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Marshall Major IV Bluetooth Black


Bluetooth Headphones

  • Supra-aural
  • Closed
  • Foldable
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Up to 80 hours of Bluetooth operating time
  • Up to 10 m Bluetooth range
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sound pressure level: 99 dB
  • Wireless charging possible (charging station not included)
  • Control element on the headphones
  • Music Share (another listener can also be plugged into one of the auricles with a 3.5 mm jack plug for listening)
  • Detachable audio cable with 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Weight: 165 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes USB charging cable
Design On-Ear
System Closed Back
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency range 20 Hz–20000 Hz
Adapter No
Type Of Transmission Bluetooth
Max. range 10
Color Black
Item number 503936
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State-of-the-art wireless technology for pure musical enjoyment

The Marshall Major IV headphones are the fourth generation of Marshall’s iconic Major series. With this model, Marshall has fully committed to wireless technology. As with the earlier models, the design of the ear cups is reminiscent of Marshall’s famous 4x12” guitar cabinets, while the name is a reference to the legendary 1967 Marshall Major guitar amplifier. Despite its historic name, however, the Major IV Bluetooth is jam-packed with the latest headphone technology and its sound is completely up to date. To quote the manufacturer, the two dynamic 40 mm drivers “deliver roaring bass, smooth mids, and brilliant treble”.

A half-stack you can wear

The combination of the 4x12” speaker cabinet and amplifier head is called a half-stack – and the Marshall Major IV Bluetooth is pretty much a half-stack you can wear – though far more comfortable, of course. Thanks to its lightweight construction and padded ear cushions, this “on-ear” model does not “pinch” in any way. The Major IV is operated via a gold-coloured multi-directional control knob, similar to a mini joystick, which can be used to adjust the volume and control the playback and telephone functions. The Major IV can be charged wirelessly, and a fully-charged battery will provide over 80 hours of uninterrupted listening time – the equivalent of almost three-and-a-half days. Should the battery run low, however, the Major IV’s 3.5 mm socket will allow you to continue listening thanks to the included audio cable. Alternatively, the Music Share function also allows a second pair of headphones to be plugged into the input, letting a friend enjoy your music at the same time as yourself.

From ABBA to Zappa

Marshall was once the territory of long-haired heavy rockers wielding Les Paul guitars. Though the appearance of the Major IV Bluetooth harks back to this heritage, its sound most certainly does not. The Major IV can encompass far more than Rock & Roll and heavy guitar riffs. For those who pride themselves on the variety of genres in their playlists, the Major IV will prove a universal pair of headphones that know no style preferences and will do justice to any style of music – from ABBA to Zappa and from Avicii to ZZ Top. Although Marshall’s Major IV Bluetooth might not qualify as a top-of-the-range headset for discerning audiophiles, it will definitely be a loyal listening companion, whether you are relaxing on the sofa or on your daily train commute. What is more, Marshall’s distinct trademark lettering adds the final touch and is sure to make a statement to those in the know.

About Marshall

Marshall, the manufacturer from Milton Keynes in Great Britain, is an indispensable figure in the world of electric guitar. The tube amplifiers of company founder Jim Marshall († 2012) have been writing Rock music history since 1962 with names like Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. The classics of the JTM, JMP, and JCM 800 series are still highly sought-after today, as they shaped the sound of overdriven and distorted electric guitar more than any other product. To this day, the combination of the amp and 4x12" cabinet - the "Marshall stack" - is synonymous with the energy and power of the Rock music genre. Alongside these landmark achievements, however, Marshall has always kept its finger on the pulse of the times and a close eye on the needs of up-and-coming musicians.

Headphones for everyday use

The Marshall Major IV Bluetooth is truly a pair of headphones to wear every day. There is no real reason not to keep them on your ears or around your neck at all times. When combined with the optional wireless charging station, the Major IV will quickly become part of your daily homecoming routine: Kettle on, keys and wallet in the drawer, and the Major IV on its charging pad. The battery’s long life means you can go without recharging it for a few weeks at a time. Thanks to its low input impedance, the Major IV provides plenty of volume when plugged into a smartphone – and an external headphone amplifier will bring the Major IV up to full power when in the music room or the home studio. Like many wireless Bluetooth headphone sets, the Marshall Major IV has a built-in microphone so that it can be used with a telephone and, of course, combined with a laptop for Skype or Zoom conferences.

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Jevgenijs 03.03.2021
Very nice product, Marshall is Marshall, but there is one little issue (in my opinion), that when you are listening music too loud, guy that is sitting near to you hears music. I was using Marshall Major 2, and according to that, I think that there was no such problem


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Parfait pour bouger
Nölk 11.05.2021
Bonne qualité de fabrication.
Les pads sont confortables, isolent correctement .
Le son est assez bon: aigus et médiums propres, basses bien présentes sans être sur représentées. Un bon équilibre global avec un low end correct.
L'autonomie énorme est un réel plus, l'appairage se fait simplement et est stable.
Le cordon extensible fourni est qualitatif
Super donc pour de longues sessions d'écoute, et facile à ranger une fois plié, prends vraiment peu de place et est léger.
Bref un bon petit casque


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Opět výborná sluchátka
Martin1* 09.12.2020
Velmi dobře sedí, netlačí na hlavě. Ostatně to mi nevadilo ani u Major II.
Zvuk opět skvělý, možná z mého subjektivního poslechu mi Major II vyhovovaly o něco více s trochu lepšími hloubkami a o něco víc basový.
Výborná výdrž a velmi rychlé nabití.


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Top Freizeit Bluetooth Kopfhörer
Gustavo_ 08.03.2021
Für unterwegs perfekt! Satte Bässe, sehr angenehm zu tragen (nicht so eng anliegend, wie die älteren Modelle), stabilie Bluetoothverbindung und extrem lage Akkulaufzeit. Dazu kommt noch die robuste Verarbeitung und die Möglichkeit die Headphones beim transport einzuklappen. Bin sehr zu frieden!


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