Joyo BSK-60


Battery powered acoustic amplifier with Bluetooth

  • 2 Channels
  • Power: 60 W
  • Equipped with: 10" Speakers and 3" tweeters
  • With Bluetooth function
  • Closed housing construction
  • Controls in the Guitar Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Anti Feedback
  • Controls in the Mic Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Master
  • Switches: Phase, Tempo, Scan, Looper, Bluetooth, Link
  • Effects: Chorus, Reverb, Delay
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 500 x 290 x 375 mm
  • Weight: 14.2 kg
  • Colour: Brown
  • Incldues footswitch, power pack and battery


  • Instrument input: 6.3 mm jack
  • Mic input: XLR
  • Aux input: 3.5 mm stereo
  • Line output 1: 6.3 mm
  • Line output 2: 6.3 mm
  • Line input: 6.3 mm
  • Aux input: 3.5 mm
  • Footswitch: 6.3 mm
  • Headphones: 6.3 mm
  • Balanced Out: XLR
  • DC 9 V 500 mA output for external effects devices
available since December 2019
Item number 476477
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power in Watts 65
Speaker size 1x 10" + Tweeter
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor No
External FX Loop No
Microphone Input Yes
Line Input Yes
Battery Operation Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight 14,2 kg
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Powerhouse for guitar and vocals

With the Joyo BSK-60, acoustic guitarists are guaranteed to shine on any stage. This 60W amplifier is equipped with a 10" speaker and a 3" tweeter and features two channels, delay, reverb, and chorus effects, and a dedicated microphone channel, all of which means that it has both plenty of power and the necessary flexibility for prolonged sessions. Optimum connectivity is ensured by the Bluetooth function, which makes it convenient and easy to feed in external signals, and the amp has a rechargeable lithium battery that allows it to operate for up to four hours without a mains power connection. Numerous ports and a looper with a recording time of up to 30 seconds complete the BSK-60's extensive feature set.

Two channels for optimum performance

The Joyo BSK-60 has two channels: Channel 1 has been specially designed for amplifying acoustic guitars and has a volume control, a three-band EQ, a phase switch, an anti-feedback function, and an effects section with chorus, delay, and reverb. Channel 2, on the other hand, is primarily for connecting microphones. In addition to a volume control, it also has a two-band EQ and can enrich the signal with a tasteful reverb effect. A master volume control regulates the overall volume of the 60W power amplifier, whose output is usually sufficient for use in the rehearsal room and on stage.

Extensive connectivity

A striking feature of the BSK-60 is its large number of ports, which make it an extremely flexible amplifier. An AUX IN jack is provided in order to play music from external sources, which can of couse also be done using the Bluetooth function. The BALANCED OUT connection supplies a balanced, line-level signal for mixers, computer interfaces, and similar devices. In addition, there are two LINE OUT sockets: One in 6.3mm jack format and another in 3.5mm mini-jack format, which can be used to connect to a mobile phone or tablet. The 9V output, which can supply power to effects units, for example, will also come in handy. The included footswitch can be used to engage the integrated effects and adjust their intensity and to operate the looper, mute the signal, and control both the phase and anti-feedback functions.

Ready to play - any time, anywhere

At some point, even the most optimistic acoustic guitarists will reach a point where even the loudest dreadnought is still too quiet and amplification becomes necessary. The BSK-60 provides the perfect solution and also allows the vocals to be given the boost they need in order to keep up. The effective EQ sections on both channels and the appealing chorus, delay, and reverb effects as well as the looper provide ambitious acoustic players with additional tools to enhance their performance. The BSK-60 is thus the ideal partner for sessions both large and small, at home and on the road, where not only volume but also a good sound is important.

About Joyo

Chinese manufacturer Joyo is focused particularly on guitar amplifiers and effects - and produces an extraordinarily wide range of products. These include tube amplifiers for electric guitars, acoustic guitar amps, and all kinds of effect pedals. Classics like wah-wahs and distortion pedals, but also cab simulations, loopers, and digital wireless systems are always available at reasonable prices. The young company’s products have already had success with well-known artists and made a lively circle of "endorsers" for itself, especially in the Metal fraternity.

Flexible in every situation

The Joyo BKS-60 is predestined for use on stage thanks to its punchy and powerful sound as well as its 60W power amplifier. However, the BKS-60 will also perform well during recording sessions where a high-quality sound is key, and its wide range of connections mean that it will rise to virtually any occasion. It can be recorded without even needing a microphone, and of course a mains power connection can also be dispensed with thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery, which provides up to four hours of reliable operation even out in the open.

Everything I hoped for (well almost)
Instant Crush 25.04.2021
I am using it with LAG T70ACE acoustic guitar and Behringer XM8500 dynamic mic.
-no phantom power! for a cardiod mic, silly
-a bit heavy, but that's not really a con
-looper is only 30 seconds
-the only actually useful switch on foot pedal is loop
-bluetooth got no password, anyone can connect to your amp haha, but its not a real issue
-only effect on mic is reverb, though its great, not really an issue, you can always use a processor in between

-overall quality is great
-build is very solid, sturdy, good materials, switches and buttons are great
-wireless battery is awesome. It lasts for many hours after one short charge. Amazing.
-its 60 watts is quite nice and loud.
-bluetooth function is awesome, plays everything great
-sound is great. its not the best possible, but its very pleasant, especially for acoustic guitar which should be its primary role
-voice sounds amazing, both female and male. My wife is in love with me again <3
-chorus and reverb effects are very nice
-all other functions are fine
-foot pedal is high quality and works well

Its extremely fun amp. You can pack it in car and play and sing and listen to youtube/other sources of music in nature/at friends/wherever. For this price there are none better. Look at katana air, look at yamaha THR, and other similar amps. This is better. ITS BETTER! Its got almost everything that you can think of- loads of features, its battery operated, sounds great, good quality, large woofer, and its price is excellent. Look for some video reviews online and don't be afraid of JOYO brand. This is a quality product, nothing cheap or bad on it.
Thank you Thomann for suggesting this amp to me :)

P.S. I will also make a video review of this amp in the next few months, it will be on youtube. Happy shopping and playing :)


Very satisfied with this amp
Jur Smits 19.04.2021
My expectations where high from the other reviews I'd read. And indeed, this amp fulfills my needs: being flexible to play everywhere with good sound quality and features so I just need guitar, mic and amp.
I was looking for a busking/practicing amp on battery, a little bit more than these miniature amps and smaller than my Yamaha Stagepas 1K which I love!
I knew the BSK-60 is heavier than most busking amps but now I have played on it, I take it for granted.
Oh, tip number 1, very important: there is no (original) carrying-bag or case for this amp but I ordered the Millenium cajon bag which fits perfect and is strong enough for this 14+ Kg machine.

Most important for me: guitar channel. Sound: excellent. Features: enough but more about that later..
Mic channel: less tweakable than the guitar channel but with a good mic (Sennheiser 945) it is powerful enough.
Integrated effects: quality is good but you only need 25% of the range, otherwise the effects are too exaggerated.
Connections: very versatile, Bluetooth plus everything you need (in and out). The manual is not very clear about it but it has a real effects out/in loop named Link.
Is this useful? Depends, because here come the two limitations to my personal use: the guitar and mic channel are handled as one regarding: 'mute', 'looper' and 'link'. This means I cannot mute my guitar seperately e.g. when tuning and talking at the same time. And I can not take a guitar loop-sample while playing and singing at the samen time. The manual is not clear about this. The same applies to the Link effects out/in: both channels at the same time.

Conclusion: the looper is fine if you use it e.g. for building a rythm pattern. The memory of 30 seconds is in many cases too short for looping a verse/chorus pattern.
And thus the 9V power output of the BSK-60 is a real solution I use to power an external looper.

Pedal. The pedal is a nice add-on but I do not get the design thinking of Joyo. What do you use it for mostly? Mute, FX in/out, Tap tempo, Looping, boost etc. It features Mute and Looping but would like to trade the Anti-feedback swith for tap tempo or boost, or switch which channel to sample with the looper. Who knows, in the future?

Conclusion: a lot of worthwhile pro's for the price.
And the con's: I can not think of other products (including expensive alternatives) that would have all the pro's and solutions for the con's.

By the way: it looks great too and feels sturdy enough.


A great busker amp or a great cocktail hour speaker or home use pa
poetryboy 02.06.2022
Probably the best bargin in the thomanan store. I seen them sell for 900 elsewhere. This is so useful well made and has lots of applications for dj's buskers home use and I reccomend this busker amp its my favorite buy this year ...Many other speakers without all the effects worse sound and applications sell for much more... I think its priced too low personallly its a battery powered genius little thing and I love it.


Nice warm sound
thanasiskoronakis 29.10.2022
This amplifier caused mixed impressions. The sound is warm, with many effects ,separate for microphone and guitar,chorus,reverb,delay. There was a problem with battery. After two charges the amplifier worked only when was plugged.
Continued .... After sending Joyo for service to Thomman within 30 day's money guarantee, (completely free of charge), I realised that the battery worked satisfactorily. I charged it once and it played about 8 times outside without problem. So the overall is 5/5