Line6 POD Studio UX2


USB Audio Interface

  • Especially suited for guitarists and bassists
  • 2 High-quality microphone inputs with pre-amps and phantom power
  • Guitar / bass input
  • Stereo Line inputs / outputs
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Analog "Merge" input
  • Line 6 POD Farm software with "FX Junkie" model pack
  • 18 Amp models for guitar
  • 5 Amp models for the bass
  • 64 Effects
  • 6 Microphone pre-amps
  • 24 Cabs for guitar
  • 5 Cabs for bass
  • Incl. Cubase LE (download after registration)
available since November 2008
Item number 214446
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Recording / Playback Channels 2x2
Number of Mic Inputs 2
Number of Line Inputs 2
Number of Instrument Inputs 1
Number of Line Outs 2
Headphone Outs 1
Phantom power Yes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 0
Number of ADAT Connectors 0
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
Word Clock No
Max. sample rate (kHz) 96 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered Yes
Incl. power supply No
USB Version 2.0
Width in mm 0 mm
Depth in mm 0 mm
Height in mm 0 mm
Connection Format USB port Type B
Included in delivery USB cable, software
Zero latency monitoring 1
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Nice interface with nice software but be careful with handling
Anonymous 06.12.2016
When I bought this interface, my main intention was to get something to rehearse in the apartment during the night and to record ideas at the same time.

Software that comes with it is quite nice. It works as a standalone program or as a VST. Maybe it's not Guitar Rig/Amplitube (it depends what you prefer) but when you find out few tricks you get a decent sound. So I used it as a VST, put it on one channel in my DAW, put EQ, compressor and high-pass filter (when needed) on it and I got decent sound that was comparable with previously mentioned programs. So if you put some time in it, you get a good result. The only drawback (but it makes sense) of the software is that it doesn't work with other interfaces.

When it comes to the interface. Pre-amps are okay, I love the VU meters, it's literally one of the most useful things of the good old analogue days, so you actually see what's going on without having thousands windows opened in your DAW. But there is one downside. It may happened only to me but the USB connector broke after few months of usage. So if anyone else faces the same problem:
This interface CAN be opened and fixed even if it doesn't look like this. The screws are around the 1/4" jacks, so you can untighten them and then rewire the USB connector on the printed circuit board.

Overall, I would recommend it because the ratio between price and quality is still good but not for professional recording use. It's okay for home to record some demos but definitely not for something serious.


Good at the time of release
Mick Mickson 22.10.2020
I remember when buying it 5 years ago, I was excited about having an all in one interface with amazing sounds as advertised by Line6. Easy installation and great podfarm software ... Well ... not exactly.

From the very beginning the hardware and at this time I think win 8.1 haven't been good friends and it is almost impossible to get it running on Win10. Support from Line6 ... nada.

Setup, latency issues and the overall handling just got me to put it on the desk and being frustrated and not using it anymore. I have tried it just a few weeks ago, after getting Behringer UMC 2 (which is amazing) and a Positive Grid Spark amp nd the BIAS FX 2 software and just wanted to compare it (and see if it still doesn't work properly) ... and well ... I was like in the past disappointed.

I guess it could have been a great product ... if it would have been working properly.


Selling point Pod Farm
Razor89 14.02.2014
I've used this interface mostly for private projects but we also used it for the production of our latest EP, recording everything except for the drums through this interface. While the interface itself is pretty basic and doesn't offer any exciting or fancy features, the unique selling point of the UX-2 (or any other Line 6 Interface) is the software bundle you get with it, most importantly Line 6's Pod Farm 2. Pod Farm 2 offers a variety of different amplifier, cabinet and effect simulations for both gutar and bass and we used it heavily when recording our EP. While the software can't completely replace real amps in the studio, it's perfect for demoing or messing around. If you plan on building a basic recoding set-up for your home studio, the UX2 might be a good start - especially if you're a guitar or bass player.


Great Interface!
Sam P. 15.05.2013
I bought this to use in my home studio, to record my band and a couple of my friends band's. It has the most features of any interface in the price range, and also comes with some great software (PodFarm, Reason limited etc).

It's a great piece of kit. The quality of the recordings itself are really good, and when compared to my friends Scarlett 2i2, we found the quality of the sound was even better (in our opinion).

It looks really nice and the layout of the controls is really convenient. The dials which light up and can be reassigned to show several different things look great too.

The interface itself is very light, and is made out of a heavy duty plastic, which at first makes you question the quality of it. However, I've used the interface for several months now and it doesn't have a mark on it. I've transported it around and thrown it in my bag and it's absolutely fine.

It's very easy to set up, simply install the software and drivers, plug it in and you're set to record. However, because it's a 2x2 interface, the inputs need to be set in PodFarm, which can be confusing to find at first, so make sure you have the instructions on hand!

Overall this is a great interface and I'd recommend it over anything in the price range.