Marshall MG50GFX


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

Combo amplifier for electric guitar

  • Power: 50W
  • 4 analog channels - fully programmable
  • Equipment: 12 "speaker
  • 2 simultaneous effects - Reverb and a Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Octaver, Vibrato and Delay effect (Delay in 4 different modes: Studio, Tape, Multi-Tap, Reverse)
  • Separated delay control
  • Emulated / Headphone output
  • MP3 / Line Input
  • Programmable serial effects loop
  • Programmable Damping: 2 FDD Styles
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 518 x 494 x 278 mm
  • Weight: 16.6 kg
  • Finish: Black / Gold
  • Incl. 2-fold footswitch

Note: Access to all functions with "STOMPWARE" footswitch - Art. 223005 (not included).

available since December 2017
Item number 422020
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power 50 W
Speaker 1x 12"
Channels 4
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop No
Line Input Yes
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight in kg 16,6 kg
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In stock within 5-7 weeks

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A feature-packed and powerful combo with its own character
George Sh 14.02.2022
I bought this model with my very first electric Schecter guitar, and this is my very first combo so I may be missing something. Actually, I wanted to buy a Boss Katana 50, but they wouldn't ship it to my country. So I chose this one for the name, features, and power. And then, the prices here are very attractive compared to what I can buy locally.

The pros are:
+ A LOT of power, I don't use it above 20% power at home. I knew it would be like this, just wanted to make sure I have the right monitor in case of any live gigs.
+ Many effects, you can really change the way your guitar sounds regardless of the pickups you have. I could (almost) mimic the vibrating bass guitar part in the Twin Peaks main theme.
+ The great and recognizable design, gold with black.
+ The phone out is also a line out, you can send the resulting signal with FX to an audio interface without any noise.
+ 2-button pedal included. I thought of buying the 4-button model with total control of the FX but couldn't justify this purchase, all I need I can do with this included pedal.

Cons are:
- The speaker amplifier is way too noisy. Maybe it's just my ungrounded AC connection. Especially you can hear it in any of the OD modes. I understand how this works: the original line signal is amplified until it clips a lot and the noise is amplified as well. But here, the noise is too distinct.
- This thing's got its own character and it always adds it to the output even if you choose any of the clean modes, without any FX or OD. It always sounds somewhat harsh and angry. When I connect my guitar directly to the audio interface (Focusrite 2i2), it sounds noticeably calmer and bluesy. Looks like this is the Marshall tone, the British sound. It does let you reproduce the sound of many famous hard-rock groups, but sorry, I didn't quite like it.

That's why I gave the highest marks for the features (FX) but only 3 for the sound. Maybe I'm wrong and it's just a matter of taste. Anyway, I've recorded a couple of tracks with my group using this model and, as a softened rhythm guitar, this sounds good as a result (through the line out only).


MG50GFX - Home use
Paddy&Co 22.11.2021
I love that Marshall sound, but their is no chance of a full stack! Instead it’s the MG50GFX at home, mostly with a good quality set of headphones and an hour or two disappears.

Looks great,
Send/return for pedals gives you more tone options,
Easy to use - no need for a laptop/PC,
Great presets, although I have tweaked mine a bit,
It’s loud, so I imagine it’s huggable and the master volume is there to keep the neighbours happy,
Can connect to extension cab,

To save a present takes a few not so intuitive steps, but no problem with the manual at hand,
You need a separate pedal to work the built in tuner - so it didn’t have a tuner.

I play an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and Squire Strat Classic Vibe, both sound fantastic through this amp.


Good but not for me
Lefto 22.11.2021
Very nice sound in all channels for traditional heavy rock and metal. The cleans are also pretty bright but if you want something more modern sounding you should check other options


I love it
Jimf 08.09.2020
I’ve tried some Marshall heads and the jvm410c but for my tastes this little one beats them all. I’m surprised by the quality and I don’t understand all the disappointments about it.
Yes, it is a bit noisy but with a noise suppressor it’s ok.
I’m so happy I discovered it


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