Kemper Profiling Amp PowerRack Set


Kemper Profiling Amplifier Power Rack + Remote Control

Kemper Profiling technology allows the creation of a very precise tonal image (profile) of an existing amplifier configuration (including speaker & miking). Thanks to the many internal editing options, such as: diverse effects unit emulations (up to 4 simultaneously), master effects, EQ, gain, amp definition, power sagging etc., you can edit the sound created far beyond the capabilities of the original amplifier. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier comes with an already large number of outstanding amplifier profiles, which is why the creation of individual ones is not mandatory. Thus it is now possible to map the sound of your own amplifier accurately, and if desired, to modify and have available to practice in the studio or on stage without a lot of lugging about.

  • Incl. 600 W class D power amplifier (600 W at 8 ohm, 300 W at 16 ohm)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 139 x 220 mm, 19"/ 3 U
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Format: 19"/ 3 U (since the rubber feet should not be removed for ventilation reasons, a min. 4 U rack is required)
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. remote control base board


  • Mic Input
  • Line In
  • Alternative Input
  • Direct Out
  • Monitor Out
  • Master Out (jack & XLR)
  • S/PDIF digital input and output
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • 2x Foot switches (jack)
  • Network
  • USB
Available since April 2015
Item number 356932
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 600 W
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Sound-Control 3-band
Effects Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Headphone connection Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight 5,4 kg
Design 19"
Tube(s) 1
Amp Modeling 1
Integrated Effects 1
Headphone Output 1
Direct Out 1
MIDI Connector(s) 1
Connections for Pedals or Switches 1
Aux-Input 1
Aux Input 1
Integrated Tuner 1
USB-Port 1
USB Connection 1
Width 396 mm
Height 214 mm
Depth 165 mm
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The new generation of guitar amplifiers!

For a long time now, many guitar amp manufacturers have been on a quest to pack the sound of the world’s most legendary amplifiers into a single unit – none of them with any real success until, in 2012, Kemper opened a new chapter in amp history with its Profiling Amplifier. Using the entirely new and unique “profiling” technology, the sound of any desired amplifier can be recorded with a microphone and then further edited and shaped in the Profiling Amplifier PowerRack. The Kemper’s high-performance electronics and high-quality DSP effects, extensive routing options, wide selection of cab and microphone models, and intuitive user interface – styled after that of a real guitar amplifier – let you revive these legendary sounds, enhance them with contemporary features, and store them permanently: An ingenious concept that has ushered in a new era in guitar amplification.

The best guitar amps of all time, emulated to perfection

The search for that perfect amplifier ends with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack thanks to its profiling technology, which gives guitarists countless amp models at their fingertips and also lets them directly record and preserve the sonic characteristics of any amplifier they want: In other words, the boundaries of flexibility have now been completely re-drawn. Innumerable other digital editing options make the Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack without a doubt one of the most flexible guitar amplifiers on the market. When paired with the right speaker cab, the PowerRack’s integrated 600-watt class D power amp is also ready to unleash the fury on stage. And this bundle also provides the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the Kemper Remote floorboard at an attractive price at the same time.

An ultra-flexible powerhouse for tone-chasers with pro aspirations

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack comes in a studio-friendly 19” format and is ready for whatever challenges are in store, so there can be no doubt that this is a thoroughly professional piece of equipment. Fans of old vintage treasures can now harness the sound and characteristics of the originals – which are usually ruinously expensive and often very rare – and shape these to suit their own tastes without having to spend a fortune getting their hands on the real thing first. This powerhouse amp will delight tone-chasers and sound nerds alike with its extensive range of features and win over recording musicians with its impressive connectivity, which allows it to replace numerous guitar amps in the studio and ultimately save everyone a large amount of time and effort when it comes to cabling and miking. Once it’s in your rack, you won’t want to switch it off again.

About Kemper Amps

German firm Kemper Amps, or rather its founder Christoph Kemper, is no stranger to the music industry. His very first product, the virtual-analogue Access Virus synthesizer, was far ahead of its time and brought the company both unexpected success and an impressive reputation within the music profession. Continuing the momentum of this success, the company then developed the “Profiler” technology, which allows an astonishingly realistic reproduction of the sound of a miked amplifier to be made and thus represents the dawn of a new era in digital amplifier simulation. This technology is currently available in different variants of the Kemper Profiler system: As a basic head, as a top with a powerful Class-D power amp integrated, as a rack-mountable unit, and even as a floorboard.

The Profiler is up for anything

Whether it’s right next to the mixing desk in your studio rack, on stage with 600 watts of pure power behind it from the integrated class D power amp, or in your living room for some quiet practice, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack’s outstanding flexibility means that the amp’s potential knows no limits other than those of the player’s imagination. The wide range of connection options include on-board digital interfaces, such as an S/PDIF input and output and two USB outputs, which make it easy to record the Profiling Amplifier PowerRack’s signal to a DAW with zero loss in the studio. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack comes with presets of many of the best amplifiers of all time already installed, however, so your quest for the perfect tone can begin right away.

The ideal accessory: The Kemper Remote

The Kemper Profiler Remote is a floorboard that is compatible with every amp in the Profiling series and can be used to remotely control and enhance all of the Kemper’s key functions, making it the perfect addition to any setup. It features a built-in tuner, four connections for expression pedals, and a large display that provides a clear overview of the presets and effects that are currently selected. What is more, the remote can also be used to control the Profiling Amplifier’s looper function, and its “Morph” function is a highly practical feature that can be used to seamlessly crossfade between one or more parameters – making the transition from a dry crunch to a lead sound with delay (without switching presets) as simple as pressing a footswitch, for example.

In the spotlight: Profiling

In fundamental terms, the Kemper Profiler is primarily a highly specialised measuring device which, by means of a complicated algorithm, is capable of precisely replicating the tonal characteristics of a signal chain. Generally, this chain first and foremost includes the amplifier that is to be emulated, the cabinet to which this is connected, and the microphone that is placed in front of it. This standard setup can additionally be expanded by adding pedals, which can also be profiled as part of the chain if desired. An “amp only” profile can of course be created, however, by connecting the amplifier to a DI box instead of a conventional speaker cabinet. To determine the characteristics of the individual signal chain, the Kemper then sends various measurement signals through the amplifier that is connected, on the basis of which it then creates a so-called “profile” – which even professional musicians have difficulty in distinguishing from the original in terms of sound and dynamics. The user can subsequently customise this profile by fine-tuning a range of different parameters before naming and saving it. In this way, players can archive their entire amplifier collection virtually without restriction and take it with them to gigs and into the studio.

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29 Reviews

Jason S Thompson 25.01.2020
Can't say enough about these Kempers. It won't ever fully replace my valve amps, but these are incredible for recording, demoing, and live usage. I mainly use this in the studio, but the powered version is super powerful and is WELL WORTH the investment. Again - I still have my tube amps, but these are fantastic tools to have in your studio or for live applications. Definitely get the version with the foot controller - not getting one would be a total waste in my opinion.


6 years in, still in love
Jarkie 03.04.2022
I ditched all my traditional amps for this. Triple rec, Bogner, Marshall, Hook, all gone. I never miss them and the Kemper has carried me through hundreds of shows since.

There is a but: You have to get your programming right in pre production. Use a bad profile and you will sound bad. If you get it right and eq everything right at home your engineers will love you!


Sounds great
Dekkorr 27.02.2020
Controls and interface feel a bit 2000.
effect library has a lot, but not a hole lot.
finishing of the metalwork is budget like.

Sound is amazing!


Haerken 30.05.2019
Ideal for touring bands. The Kemper has allowed us to do a sound check, all on and off stage in 15mins!

We have 2 Kempers and have the line and cab level de-linked, so the stage volume is independent of what is going to the desk. This was a very complicated setup with tube amps previously, as fantastically as they sound and look, this made life hellish for setting up quickly.

For recording, it's fab to lay down tracks and send profiles to our mixing engineer, with a very close the idea of the sound we're after.

My only con is the 44.1kHz sampling rate, and would like it to have the options for higher rates; as I'm a stickler for high sample rates, like to have "air" in my recordings, and that many audio interfaces are now offering up to 192kHz and over.


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