Korg TM-60 White


Tuner and Metronome

  • Voice and metronome function can be used simultaneously
  • Fast-response LCD pointer
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Detection range: C1 ~ C8
  • Internal speaker
  • Sound-out and sound-back function
  • Tempo adjustable in the range 30 to 252 beats / minute
  • The chamber tone frequency is freely adjustable
  • Markings for specifying pure thirds intervals (major and minor thirds)
  • 15 Rhythm variations
  • Tempo setting with two tempo step patterns and a Tap Tempo function
  • The new circuit design doubles the battery life
  • Setting buffering and automatic switch-off
  • Input: 6.3mm Jack, mono, unbalanced
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 111x 74 x 18
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Colour: White
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries
available since December 2017
Item number 427561
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Adjustable time signature Yes
Tempo 30 bpm – 252 bpm
Stepless adjustable Tempo Yes
Display LCD
Headphone Output Yes
PSU Connector No
Output Signal Mono
Chromatic 1
Integrated Microphone 1
Integrated Metronome 1
Options Tuner and Metronome
Design Desktop
Special Features Sound Back Funktion
Dimensions 111 x 74 x 18 mm
Weight 100 g
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Perfect operation for a great price
JxHx the One Who Sleeps 27.11.2020
I've been using it to tune my guitars and bass via the input jack, haven't utilized the other functions so far.
The tuner is really sensitive, fast and accurate, better than expected. The screen and markers are really good and clear.
Responds lightning-fast to all strings on every instrument. It's just a little less quick with the bass low B, but it's still pretty decent and better than any other tuner I've tried.
The other functions are a nice addition, but it's worth the price for the tuner only.
If it were stolen, I would buy another one exactly like it.


Works well
Korman 17.07.2020
I have its younger brother-Korg CA-50-which only has the tuning function and I love it. Highly recommended. This Korg 60 adds a metronome so it has more features. Both use a detailed LCD screen which should last a long time and the batteries are 2- AAA so easy to change. The 60 also has an optional screen light for the dark, which is nice since the LCD screen only uses ambient light to view it. The 50 has a bit more robust plastic housing and is a tad smaller, so it is a touch more portable. The 50 also has a naturally more legible screen so it does not need the light as much. I recommend to buy the 50 if you do not need the metronome and light, but if you need that then go for the 60. I am glad to have both.


Good for basics
Jamendo 08.08.2022
Best feature is volume knob. This is a must in every single metronome.

Only thing that would do great to have all tempos. This jumps like 34 to 36 and so on.
There is tab tempo to cover this. Would recommend this for starters.


Extremely useful tool
Aindriú 03.07.2021
A super handy combo of tuner and metronome. I was surprised at how much I use the tab on the back to make it stand up on its own, but it's just perfect for sitting on a table while practicing or recording.

The tuner is pretty straightforward, but the metronome has a number of useful features. I particularly like having the visualisation of a traditional metronome arm swinging back and forth as well as the red flashing light indicating the tempo. I would love to be able to switch the sound of the metronome so it's not pitched, however the flashing light on the 'tap tempo' switch is often more useful than a sound would be anyway.

It's a bit bigger than the older KORG CA-1 tuner I've had for years, so I tend to take the CA-1 on gigs and keep the TM-60 at home or in the studio.


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