KRK Rokit RP8 G4 White Noise


Active Nearfield Studio Monitor

  • 8" Glass Aramid woofer
  • 1" Glass Aramid tweeter
  • Class-D amplifier 203 Watt bi-amped: 68 Watt tweeter, 135 Watt bass driver
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 111 dB
  • Frequency range: 36 - 40000 Hz
  • Integrated backlit LC display
  • 25 visual graphic EQ presets (DSP-based)
  • KRK app with room correction tools (iOS + Android)
  • Brickwall Limiter
  • Input: Combo XLR/jack 6.3 mm balanced
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 400 x 266 x 309 mm
  • Weight: 10.25 kg
  • Priced per unit
  • Colour: White Noise
Available since September 2019
Item number 473959
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Speaker size 1x 8", 1x 1"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 200 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) No
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Frequency range min. 36 Hz
Frequency range max. 40000 Hz
Dimensions in mm 400 x 266 x 309
Weight in kg 10,3 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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12 Reviews

Two huge problems make these speakers useless.
Liukke 22.08.2022
I tried these speakers in a shop in my city. They sounded great, especially because I could A/B them with my Yamaha HS7.
They are much more balanced, and the bigger woofer makes the bass more stable and punchy.
I also saw the "tuning" capabilities and I fell in love with them. Thomann was the next step.

Once they arrived at home, I plugged them in and...they hiss, they hiss like crazy. Not dependent on the signal, even with the XLR unplugged and volume at -inf, they have a noise floor embarrassingly high. My studio has less than 10dB of noise floor and the loudest piece of equipment were these speakers, even at 2m of distance.

How can KRK make "studio" monitors this terrible? I understand going cheap but it just defies the purpose of accurate sound if you have white noise all over the place. Compared to my HS7 they make 10dB louder white noise (recorded with an ECM8000 at 2cm from the tweeter, same cables in between the tests) which is...pathetic, if people don't notice this well...they do the wrong job or are in a very noisy room.

The second problem is the "tuning" feature, with a beautiful lcd screen on the back which is...kinda useless.
I thought you could EQ whatever you wanted with a couple bands, but it ends up letting you choose 5 presets on two bands, with +/-1 or 2 dB on a shelf, and a tiny bump on 10k. That's all the options you's a gimmick, don't use it.

It's a great pity because they sound great to me, I wish I could keep them but I fear I'll end up punching them out of desperation.

Buy them only if you plan to put them 3-4m away from you, or even more...or if your studio is near a working site.


MAXIMBAGAN 22.11.2020
The most beautiful monitors in the world, great sound! This product is primarily about emotions!


This studio monitors are just what i wanted
Tollboss music Tanzania 18.08.2022
Best for club music and reggae mixing


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Aber sowas von toll
Dean 909 09.09.2020
Ich hab die KrK gekauft einfach blind, wollte sehen bzw hören wie die so sind, und kann’s ehrlich wenn sie nicht mindestens das Gehalten was sie versprochen hätten, ich hätte sie auch wider zurück geschickt, aber.... Nein ich hab sie nicht wieder zurück geschickt, aber die sind auch nicht nur eine Augenweide auch klanglich echt super toll. Ich hab mich so Seher in die Krk ROKIT RB8 G4.verliebt dass ich tatsächlich ein date das ich am gleichen Tag hatte wie der Tag an dem sie bekommen hab, einfach abgesagt habe. Diese Monitor Boxen bieten alles können alles, sind wirklich sehr sehr gut, und zu dem Preis, wo kriegt man so viel Service und so einen Preis!!! Ich kann nur sagen von fünf möglichen Sternen würde ich nochmals 15 mehr dazu geben, soll heißen die können echt Kann’s schön was. Daumen an der Decke, und nicht einfach oben. Kaufen.... würde ich auf jeden Fall nochmals ohne wenn und Aber kaufen


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