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Marshall DSL5CR

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This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States of America.

All-Tube Combo for Electric Guitar

  • Reissue Series - The authentic DSL sound
  • Power: 5 W (with power reduction option, 0.5W)
  • 2 Footswitchable channels with classic gain and ultra gain
  • Equipped with a 10" Celestion Ten-30 speaker
  • Preamp tubes: 2x ECC83
  • Power tube: 1x 12BH7/ECC99
  • Tone shift button for adding depth and shape to your sound
  • Bass switch that supplements a resonant bass boost
  • Separate volume and gain controls on both channels
  • Combined control for treble, mids and bass
  • Emulated line output
  • Series FX loop
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 450 x 240 x 420 mm
  • Weight: 12.7 kg
  • Includes a footswitch
Power 5 W
Speaker size 1x 10"
Power Amp Tubes 12BH7
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone connection Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Item number 422011
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Bedroom amp with authentic Marshall DSL tone

The combos and heads in the Marshall DSL series have enjoyed great popularity since their release, and the compact Marshall DSL5CR is no exception. This diminutive five-watt powerhouse boasts two channels of all-tube circuitry as well as some useful extra features, including an emulated line out for direct recording, an audio input for playing back music from external sources, on-board digital reverb, and an effects loop that allows additional effects to be integrated. The three-band EQ has been upgraded to enhance its effectiveness, while the Tone Shift and Deep switches allow modern scooped sounds to be dialled in. The result is clearly audible through the 10-inch Celestion Ten-30 speaker – housed in a reassuringly robust and compact enclosure – which delivers outstanding presence throughout the entire sound spectrum.

Marshall sound and extensive features

The DSL5CR’s preamp stage is fitted with two ECC83 tubes, one for each of its two foot-switchable channels. Channel 1 (Classic Gain) provides a shimmering clean sound at low volume, which is gently compressed from about half-volume upwards and gradually becomes a gritty-sounding breakup when the volume is turned all the way up. Channel 2 (Ultra Gain) picks up where Channel 1 left off and delivers everything from sizzling crunch to high-gain lead with typical Marshall amp dynamics – and can then be further tightened using the Tone Shift and Deep switches. Both channels have their own volume and gain controls and share an effective three-band EQ.

Real tube tone

If you love the Marshall sound, you will definitely love the DSL5CR – and this compact amp brings that classic all-tube Marshall character into your home. The DSL5CR is ideal for practising, small jam sessions, and recording. The Low Power switch reduces the output from five watts down to 0.5 watts – and allows the amp to really shine: Just crank the volume up, let the tubes glow, and enjoy their full dynamic range and saturation effect. Its extensive features, such as the two channels, the integrated digital reverb, the effects loop, and the Emulated Out/headphone output, will be tempting even for seasoned professionals – however, the DSL5CR’s attractive price also makes it an ideal tube amp for ambitious beginners.

About Marshall

Marshall, the manufacturer from Milton Keynes in Great Britain, is an indispensable figure in the world of electric guitar. The tube amplifiers of company founder Jim Marshall († 2012) have been writing Rock music history since 1962 with names like Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. The classics of the JTM, JMP, and JCM 800 series are still highly sought-after today, as they shaped the sound of overdriven and distorted electric guitar more than any other product. To this day, the combination of the amp and 4x12" cabinet - the "Marshall stack" - is synonymous with the energy and power of the Rock music genre. Alongside these landmark achievements, however, Marshall has always kept its finger on the pulse of the times and a close eye on the needs of up-and-coming musicians.

For bedroom or recording session

For sure, five watts of power won’t rock a stage, but will certainly rock during smaller sessions or at home. And if you need to lower the volume to bedroom level, the Low Power switch on the rear panel, which reduces the-five-watt output to ear-friendly 0.5 watts, is the way to go. This makes the Marshall DSL5CR an ideal practice combo, and the recording output with cabinet simulation allows that Marshall sound to be recorded on your computer without the need for a microphone. The DSL5CR is also sure to be a real eye-catcher in the living room or bedroom.

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Big things come in small packages
TudorAdrian 22.01.2019
To begin with, this thing is built like a tank. I own a Bugera 6262-212 combo and the casing is a lot more thicker on this small 5W Marshall than on the 120W Bugera combo so you can tell just from this that Marshall put some attention into building this sturdy little monster.

The clean channel is very nice, goes from mild, jazzy tones to crunchy stuff with that classic Marshall ring to it.

The lead channel is where I spend most of my time & it's really something to write home about. I play a Jackson Dominion DX2 (Dimarzio pickups) and an ESP LTD Eclipse (EMGs) through it; the mids are very well defined and the bottom end is very very focused so very good attack & note definition. The treble may get a little harsh on the very high gain settings but that can easily be toned down by the tone on the guitar or the Treble switch on the amp itself.

The foot-switch is metal so not plastic which is a BIG + in my book!

The reverb is also nice (nothing to write home about but decent) but it needs to be cranked up to get the best out of it.

Finally, my favorite feature: the "Low-Power" mode switch. 5 Watts can be very loud so having the option to get this thing to play apartment levels with a simple push of a button is awesome.

This thing can easily do live gigs (seeing how nowadays, most engineers mic up the amps), rehearsals (if your drummer is not crazy loud) and even recording.

All in all, I like this amp very much. It's easy to carry around and very versatile.

Good job Marshall & great stuff Thomann!


Great amp
DefPenguin 12.03.2021
Really happy with it though, takes pedals well and the FX loop is a godsend as is the quiet mode. Gives you everything you's expect from that classic Marshall sound, even the simulated output sounds fantastic. My only gripe with this amp would be that the line input sounds a little quiet compared to the amps own output (which is truly monstrous). other than that, it's an absolute beast.
highly recommended.


sounds really nice
PhaseMeltdown :) 22.06.2020
It's my first Marshall amp and I don't regret buying it. It only has three valves in it, but it delivers 5 glorious watts of beautiful harmonic distortions as I imagined it would. Power chords simply sound delicious :). It is built like a tank, the emulated output is acceptable when you don't want to use its speaker (you'll have to disconnect the speaker before turning the amp on in order to use just the emulated output, otherwise both the emulated output and the speaker will work in simultaneously, as I understand there is an internal load that is engaged when you disconnect the speaker). I think the 5 watts are more than acceptable for my current use in my apartment, I usually keep it on 1 watt power the volume pot somewhere between 3 and 5... no, it does not go to 11. I don't think the amp would manage to be heard in a club gig without putting a mic on it, if that's your objective then go with the 20 watts version.

The only drawback I see, is that at some point I'll have to replace the power valve and I wasn't able to find documentation on how to check and fine-tune the bias of the output valve, but I guess I am supposed to go to a dealer or tech to do this job... right :). We'll see that when that time will come.


pavelzakamsk 25.06.2021
Great combo amplifier! I bought it to play at home and the fact that it has a 1W attenuator is definitely a plus. I was very pleased with the channel switch pedal, it's just super. The clean channel is slightly lacking in gain, but nevertheless it is a good base for connecting stompboxes. The body itself is just a bomb, beautiful, dense, nothing rings, does not crunch. I am very pleased that I bought it.


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