LD Systems Maui 5


LD Systems Maui 5Set consists of 3 mid/high bars and 1 subwoofer

  • Compact Plug and Play column system for monitoring and PA sound reinforcement
  • Discreet appearance for inconspicuous applications
  • Control via LD LECC DSP with limiter, equalizer, compressor and crossovers functions
  • Integrated Bluetooth player
  • Total output: 200W RMS (800W peak)
  • 120 dB SPL max
  • Frequency range: 50 - 20,000 Hz
  • Coverage pattern (H x V): 120° x 20°
  • 8" Subwoofer
  • Bass reflex housing
  • Dimensions: 305 x 405 x 395 mm
  • 4 x 3" neodymium tweeters, 4 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 82 x 535 x 105 mm
  • Integrated mixer
  • Total height: 198.5 cm
  • Total weight 10.9 kg
  • Colour: Black


  • 2 x Combo inputs XLR / jack
  • 1 x Input 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • 1 x Input 6.3 mm jack
  • 1 x Microphone input XLR / jack
  • Suitable subwoofer bag: Art.368720 (not included); Suitable satellite bag: Art.373426 (not included)
available since November 2015
Item number 362008
sales unit 1 piece(s)
more than 150 people No
more than 300 people No
Incl. Mixer No
Incl. Subwoofer Yes
Active Speaker Yes
Line Array / Column Yes
Width 305 mm
Incl. Player 1
Number of Speakers 4
Depht 395 mm
Height 1985 mm
Weight 10,9 kg
Sub Woofer 1x8
Speakers (Row) 4x3
RMS Power 200 W
Power (Manufacturer Info) 800 W
Inputs simultanly 4
Mic Preamps 1
Line Out No
Bluetooth Play 1
Color Black
Cover 373426, 368720
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Total dissapointment
Justin 3 08.03.2022
I bought it for acoustic live performances guitar + vocals.

I don't know, maybe after watching too many reviews I had huge expectations. But the sound is just terrible comparing to its rivals. Flat as earth for flatearthers. Sub is quite good, but in my case I wanted a full set , I already have HK nano with awful tops and powerful sub. Any simple active speaker does a better job than this. It is very extremely quiet. Absolutely no power at all.

I would sell it but I am a bad liar and I don't want to lie how good this is.

Maybe it's just me but I completely recommend avoiding this system.


Awesome speaker system
ChrisDys 15.08.2017
I was a little worried about buying this speaker as I didn't know how loud it would be. I was not disappointed. This is an amazing PA system for the price. The sound quality is great, the volume is very loud and the portability & setup is superb. I use this for hosting quizzes (some outdoors) and am very impressed with this product.


LateBjart 14.11.2018
I have owned several PA systems, both small and large. I have used this maui for several live pub gigs. The Maui is light and easy to handle. Good power. Sound is fair, but the bass is a bit muddy and the mid hi drivers lack a bit of clarity. I had to use a seperate mixer with a fair amount of hi eq gain to make my Akg D5 sound natural and crisp. The built in hi boost barely affect sound at all. It seems to gain more in the 4k frequency and not 10k like it should in my opinion. The whole sound is a bit flat and boxy, and lacks brilliance and air to bring out the best of vocals and acoustic guitar. Honestly, my Nux stageman amp sounds a lot nicer.


Super daddy 25.05.2017
I use this in a Band room with vocal channel and piano together, not too rock, but it cover very even on every corner.

It is really a simply package, easy to use, most of our people do not know how to use a mixer, however this system is really easy to control, and no. feed back at the a volume.

The compact MAUI 5 weighs in at only 25 lb. while delivering 800 watts of peak power and a maximum SPL of 120 dB. Providing both sound reinforcement with extended coverage and feedback resistant monitoring, the subwoofer base and 3-piece column system assembles in seconds with custom multi-pin connectors. The junior member of the MAUI family is most easily portable and fits onto any car seat.

The vented 8" subwoofer also houses the system's Class D amplification with overcurrent, short circuit and thermal protection, LD Systems' proprietary LECC digital processing and a 4-channel mixer. Featuring Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming and microphone, line level and hi-Z inputs (which can be used simultaneously) lets the MAUI 5 connect a wide variety of sources including music players and instruments such as keyboards or guitars. Individual level controls, subwoofer and master volumes plus high shelf filtering for room correction enable a perfectly balanced performance.

It does not sound perfect for Sound engineer, the mid seems have some lost between 400hz to 950hz, however for normal people, they will think it sounds good because it takes away some of the hash mid sound.


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