Millenium E-Drum Bag


Gig Bag

  • For electronic drums
  • 20mm Padding
  • 10 Variable interior compartments for pads or electronics
  • 1 Large interior compartment for stand approx. 90 x 30 cm
  • 3 Large exterior pockets
  • Padded handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x D): 100 x 50 x 37 cm
available since November 2002
Item number 157097
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Length in cm 100 cm
Width in cm 50 cm
Height in cm 37 cm
Incl. Wheels No
Color Black
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Bulk storage for the complete 6-piece Alesis DM10 studio kit including rack
Animale 07.03.2021
After reading all other reviews, it becomes clear this is not a bag meant for regular transport, when fully loaded.
It then becomes too bulky, too heavy and too clumsy to handle by 1 person.
You can only transport this fully loaded regularly if you always have someone around to help, and a transportation cart.

But I decided to use this bag to store my Alesis DM10 studio kit.
Which is a big, 6-piece e-kit with an alu-cage with plastic clamps and a DM10 module.
I only use parts of it now integrated with my acoustic kit.
Would the whole kit including cage fit inside the Millenium bag?

Yes, it does. The whole cage goes in the big open compartment, and you even can leave all clamps and rods attached to the tubes.

The 6 pads (5x 8" & 1x 10" snare) go in their dedicated compartments, including the cymbal pads and the module with the cable boom still attached on it.
The velcro attached paddings are really worthy.

Yes, you will need the big frontside compartment for the kickdrum metal frame, which you will need to dismantle separate from the pad, which is only a matter of loosening a few screws.
But it all fits in this bag with the zipper closed. I'm happy with it.

My advice for storage is to put the bag on it's fixed location first and then put everything in it.
Get a little box to store the screws of the kickdrum frame.

I've put this bag it in the back of my barn. But now I can always get to it and pick any component, nicely organized.
And if it's really necessary, I can always rely on a buddy to help me move this huge thing.

It lost some stars because it's not (really) a transportable bag and it could use a floorboard for rigidness.
But I gave the total verdict 5 stars. Because of the storage capacity.
Because for this price it's unbeatable as an e-kit storage bag.
If it fits the big Alesis DM10 studio kit, it will fit almost any other conventional E-drum kit including rack.
And of course you can use this bag to store anything else since the compartments are detachable and modular.


Nice Purchase
fcm50 31.12.2019
This E-Drum Bag is perfect for the the E-Drum Millenium MPS-850. Everything fits perfectly and safe there.


Excellent, but waxy?
markodarko 13.09.2013
This bag is certainly well thought out. Lots of room and little pockets on the side. Could easily hold a 30K drum kit with TD-30 head unit and there's also a space on the side for the hi-hat stand! Really well thought out. However, the one I received exhibited what I can only describe as having a "waxy" feel to the separators. Perhaps I had a bad batch, but aside from that it would have been perfect.

Oh, one thing though - it doesn't have wheels. A full 30K kit with hi-hat stand and TD-30 brain is going to be heavy even without the MDS-12 frame, so wheels would be nice. It does come with a shoulder strap(!) but you'll have to be king kong to carry that on your shoulder. Realistically it needs wheels unless it's a really short journey or you're just using the bag to store your kit in the house.


azizjanahi 13.07.2019
The product is very excellent