Laserworld DS-2000RGB MK3


Laserworld DS-2000RGB MK3 with integrated ShowNET network interface; "Pure Diode" RGB laser system with semiconductor diodes and a guaranteed total output of 2000 mW; Red: 500 mW / 638 nm, green: 500 mW / 520 nm, blue: 1400 mW / 450 nm; analog modulation; ILDA; DMX; approx. 3 mm / 0.9 mrad (full angle), max. 40kpps @ 8° ILDA, max. 50° scan angle; Scan safety; Interlock: RJ45 In / Out; Push buttons to invert the X / Y axes; Power connection: Power Twist In / Out; Power supply: 85V - 250 V / AC 50/60 Hz internal PSU; Power consumption: 45 W; Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 145 mm; Weight: 4 kg; Showeditor full version software license included.

available since February 2022
Item number 535552
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colors RGB
Laser Classification 4
Animations-Laser Yes
Grating-Laser No
output more then 1000
Analogue Modulation Yes
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A nice and capable laser
RyRyRy 25.04.2022
This is my first display laser, so I don't have any direct comparisons to make for this unit. As my first laser though, I am mostly very happy with it.

The unit is very nicely built. The aluminium housing makes the unit feel very solid. Powercon and Ethercon connectors on the back are good quality and nice to have. The power output is more than enough for indoor use, I have not tested it outside. The colours are nice and vibrant, and when displaying rainbow effects it's hard to look away! The scanners seem good, and about the standard for this bracket of laser. I wouldn't want to go for anything slower as they can struggle for more complex shapes.

I have two main criticisms for this unit however:
1. The fans are quite loud, and they are always on. It would have been nice to see fans that ramp up as cooling is needed. And it would have been nice if quieter fans were used. If there is music playing you won't notice the noise, but if you're testing the laser without any music then you quickly get worn down by the fan noise.

2. The included ShowNET software is capable but horrible to use. It feels like Showeditor is a place for the developers to test ideas and throw together functionality without much thought for usefulness. I suppose it is this way because they want you to buy their Showcontroller software. No other software seems to exist for ShowNET, so to use any other package you would need to buy a separate ILDA DAC. I have tried getting access to the ShowNET API but so far I haven't been given access. I have had a few emails back and forth with LaserWorld to sort this but so far no dice.

Ultimately I am happy with this laser. It could definitely be better, but for the price this must be about the best you can get!
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