Mapex Tornado Stand. Zildjian Set BK


Complete Drumset

  • Tornado series
  • Standard version
  • Basswood shell
  • Shell with wrap finish
  • Colour: Black

Drum set includes:

  • 22" x 16" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 07" Tom Tom
  • 12" x 08" Tom Tom
  • 16" x 14" Floor Tom
  • 14" x 05" Snare Drum

Hardware set consisting of:

  • C200 Straight cymbal stand
  • H200 Hi-hat
  • P200 Foot pedal
  • S200 Snare stand
  • Millenium CBS-718 Cymbal boom stand
  • T250 Drummer throne

Zildjian Planet Z cymbal set consisting of:

  • 20" Ride cymbal
  • 16" Crash cymbal
  • 14" Hi-Hat cymbal
Available since October 2016
Item number 398654
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Drum size 22"
Number of TomToms 2
Number of Floor Toms 1
Shell Material Limewood
Finish Foiled
Colour Black
Sparkle No
Fade No
Burst No
Shell Hardware Colour Chrome
Incl. Snare Yes
Incl. cymbals Yes
Incl. Hardware Yes
Incl. Seat Yes
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40 Reviews

Perfect, complete starter kit for beginners
Keyboard guy with a drummer kid 16.07.2019
Although we visited the Thomann website many times, this was our first business with them. We truly appreciate the product information available, especially the sound demos, available in many cases even for drumsets.

We bougth this kit to our son as a beginner set to support his studies, after some background consultation with and recommendation from his teacher. our decision was partially based on completeness of the set, customer feedbacks found on the web, the Zildjian bundle, and last but not least the price tag.

Delivery was a bit far from perfect but this was not the fault of Thomann. Customer service picked up the phone, tried to help finding the packages, answered our questions, replied to our e-mail with full list of cargo IDs. Finally packages arrived in perfect conditions.
Installation took 3-4 hours, but everything went well. Yes, the user guide is a bit small and simple, but here came our best friends on Youtube who helped with their videos.
The set is more than perfect for a beginner, further extention looks unnecessary, as even a throne and sticks were included. Together with the Zildjian cymbal set we think this bundle is a real bargain.
The kid is really happy, using the set day-by-day. Mom and Dad have to order some ear protectors to better enjoy the show.
All in all the whole family is fully satisfied with both Thomann and the Tornado set. :-)

Conclusion: Excellent company, supportive staff, good products and bundles at reasonable price level. We will come back soon.


My first drumkit
MrGP 16.02.2021
It took many years, but finally I've bought myself a drumkit. After reading all the reviews from all the available kits, I've decided to buy this Mapex Tornado set in the black color. The quality of the drum kit is great for the price, and the cymbals sound great! I was worried about the 3 packages and how it would arrive at home, but everything came in a perfect order without any damages or whatsoever. Great delivery from Thomann and UPS! Chapeau! The sound quality of each item must be tuned very well (especially the snare drum) and some additional muffling rings to lower high vibrations are a must. On YouTube many interesting ways of tuning each item is shown. A good sound proofing drum rug is also a good investment when the drum kit stands on a hard floor. So yes, I would recommend this set for every first time player! Thank you Thomann for showing all reviews and helpful additional info.


Very good quality/price ratio
granny 10.10.2017
I got this kit as a begginner player level in order to practice along with my friend's guitars on ocasions. We were prior using an electronic kit but this is the real deal. Starting with the way higher noise level and the feeling of it all, it's a real badass drum kit. The first thig I do recommand though is to study the tuning procedure and maybe even get an mobile app to measure the pitch (i got DrumtunePRO) as it will offer you the best of it when the (although cheap) drumheads are tuned properly. The Zildjian cymbals are a big step up from the stock ones (witch you can easily bend with your hand) and provides a way greater overall value for the set. I would probably upgrade the batter heads at least for the snare and bass drum witch I use most, with something of higher quality and don't forget to use at least for the snare some gel or similar in order to get rid of the unwanted frequencies.


Probably the best set for a beginner
Spacelord-76gr 02.07.2019
Ok first of all id like to thank Thomann for everything : guidance shipping and support , answering all my questions etc.

Its my first drum set so i waited a while to write this review coz i was too excited and needed some time to calm down.

So lets start with packaging , everything was correct and very easy to understand what you are holding. The only thing needs a little improvement is the manual more details would be appreciated.

As it was my first order i was a little worried about the condition of all items but everything was perfect and all items protected.

The set up was more easier than expected took me a couple of hours to complete. Videos from you tube from Mapex was helpful too. Cymbals set from Zildjan worth every cent and its essential upgrade. Anyone who decides to buy this set , friendly advice choose Mapex with the Zildjan set without second thoughts. Quality of all hardware its really very good for the price. Same goes to the drum heads i guess. The only thing maybe needs upgrading in the near future is the bass drum beater. ( Replace default with Mapex Tri-Tonal Bass Drum Beater for example ).

When set up finished satisfaction is a small word to describe the feelings. All set looks and it is very impressive and In my opinion black color suits perfect but ok this is personal. Next step is tuning with app like Drumtune PRO , needs some extra time to find out how to tune correctly everything but it worth the patience.

Conclusion : Probably the best set for a beginner , excellent value for money , Zildjian cymbals are fantastic offer and now its time for practice !! Rock on !!


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