LOTUS Flugelhorn FL-3XL Bronze LT

Mouthpiece For Flugelhorn

  • Inner diameter: 16.60 mm
  • Diameter approximately comparable with: Bach 3, Schilke 11, Yamaha 14, Warburton 5
  • Bore: 4.6 mm (between #14-15)
  • Bronze
  • Silver-plated
  • Bronze mouthpieces are suitable for smaller jazz ensembles, chamber music, solo and whenever you tonally want to fill the room
  • Very deep flugelhorn cup for a fat, dark and creamy flugelhorn sound
  • L-shank (Adams, Benge, Blessing, Callet, Conn, Eclipse, Gerd Dowids, Getzen, Josef Lidl, Kanstul, King, Lawler, Miraphone, Orlando Wind Instruments, Stomvi, Thomas Inderbinen, Weril, Yamaha)
available since June 2022
Item number 542966
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Cup Depth Deep
Cup Diameter 16,60 mm
Width Rim No
Finish Silver Plated
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Available in several months
Available in several months

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