M-Audio SP-2


Sustain Pedal

  • In the piano style
  • Polarity switchable
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
available since September 2006
Item number 195659
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Polarity Switch Yes
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Available in several months

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Good but disappointing
psimango 26.03.2020
I'm a keyboard player at a church here in Dublin so as expected I need a reliable sustain pedal to use at home for practice, during rehearsals and during the services. I've owned 2 of this specific model of sustain pedal.

In the beginning I was very pleased. It did exactly what it said on the tin, sustains the note with no problem. However the price gives away a hint, it's not great in the long run. The build quality is impressive to the naked eye however the internals of the sustain pedal don't seem to last.

As I said, I've gone through 2 of these pedals already and the same issue arose. After maybe 3-4 months of consistent use, the pedal was worn out and ceased to function correctly. After purchasing another pedal within about 2 weeks of the first one failing, I began to run into the same issues, premature failure.

Great build quality for sure but it doesn't last. I wouldn't recommend it as a pedal to use in the long run. Maybe at home for practice but you wouldn't want your pedal failing live. It's certainly not worth it.


Thumbs up
Vinko P. 27.12.2021
I use the pedal with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A61, in home studio setting. It looks and feels more than adequate. It's quiet, smooth, and the pressure/weight is ideal, not too heavy, not too light. Would buy again if I ever have to.


Good price. No slipping.
jokke90 23.08.2019
Great price for a great pedal. Works perfectly, doesn't slip.

plus points:

I don't know of a pedal that comes close at this price point for the quality it offers.

It has great anti-slip at the bottom. It sits rock steady on the floor.

It does what it needs to do.


At one point there was a bad contact at the switch on the bottom. Which reverses the pedal (sustains when it isn't pressed). This meant that sometimes the notes would hang when releasing the pedal. Almost wanted to return it. But a quick back and forth on the switch fixed that. Still it seems a bit of a weak spot.

After extensive use for a week, it started to squeak. probably an easy fix, but I'm too lazy atm. I can live with it. However in a perfect world, it wouldn't even be there in the first place.


Solid and economical but don't expect it to last too long
FrancoE 27.05.2022
I have a couple of these in my home studio and tend to get new ones about every couple of years more or less. This an excellent value as pedals go. It feels solidly built, but the internals leave something to be desired in the long term depending on how heavy your use of it is. If you're only going to have it in a home studio setting where it's not traveling, getting banged about and isn't getting too much abuse, it does the job and is a great value at this price range.


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