Millenium BS-500 Set


Set of Height Adjustable Monitor Stands

  • For near-field monitors
  • Panel surface: 23 x 23 cm
  • Height adjustable from 93-131 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 20 kg
  • Length of the triangular base: 45 cm per side
  • Weight per pair: 6.6 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Set of 2 in a box
Available since June 2009
Item number 228376
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2801 Reviews

9 years later still standing strong
Victor Valiant 23.06.2020
+Stands the test of time.
I've used this Millenium BS-500 Set since 2011.
For nearly 9 years now, they've kept my Yamaha HS80M up.
With an Auralex acoustic pad in between them.

The weight all rests on the thick metal pin,
which is pinned at the position/height you set the shaft to be.
After all these years still reliable & no sign of wear.

+Great cable relief from connector
There's a cable hook provided to attach to the shaft for cables.
I've positioned the hook to face the front rather than the backside so the XLR cable runs in an smooth curvature from front of shaft to back at the speaker.
This way the hook takes the weight of the cable, and not the connector that hangs from the speakers.
Both cable & speaker inputs remains as good as new.
Many overlook cable weight strain on the connector, and might damage either connector or speaker input after years hanging down.

+The Triangle base
Pockets are great for tierupping/spiral rolling remaining cable.
Keeping the power cables, audio cables separate etc
It stands sturdy, with metal carpet spikes provided to screw on for minimal ground contact.

+Base can be rotated as desired to fit with desks.
And speakers all setup can still rotate.
Nice black textured coating, never dusty & easy to clean.

Everything what's expected of a speaker stand to do it does.
Just make sure you don't place overly sized speakers on it.
Or let people walk around them to much.
It can take a nudge but not a bump. Cheers V


Solid, Semi-Stable and Good for Homestudio
Ceyhun K. 01.10.2016
Positive: These stands are easy to mount/ adjust and are solid. They are stable for as long as the floor is perpendicular and not askew, and the height of the pole is not set too high.

The triangle shaped foot is very handy not only for stabilization but also for fitting the stand in corners! The adjustability is very flexible and suits for one's needs. One can adjust the height of the pole and the direction of the surface holder accordingly.

There is a soft material on the corners of the surface holders which prevents the speaker from sliding and shocks.

Negative: Consider taking the measurements of contact surface area of the stand and your speakers before buying. I have the Yamaha HS8 which does not perfectly fit on the surface of the stand, the speaker comes 1 to 2 cm out of the surface.

The stand is not that stable when the speaker is bigger or heavy. The surface holder is sometimes difficult to rotate.

Extra: There is a piece of metal that I do not know exactly the utility of. This piece fits in holes of the pole, I use it as a sort of security, if ever the pole doesn't hold and collapses. By putting the piece of metal in the hole, one can prevent/block the pole from sliding to the ground if ever it fails to hold.


Nel. 05.02.2020
They seemed sturdy, reason why I purchased them, but they are not.

- The central vertical "tube" is only held by a single screw to the middle of the base, and it is likely very weak and easy to bend/damage. It does not fit very firmly, even when screwed with a lot of force
- There is metal or paint power inside the base frame, so you have to shake the things like a mad to get out what you can. Not only that powder is likely toxic (extremely thin), but also you clearly do not want that in any studio environment (magnets from speakers, mics, guitar pickups...)
- Bad powder coating/damaged finish on the base

- Feet pressed inserts at the base are moving (not properly pressed into the base)
- Plastic molded parts are low quality
- You cannot put the lower cable managers, as they simply do not fit
- Not the best welding on the base
- I wish it was possible to lower a bit more the speakers

Unless you are on a budget and do not care about a bit of frustration, go ahead. I recommend purchasing something else, especially if you plan to move them a lot. You cannot tour with that.


Good price for okay product
solidsoundsolutions 23.08.2016
I was purchasing the monitor stands for my little home studio to finally get my speakers off my desk and I was pretty excited when the box arrived.

The stands are easily to assemble as an easy to use manual comes with them. As a fitting Allen Key is provided, the stands should be up and ready within a few minutes. Unpacking took longer. ;-)

But unfortunately my delivery must have been a Monday production. One of the poles was slightly different, the provided bolt was not long enough to connect the foot with the pole. Therefore I was not able to assemble the second stand straight out of the box. As I am living in Ireland I figured that returning the whole thing because of a screw would not make a lot of sense. I contacted Thomann customer support but decided to visit the next ironmonger before they even had a chance to answer. Issue resolved, stand is working fine now. But I will have to remove a few stars for quality and the overall rating.

I still recommend the BS-500 Set for small project studios as the price is more than fair for what you get.