad mostly. Has multiple connections (USB, lightning) so can be used with a PC or laptop etc.
Lightweight and easy to use
Am using it as a means to record guitar playing (electro-acoustic and electric)
No problems so far...


The Night Man 10.02.2021
It sounds great. It works well for most applications I imagine.

My use involved live looping into the computer and taking the output from my audio interface into the iRig.
Sadly I had to have my DAW buffer rate set higher than I would have liked to avoid cracks and pops from the iRig which ruined recordings. Whether that's due to the buffer rate of the iRig (unstated by manufacturer) or the quality of my phone (average quality Android), I don't know but its worth noting. That made it rather unusable for me, but I understand most people don't need such a low buffer rate for their projects.

The iRig app is awful with Android and basically doesn't work at all. Crashes immediately. Works better with iOS I imagine.

Overall, sounds fantastic but if you need a super low buffer rate, perhaps not ideal, but worth trying with a super high quality phone if that's what you require . If you're comfortable with 256 bits buffer rate, s'all good.


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