LOTUS Trumpet 7M2 Nickel Silver

LOTUS 7M2 mouthpiece for trumpet; inner diameter: 16.30mm (0.64"); diameter approx. comparable to: Bach 7 - 10-1/2, Monette MF / BL2, Schilke 6, Yamaha 11, Warburton 7; bore: 3.7mm (between #26-27); nickel silver, silver plated; nickel silver mouthpieces are suitable for: lead, commercial & studio playing, adding extra life to duller-sounding horns; cup: was designed at the request of players looking for a more fiery, aggressive alternative to the M cup, specifically geared towards lead, studio and commercial playing; much more so than with the M cup, this one really sounds more like a lead mouthpiece - BUT, it’s still got more volume than actual lead cups

available since June 2022
Item number 542958
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Cup Depth Medium Flat
Cup Diameter 16,3 mm
Finish Silver Plated
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Available in several months

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